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How to make a loaf of bread | Coronavirus bread shortage | homemade bread

How to make a loaf of bread without any special equipment! A coronavirus homemade bread special. This is bread baking made easy!

Hi and welcome to another episode of Paulie’s kitchen, in this episode I show you how to make a loaf of bread without any special equipment!

This bloomer bread loaf is so easy to make all the ingredients you should already have!
This bread recipe is easy to follow and has step by step instructions and is ideal to make in the food shortages we are currently having at the moment.

All you will need to make this simple loaf of bread is the following ingredients:

500 grams of plain flour (strong white flour is better but plain flour is good enough)
325ml of lukewarm water
3/4 teaspoon of sea salt
2 teaspoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of sesame seeds (optional)
1 7 gram packet of dried active yeast

That is all you will need to make this simple bread recipe, let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are for this made from scratch bread


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Video Transcription

in two days episode I’m going to showyou how to make a loaf of bread whatwe’re gonna do is we’re going to make itfrom scratch from some plain flour whenlayer prove cover it in sesame seeds andbake it in the oven it’s going to beabsolutely incredible hi guys welcome toanother episode of Polly’s kitchen myname is Paulie and this is my kitchen intoday’s episode we’re gonna be showingyou how to make some bread that’s rightwe’re gonna make a delicious loaf ofbread and it’s gonna be really easy todo it’s absolutely really simple andtastes so much better than thestore-bought stuff which unfortunatelydue to the conversion of virus at thetime recording it’s getting quitedifficult to get hold of but not toworry do remember to Like commentsubscribe hit that Bell bug so you findout when I release the next video whichwe really soon bit of meantime guyslet’s dive straight in I’m gonna showyou exactly what you will need which isthis and more if you miss theseingredients or we’ll be putting these inthe infobox below so do check out downthere and you can catch them all downthere so as well as those ingredients weare going to be needing a little bit ofoil as well but anyway we’re gonna divestraight into the first thing we’regonna do is we’re gonna take our bottleand we’re going to take our water andjust pour that into our bowl like thatwe’re gonna take our yeast and we’regoing to gently sprinkle that in alsogonna take our sugar and we’re going tosprinkle that in as well and now we’regetting to take off sort and we’re goingto pop that in there as well like thatnext I’m gonna do I’m going to take ourwhisk we’re going to keep stirring thatuntil the salt sugar and yeast is alldissolved in the water and now we’regoing to gonna leave that three to fourminutes let the yeast activate it’s nowthat is activated we’re going to takeour silver and we’re going to take offfollow our we’re gonna pop this into oursieve and we are going to gently sieveit throughnow our flowers in our Bowl we’re justgoing to mix this in with our spatulato begin with and once it all comestogether I’m going to roll up oursleeves and get stuck in now if yourflowers a little bit wet a little bitsticky you can always add in a littlebit more flour when it gets to thisstage we’re going to take it out of thebowl put that on our work surface andwe’re just going to knead it once itlooks like this and your fingers stickto it only just for a moment before itlets go you know it’s ready I’m going totake the bowl that we mixed it in I’mgonna pick this up I’m going to place itinto our Bowl then take our oil free I’mgonna pour a little bit of oil in thereabout a tablespoon and all we’re gonnado and fold it over fold it[Music]we need to do from now let’s grab ourcling film grab our sharp knife justseal the top I’m gonna leave our doughlike this for about 45 minutes to anhour onto it doubles in size so I throwyou in wrestling for about an hour let’stake off the pink roomand see what she looks like as you cansee it has nice and fluffyturn what we need to do is we just needto tap on the air out of it let’s popthat back into our bulb what good newswe’re gonna make a great big tray and apre floured this all ready we’re gonnatake our flour out of here and we’regonna roll it into a big big sausageshape and we’re gonna place it on ourtray it’s now that are those are notbaking tray we’re gonna take it back andwe’re just gonna score four or five sitsinto our bread and we’re just gonnasprinkle sesame seeds that’s what we’regonna do now is we’re gonna take thiswhich is a damp tea towel and we’regoing to put this across so it doesn’tdry out so bread dough’s been under thistea towel for about 3540 minutes sowe’re just going to take this off and itlooks absolutely incredible all there isto do now is to take this and pop thisin the oven bake it a hundred and eightydegrees for about ten to fifteen minuteshere we go have a look at that how niceis that look so yeah guys that’s how youbake a loaf of bread it’s really simpleto do and doesn’t take much time and ifyou give it a gentle knot has thatlovely hollow sound to it which meansit’s perfectly baked so yeah guys thanksfor watching do remember to Like commentsubscribe hit that Bell button so you dofind out when I release my next videowhich will be really soon and itmeantime guys happy bakingstay safe look after each other and I’llsee you again soonthank you[Music]

18 Replies to “How to make a loaf of bread | Coronavirus bread shortage | homemade bread

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  4. Comeon Jessie, it’s 11 pm here in Helsinki, can’t start eating now. But your rolls look very delicious !

  5. The thumbnail is great im glad to see this video and to try it and jamie likes all of them this was great Memphis and Kira wants everything lol so adorable

  6. I learned about the stuff when I went to the Midwest to watch racing, they are literally the greatest thing unless you’re trying to lose weight.

  7. Those ham roll ups looks so good. It’s been along while since I have ever made and ate one of those. There’s a few stores near where I live that managed to still have some bread in them mainly because they are the more expensive brands of bread(Artisan bread$4.79). I hope that things get back to normal real soon because this is ridiculous to see how people are hoarding food and other things.

  8. Yum! I love ham roll ups! These remind me so much of my childhood. My grandma always made these with those long skinny green onion things and I’d pop the little piece of onion out of my slices lol

  9. I would never tell that someone from USA uses Polish products. I’m from Poland and Krakus is the best kind of ham

  10. These were my favorite as a kid, my mom would do a cheese stick and pickled wrapped in ham or bologna

  11. Your expression in the thumbnail is perfect. Haha. I guess what you could do is stick to yeah basic food videos for awhile. You could also create a poll in one of your groups asking what is everyone actually finding in their grocery stores right now, and then make a video on those items.

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