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Stay Home and Bake Bread With Me Ep. 17 #WithMe

Stay Home and Bake Bread #WithMe ! Need something to pass the time? Bake bread with me or literally bake your own bread while watching this video! Thought this could help anyone who finds joy in taking to the internet like I do for entertainment. During quarantine I’m going to try different things and I encourage you to as well! Please wash your hands and practice social distancing! AND DON’T TAKE ALL THE TOILET PAPER

Here is the recipe!

New drinking game, drink every time I say ok, so, or um.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so here we areI just thought we’re all kind ofquarantined it might be fun to kind ofdo something today I’m gonna do is I’mgonna make bread because I thought thatwould be kind of easy I’ve never madebread by myself before I’m at that agewhere I probably thought I should knowhow to make bread or try to make breadby myself and it’s also just somethingto do instead of sit around for a littlebit longer so the next thing we’re gonnado is we’re gonna get our ingredientsout and I’m following a really simplerecipe that I got sent from my friendBeth it’s called the easiest loaf ofbread you’ll ever bake so I assume thatwould be kind of simple it really doeshave everything that someone would havein their kitchenso next what we’re gonna do is we’regonna mix all the ingredients into abowl except for the cornmeal because youdon’t really put it in the cornmeal atthis part you just use it to make itcrispy so we’ll see if that actuallyworks so let’s mix everything intogether four and a half cups of flourso that’s about two cups so I’ll put itin here another half cup so next we’regoing to do is a tablespoon of sugarthrough these equals one tablespoonnow we’re going to do two and a halfteaspoons of instant yeast two andone-fourth that was wrong okay so we gotour little one fourth one and then wegot our regular okay one two and thenthe 1/4 teaspoon now we’re going to dois two and a half teaspoon saltand then we do our water so this seemsabout rightI tried to get as close as 2/3 can bowwell you know beggars can’t be choosersso now we’re gonna put on our water andwe’re gonna start stirring its mix untileverything comes together in a roughShaggy math of dough kind of looks likepancake mix or you know oh I can feel itit’s getting tough already it lookslike bread right you know I’m gonna usea little bit more large because I’mafraid just like a little bit thiswhat’s walking saggy right I mean he’snot movingit seems pretty gooey fish so we’regonna get so mine’s really crumbly andthat kind of scene is not good but youknow what life is not good right nowwe’re gonna just do our bestmine’s really crumbly so I think I’mgonna put it back and add more waterso now it’s mostly looking a lot betterfull of the forager to go back overitself and then towards you then pressit away oh and then keep rotatingso it says to knead it until it’s bouncyand smooth and so whatit’s definitely smooth I don’t know ifit’s like bouncy it kind of kind ofharder if I punch it it bounces backwell next what you’re gonna want to dois place the dough in a bowl with thelightly grease with vegetable oilcooking spray the bowl you started withthe spine cover the bowl with plasticwrap our tray cover and let the doughrise at room temperature about one totwo hours this bowl I think it’s apretty good size so let’s put it withcooking sprayand then we’ll cover it with pastaground for another airtight cover almosta pasta that’s really what I have soit’s got rich butter taste it spam thatseems lately grease right rightso that seems about right so we’ll trythat and see you in an hour which willbe like five o’clock so put on ourwashing machine and so she’s just gonnalive there that seems airtight becausewe will look at the directions becausewhen you look at the directions coverthe bowl with plastic wrap airtightcover cover cover the bowl of pastacrack or another airtight cover let thedough rise at room temperature so what’sgonna get bigger and then what going tothe next step so see you soon so funthing that happened while I was bakingmy bread so the last you saw I put it onthe dish no I put it on the dryerbecause that’s what my mom used to doand I was gonna let it rise from thereand so I told her that she could comeout again because I was not filmingbecause I’m waiting for it to rise andthen I tried to show her my bread andshe was like you need a bigger bowl youshould put on the oven instead and sothat has completely changed so the bowlis different it’s glass bowl a greasedit’s still I put a towel over it insteadof what I had the plate in the plasticwrap and now it’s on the oven sitting ontop of it while it’s on warm so we’llsee if it rises but you know sometimesyou need a little help and mommy knowsbest or moms know best I don’t know itsounds it’s creepy so yeah so now I’mhaving some pizza and stuff more glutenand bread just what I meanso now we’ll wait again and thanks justwanted to say that’s why it’s gonna lookdifferent umm because mom knows bestokay so this is where we’re at right nowit’s been about an hour and fifteenminutes and this is her she’s a lotbigger so it’s just like take a peekso she looks oh my god so much biggerbefore and yeah so sis gently deflatethe dough and cut in half Pat each halfinto a rough six by eight inch oval thenholding it make it a log so that when weput it on a pan and then we have to letit rise again for 45 more minutes itsounds like a generous amount ofcornmeal cornmeal baking and bread ehokay so we’re doing this cause it’sgonna make it crispy on the bottom shedefinitely looks like she got bigger itwas didn’t even take up the whole thingbefore but yeah so it looks prettypretty good should I make one to makeone big bread I feel like I kind of wantto make one big bread ah I justbecause this is kind of Tiny’s aspossible all right we’re gonna make onebig Fred last-minute decisions you knowit’s fine you gotta go work on the flyhonestly okay so time so to do this wayhalfway this way okay and then you pressit squish it seem side down toast mybread it looks pretty good here it isit’s on this part let’s do it this wayfirst tour it’s kind of like this okayyeah oh my god it’s sticking to itselfjust get the phone away lightly greaseso now she’s a covered baby okay I’mlike let’s put her back on top of theothershe’s sleeping do that for 45 minutes soevery about like 6:15 it’s justapproaching dinnertime so that’s thebake so after that wall did okay okayso the lows rise but you covered loafpuffy gently poke your index finger withthe red indentation remains your breadis ready to bake but it’s bouncing backI’m confusedokay and then towards the end of therise time preheat the oven to 450 I’mnot doing the extra crunchy crust cuzI’m afraid it already equal so this isthe size right now it’s pretty decent Ikind of like the swirl so this is thesize right now we’ll leave it underthere we’ll see if I could big er andalso maybe have a little drink let’shave a little white cloth I mean why notright it’s 5 o’clock in quarantinesomewhereso this time the time has actually comethe lighting machines because it’sgetting darker take off her plastic wrapjust a little flower in hereonethreeso this is how it looks going out orgoing in the ovenokay so there she is she’s going on heradventureokay so it says bake the bread for 20-25minutes and I’ve done that so it’s timeto take it out should be golden brownit’s brown oh my god it looks like redthe bottom looks like tahno super solet’s look at that sounds Hollow so itshould sound hollow when i top thebottom let’s pick up what season that ifhis ice is really hothey Herod called maybe 200 it should be190 on the digital thermometer so let’sput her in so let’s put it back in andlet it cool and maybe so maybe that somaybe that’s just the issue is it justneeds to cool for like five more minutesokay so with the cooling instead of keepit cracked and we’ll just leave it forfive minutes so now we’re gonna waitmaybe two more minutes because it saysto five additional minutes this helpjust keep the crust crisp even thoughI’ve already taken it out so yeah and soI hope you like this video I know it’sprobably going in but I hope youlike this video I thought it would besomething interesting to do sinceeverybody should be in quarantine andthank home unless you absolutely have togo out I’ve only been going out forgroceries and just walking a dog for alittle bit but I decided I think if I’mjust only going out for groceries howwould be the safest thing this virusattacks the respiratory system and forme personally I have asthma so I haveasthma every single day so I wake uptake up off my head before I go to bed Ihave to make sure I have my inhaler so Ican breathe when I get sick andparticularly then just go going to havelike a cold or a severe Cola River Ihave such a hard time breathingsometimes it’s scary because I literallycannot breathe and I have to take likeTufts of my inhaler just so I can getsome oxygen so that’s one of the reasonsI’ve really decided to quarantine andalso because my mom is not the targetage I would explode if I got her sickbecause I love her and the really theonly way she could get sick is for mebecause I keep going in and out – I wasgoing to work for a little bit but thatgot shut downb1 grocery shopping I have to be reallycareful because I there’s so many thingseverybody touches but I don’t want toget her sick so let me take out thebread and I’ll get back so now it’sdefinitely at 190 and it looks likebread so let’s let it cool down for alittle bit and then we’ll do a tastetest of like one of the side ends likethe blood anyways one of the big reasonsI’m quarantine and then is to just makesure to protect my mom because I don’twant to get sick so that’s why I’ve beenquarantine and just making sure youdon’t want to cook or some shopping todecontaminate to take all my clothes andwash them this is I come home and justwash my hands all the time and just makesure that you see so if you knowsomebody with the target age you shouldbe careful if you have respiratoryissues so she’d be careful you should becareful all in all and even if you’re aperfectly healthy person that says ohwell I can get over it but think aboutthe people that you might come incontact with that can’t get over it’sjust not fair for someone’s recklessnessto affect another person’s life and eventake it away if it becomes so severe soyeah I want to make a video on a lighternote probably dark too happy so I wantedto make a video that can people can doif you’re staying at home it literallytook me wasn’t it like 7:00 it took melike five nope it’s not five three fourhoursfive six epic yeah it took me four hoursto do this but it took up a good chunkof my day I wasn’t bored I’ve beenhanging out up and having fun and so Ithought you could stay home and bakebread with me and so I thought I justopted to be a fun video and the rewardsgonna be nice to have some bread breadis apparently short at the stores when Iwas there once last week there was onlybagels and bagels great but don’t alwayswant to feel homesick so now we havemore bread that was easy to make I couldmake this again tomorrow it’s just allright okay my home but I could make thisagain tomorrowand so I thought it’d be fun so let’scheck out the final result and happyprobably shoulda waited a little bitlonger because I know cutting it -really can affect like the texturewhatever but I really wanted to try itboy outI’m throwing fun the toast up front it’sflaky like bread I’m a brick we’re goodoh honey Jesusso that’s how you make bread and I hopethat you like this video I hope that youtry it at home and you try to makebright because it’s really fun it’sreally rewarding especially when it’spretty good and you didn’t completelyfail that’s nice so yeah I hope you likethis video please subscribe because Ithink I’m gonna try to do more of thesevideos if you don’t that’s okay too I’mhaving fun making these videos anywayscuz it keeps me doing something so maybesomebody will watch and enjoy it butthanks for watching and I hope yousubscribe and I hope you make your ownbread today so wash your hands don’t buyall the toilet paper I’m gonna wash yourhandThanks subscribe

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