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The Easiest Way To Make Cheesecake (Basque Style)

So Basque cheesecake is basically burnt cheesecake…No really. This recipe comes from the restaurant in Spain that goes by the name of La Viña. Really it’s an adapted iteration of their recipe that I found online. I don’t know if I saw their actual recipe, but hey, it’s pretty darn close. The best part is that it’s so incredibly easy and quick to make unlike most cheesecakes.

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Ingredients you’ll need:
*Adapted from a La Viña recipe I found online*
1.5lb (678g) cream cheese
1/2 pound (226g) mascarpone
1.5 cups (320g) sugar
6 eggs
1 egg yolk
3/4 teaspoon 4g fine sea salt
1 3/4 cup (415ml) heavy cream
1.5 (7g)teaspoons vanilla extract
2tsp (9g) orange blossom water
1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp (52g) all purpose

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so one of the best cheese cakes in theworld is super easy to make but it has asecret and the secret is burning it yeah[Music]we’re making cheesecake but not just anycheesecake this is like the easiestcheesecake that you’ll ever make in yourlife it actually comes from a Basquerestaurant by the name of Lavinia Ibelieve they cook it so deeply dark thatit’s basically burnt you know lots ofcheese keeps you wait for it to set inthe fridge overnight and blah blah blahthis thing you literally like whiptogether you put it in the pan and youput in the oven until it’s burntanyone can make this cheesecakeflawlessly so with that said let’s makethis shall we okay so first things firstyou’re gonna need to butter up a goodold-fashioned cake pan so you set 9-inchone here but ten inch might actually bebetter this was a little bit small soget the parchment-like Lavinia literallyjust gonna press it and just crumple itin there and adhere it to the sidespress it really nicely and hard you wantto make sure this sort of molds theinside of that and then do that againbut the opposite direction you want aperimeter of two inches of overhang allthe way around this bad boy now you canget your stand mixer with the paddleattachment which is what I use but youcan absolutely use a whisk if you likejust gonna need a little extra elbowgrease also that term sounds mad grosstears sitting because you’re gonna addone and a half grams or wait no that’snot right one and a half pounds or 678grams of cream cheese I don’t like tocut it up and toss it in there justmakes it easier to mix and half a poundor 226 grams of mascarpone now startmixing that on medium low speed once itbegins to smooth out a little bit you’regonna add one and a half cups or 320grams of granulated sugar gradually sojust put in you know like a littlelittle splash or time a little splash oftime just keep mixing once you’ve addedalmost all of it you can increase thespeed a little bit like towards mediumit looks like I’ve already done that butyeah and then you’re just gonna keepmixing that and scraping down the sidesintermittently until it’s nice andsmooth like a like a fine suede increaseyour speed to medium and you’re gonnaadd six whole eggs one at a time sort ofallowing the mixer to kind ofincorporate everything in between eachegg then once you’ve added all that thenyou’re gonna add an additional egg yolkcontinue mixingwhat’s all that’s nicely incorporated inno particular order you’re gonna add 3/4of a teaspoon or four grams of fine seasalt one in three-quarters of a cup or415 milliliters of heavy cream alsodon’t forget to scrape down the sidesagain because there’s probably somestuff stuck on the walls one and a halfteaspoons or 8 grams of vanilla extractand two teaspoons or nine grams oforange blossom water now that’s optionalbut it’s a huge flavor addition I got itat my local grocery store so it couldn’tbe too hard to find so just keep mixingthat until all that’s nice and smoothit’s okay if there’s some a couple oftiny lumps in there but you wanted to berelatively smooth if it’s not you canalways give it a quick whisk once that’sdone you’regoing to sift in a quarter cup plus 2tablespoons are 52 grams of all-purposeflourI really recommend sifting on this partI don’t usually do that because I don’tactually care about that but this itreally makes a big difference and justmix that again on medium speed untileverything is nice and incorporated pickthat brother off the stand mixer I don’tknow why I’m talking like that and thenpour your cheesecake batter directlyinto your parchment paper lined cake panthis is gonna poof up real big thenplace it on a baking sheet and placeinto a preheated oven set to 400 degreesFahrenheit or 205 degrees Celsius forabout an hour more specifically you wantto bake this until it’s a deep darkbrown like dark dark brown don’t bescared because the whole point is thissupposed to be slightly burnt a lot ofnew flavors come out of em it’s nuttyit’s a little bit of like a sourness toit it’s just got so many new flavornotes to it almost like a brown butter Ijust pull that bad boy out of the ovenhe’s nice and poufy it’ll be superjiggly which is totally okay it’s quitewet in the middle now just let it coolat room temperature while still in thecake pan don’t unlock your cake pan yetwhat’s this cool for a few minutes andit’s fallen all the way down you canthen take your cake pan mold off andthen let it cool the rest of the way allthe way to room temperature beforepeeling the parchment paper off this ismeant to be eaten at room temperaturethere’s no need to set it in the fridgeit’s ready to go right now if you do endup needing to stored in the fridge thenjust make sure it sits up for an hour ortwo before serving because again youwant it room temp and that’s it this issomething that should be eaten by itselfyou don’t need to add anything to it nowhipped cream no nothing just eat it byitself and enjoy the flavor let me showyou what I mean this is six inches takenoff I was careless when I did this andthis is the best slow oh this goes greatwith a nice glass of whiskey or you knowwhatever your drink of choice basketcheese cake nice glass of scotch verysoon rose so you do it it’s like supercustardy and then you wash it down justa little sip arguably one of the bestcombos it is 10:30 in the morning rightnow merge designs came in by the way I’mnot gonna show you the designs but I’dlike to show you the aprons that are inquestion um so here’s the black one thisis my least favorite it doesn’t doublewrap right and it’s not just me beingfat okay I hate that and this it’s niceit doubles wrapsbeautifully no pockets anywhere to befound so great but no probably gonna doblack this is thethe straps button it’s like one toolittle side pockets you got a frock itbooby frock itit’s a cleavage rocket that’s what it isanyway I think we found our apron it’sSunday okay but you wanna know what elsedrinks whiskey at 10:00 in the morningfor you to be rolled alright guys andthat is it so we made Basque cheese cakeas I said merges act is legit about tohappen every single design was 100%predicated off the beatings that youguys sent to me and the ideas you guyssent to me and it’s a hundred percentfor you not for me and and I just I hopethat everybody loves it I’m super stokedabout it so with all that said if youenjoyed this video where you learnsomething leave a like subscribe and Iwill see you next time[Music]

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  2. “You know what? I love myself, even though I look like a BURNT Basque cheesecake, I still love myself”

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  5. I just made this cheesecake for my in-laws and had to constantly defend the color it was, until they tried it that is

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