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*I love chicken and waffles, I wanted to make them and easy and also healthy. This recipe is so fast! It brings all the flavor with less fat so you have a healthy fried chicken option.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]hello everybody welcome to healthy foodgirl I’m Shawna and I’m so glad you’rehere today we’re going to be makingsouthern comfort chicken and wafflesmy favorite sweet salty savory but whatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna make itlow in calories low in points and we’regoing to be getting fast easy anddelicious for you to make at home sostay tuned and join us and say show youthe easy way to make this don’t forgetto hit the subscribe button below andthe little bells so you getnotifications when our next video comesout please comment below so I know ifyou liked the video and what you’d liketo see me make next already so we’regonna make our chicken and waffles andwhat we’re gonna start with first ourKodiak cakes I really love these Kodiakcakes because they’re high in proteinand they’re healthy and they’re also lowin points if you’re following WW aneighth of a cup is one point a fourth ofa cup is two points and a third of a cupis three points that’s on blue 4wwyou’re just gonna have to scan in andfigure out how much you want normally Ido one waffle and it’s one point but I’mgonna do a third of a cup right now Ijust did a third of a cup of the Kodiakcakes and I’m gonna do a third of a cupof water the thing I love about theKodiak cakes is all it is is the Kodiakcakes and water it’s super easy it’s aone-to-one ratio so whatever you decidethat you’re gonna make you just add notmuch water to it I’ve done a third of acup so I’ve done a third of a cup of theKodiak cakes and a third of a cup ofwater now I’m gonna mix it up for youalso you’re gonna want if you’re notgonna want it too runny or too thick sowhen you’re mixing it up you’re going towant to look at the consistency if youneed to add more water or if you need toadd a little bit more of thekake’s to thicken it up but quitehonestly this looks perfectthat’s about what you’re looking for sonow that we have the kodiak cakesall mixed up we’re gonna go ahead andfire it up on our little waffle maker Ilove this little – waffle maker it’ssuper easy and super fast I just sprayeda little bit of olive oil onto thewaffle maker so that the waffles don’tstick now then my little tiny cutewaffle maker which I love spy – supereasy super cute now that I have my mixmade and I’ve got my waffle maker heyspeed it up I’m gonna go ahead and putthe mix inside the waffle maker andwe’re gonna get this going now that thisis starting to cook I’m gonna start withthe chicken super super easy I picked upthis breaded chicken at Trader Joe’s andI’m gonna use it in the air fryer what Ilove about it is it’s literally onepoint per ounceso it’s low in calorie it’s supercrunchy texture putting it in theairfryer actually adds that like crunchyfried chicken deliciousness to it so I’mgonna go ahead and pick as much chickenthat I want to put in for my meal so youyou at home find some breaded chickenand scan it and figure out how much youwant to put it into the airfryer sowe’re gonna do that now so I’m gonnatake the breaded chicken and I’m gonnastick it inside the airfryer this is sogood I love how they airfryer just makeeverything crispy and delicious I’mgonna do three pieces here and I’m gonnastick it inside and I’m gonna do it at400 degrees for about four minutes andthen I’m gonna flip it over perfect lookat thatso now that we have the chicken insidethe airfryer I’ve put it on at 400degrees for about four to five minutesand then I’m gonna flip it over and doit for another four to five minutes onthe other side so it’s going to make thechicken extra crispy and crunchy anddelicious now that I’ve done it for fourminutes on one side I’m gonna take itout and flip the chicken over I’mlooking at the chicken and I think thatit’s gonna need like five minutes on theother side so I’m gonna shut it and I’mgonna do 400 degrees at five minutes nowthat the chickens ready let’s get thisall together I’m so excited so we did400 degrees for four minutes on one sideand I did 400 degrees and then I flippedit over and I did 400 degrees on forfive minutes on the other side so here’sthe chicken I’m gonna go ahead and putthis on top of the waffle look it oh I’mso excited so look at that so this righthere is four points low in calorie bluebefore we put any andia sauces on so letme talk to you about the sauces I’msuper excited about these sauces you cando whatever sauce you would like you cando a low calorie maple syrup you can doa MAPE a regular maple syrup you can usesome Cholula if you like it spicy andthe other thing I wanted to talk to youabout that I absolutely love is hothoney it’s honey with a kick of spice init and this is really really great ifyou want to make it spicyobviously you’re gonna have morecalories and points in that but I wantedto put these out here because they’reall really great options to go on top ofyour chicken and waffles I’m gonna goahead withOh syrup and we’re gonna pour this on ohmy goodness looks so good I cannot waitto try it oh look at that look at thatmmm this is so goodyou’ve got the cakiness of the wafflewith the crispiness of the chicken andyou’ve got the sweetness of the maplesyrup and you’ve got the salty savorysweet thing happening this is so goodwhat I love about it too is you’re goingto be able to make this at home fast andeasy and it’s delicious so you don’thave to worry if you’re short on time wecan bring you some southern comfortchicken and waffles quick and easy oh mygosh you guys I’m so excited I put somemore maple syrup on this and I’m gonnaheat this up with a little bit ofCholula make it super spicy I’m soexcited right now you have no idea thisis so good you’re not gonna feel likeyou’re missing out on anythingmmm mmm I just picked it up a notch withthe Cholula I’m kind of liking that sohere you’ve got many options you got thehot honey you’ve got the chill ooh thatyou’ve got your maple syrup you’ve gotyour light maple syrup whatever worksfor you right now the maple syrup andthe chili let it float in my boat mmm alittle bit heat sweet savory saltydelicious don’t forget to hit thesubscribe button and the bell so you getnotifications when our next video comesout and please comment below and let meknow what you’d like to see me cook next

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