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More People To Woohoo With – Pancakes vs Waffles Legacy: PART 4 | The Sims 4

I use a number randomizer to choose random stuff my sims can do. Denise Waffles landed on make new friends but…that quickly turned into “more people to woohoo with”.

Welcome to my channel where I play simulation games like the Sims 4. In this series I make a much needed backstory and family tree for Eliza and Bob Pancakes with legacy-style gameplay.

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome back to mychannel this is my waffles vs. pancakeslet’s play and you can call me Jonah orcat at Simsdoesn’t matter which one so today Ifound a a wheel spinning numbergenerator thing from a personal creditand I’m so sorry I don’t remember whouploaded it but you’re amazing sobasically they have a list of lesslife-ruining wind wheel spins based onlittle sims ease let’s play so there’s awhole lot of option there’s 150 of themthere’s a few of them that I yeah if itrandomizes onto it I’m not going to dolike I think there was one let’s seelike number eight is change in jobs soyeah I’m not gonna do changing jobs ornumber nine where it says get fired I dowant them to stay in their careers Idon’t want them switching up switchingup careers like that let’s see there’salso like number 33 it says guess aget anew significant other and i kind of wantto keep it so it’s like pancakes andwaffles but i’ll see what happensso i’m gonna do basically all 150 in therandomizer and if it lands on one that’snot gonna completely mess up to thestoryline that I’m trying to do becausethis isn’t supposed to be like a wheelchallenge this is something to get thefamily to do things cuz not having apoints it’s kind of difficult and andand legacy based games you know anywayso I’m gonna go ahead and do four wheelspins so it’s not gonna be just thepancakes and the waffles this time eachof them are gonna have a specific thingthat they have to do in the episode andif it’s something like that’s difficultlike number 114 as maxed out the photografi skill i’ll this happen start it buteventually we canI get them to finish it so I’m gonna goahead and randomize the first one forMarissa so I hit generate and it landedon 139 so 139okay so 139 is visit all the secretareas and let me write this down cuz I’msure I’m gonna forget and we candefinitely get that started there’s onein real Creek really not in thisneighborhood but it’s in real quick andwe can go do that one all right andlet’s start with Auto all rightso I’m making generate and it’s 142 so142okay so Auto alright so Auto has themmake and sell topical ointments from theherbalism skill and now I’m gonnarandomize for Earl waffles all right sogenerate 48 he got 48 ok paint yourwhole oh I guess so so I forgot namedEarl Earl yeah Earl had paint your wholehouse differently so this paint thehouse with different color paints housewhich is kind of sucky cuz I don’t havea whole lot of money but whatever okayso Denise we hit generate and she got 79oh all right so she landed on 79 and I’mnot sure if I want her to do this itsays a your wizard Harry and I don’treally want any spell caster storylinesin this so I’m just gonna go ahead andgenerate another number so 22 make somenew friendsokay so we’re gonna try and do some ofthis in this episode like Auto he candefinitely like get started on theherbalism skill but I’ve never doneso I’m not even sure how to get startedon I guess I’m gonna buy a book purchaseokay let’s show the skill books and thenby herbalism right there alright let’salright so let’s get started on theherbalism career we’re not gonna youknow be able to finish it I’m even I’mgonna know like we’re in the topicalointments out I’ve never done thisbeforewhich is weird eventually I’m gonna haveto do with my super Simmons I’ve beenkind of putting off cuz I don’t reallyunderstand it or I’ve never done it so Idon’t know how longer taking like allthat so visit all secret areas withMarisa and there’s a lot I think there’squite a few secret areas is the six andplanets the one underneath the tree theones with high handing a skill it’sthree right leave a comment down belowif you think it’s more because I’mdefinitely not gonna be able to finishit all so yeah definitely but commentfinish it up let’s go ahead and travelalright so I did this with my super SamI think it was that’s it I rememberdoing I have to like view it a few timesand then water it and then do use it’slike compliment the tree your songs likethat’s yeah it’s yeah yeah I didn’t doit with my super Sam cuz you had to gofishing and that episode hasn’t postedyet but spoiler alert she visits thisit’s a rather far far into the series sothat pie won’t post until next month Ithinkokay beautyand mutter it again oh my gosh just keepwatering to the option pops up I thinkso while I was recording and thatprevious episode not not of this seriesI heard coyote is screaming in thebackground and now I’m this hearing cowsmooing so I’m thinking the coyotes areattacking the cows outside so sad oh wegot a notification she’s eating for twoawesome awesome awesome okaykeep doing that I’m glad she’s pregnantI was just discussing death as she gotlife oh that’s that’s something that Ishouldn’t be joking about it’s poor cowsawesome alright so let’s go ahead andexploreokay so it’s follow the sound let me seeif I remember this right because I justdid it a few days ago and then it’sfollowed downstream I think and theninto the mist and then travel to theglade yep alright we visit one secretarea nice okay so let’s go home I don’tneed to be here okay ah but the fivehere uh could you let’s see you startedon the herbalism skillslet’s keep uh that’s good bed cuz Ithink yes I work tomorrow right yeah youyou’re good on that she’s good on thatum yeah let’s go to bed and then youhave working eleven hours um could yougrab some leftovers it’s unit EE andthen use that and then we keep doingyeah here you go to sleep okay so forEarl it says pink house I’m just gonnago ahead and do that again I’m guessingit has to be all the walls and I reallydon’t paint it but whatever umsomething’s still snobby yeah that’sfineand then I must walk out this one that’sand then a backgroundsky that and I’m pretty sure I had adifferent thing for this I think at somepoint when I was redoing the house yeahI think it was like that and I saw thiswhen I was editing the last episode Iaccidentally put the teacher clockupstairs it should go over here here uhyeah there you goall those right in the world okay let mesell this crapooh not that not that I must show thatso that no I actually father would sirhasn’t come so we can plug it forpresents I need the tree so yeah alrighttoday repaint everything I think I didall right we’re all good okay and Denisehas make new friends so well we’ll dothatall right she’s prego with the Nicolosiniccolò yeahNiccolo lothario all rightoh did father went enough oh maybe hedidn’t show up because we were gone inthat one place here on meI delight it’s all lights there we go Iguess so you’re uh that’s both food andclean us up and wait you’re smashingaround in here uh go out a way your oldrug like a burnt because your dumb assdo you really need to use the bathroomand then can you clean it afterwardsjust grossand thenget some leftoversoh you cold sorry pi by a thermometerhere sell that so ah and then get themother oh not the my mother firstuh yeah here um yeahand then warmer I kind of want to putlike a fireplace in this place but Ididn’t know where to put it maybe Icould put like a fireplace right herebut I think that’s yeah that’s like atthe boundary of the houseoh yeah please eat what are you doing upyeah go eatI guess she’s able to route to that Iwas worried that they wouldn’t be ableto route to that but she’s even fineyou’re just gonna eat down there dudecome on go eat over hereOh what are you doing here yeah go eatwhat are you doing here could you readthat you have to work yeah for two hoursall rightI mean I watched the sim supply do theherbalism part but the thing about likeSims let’s plays is that a lot of timesit’s background noise like most of thetime I put on a video and I’d likehearing the voice and sometimes I’llwatch it but it’s not like I pay closeattention to it and it’s I like theseSims videos because it’s like goodbackground noise but yeah I saw him dothe herbalism skill but I I swear Idon’t know what you do with it like Idon’t even know like make topicalointments like I mean I don’t even knowwhere to start with that please go tothe restaurant there you go and hygieneis pretty low take a shower you got workin two hours as well but we stillhaven’t reached level two you’veresearched in debates kill almost wingmillion to work on that Placer Earl’sthe Earl’s was easy this paint the houselike done you’re good Oh it’ll workit’ll work good workgo to work alright so Earl he was easyso up I uh focus oh they’ll work so Ican’t really focus on any of them but atleast Marissa we visited the Sylvanblade so I just need to get her handingthis up so I buy her a word awoodworking station and that way we canget the handing this up for the theplace in Oasis Springs and I’m not surehow to get to the planet other thandoing the sciences career stop I googlethat and see if there’s any alternateways we can visit the secret area whereit’s six them without doing thescientist career but you know I’ll crossthat bridge when I get there cuz I don’tmind switching her to be a scientist Imean I like the I haven’t really playedthe scientist Korea all that much I didplay it in my Caliente family but likenot seriously play it alright what’sthis level oh yeah we can level up inthe anything this skill that’s so kindwhat we need with the woodworkingstation alright so they’re all off towork that’s greatno I can I want the Apple clock in thekitchen that makes more sensegoodbye everybodyhalf my work all right let me pause thisreally quick alright so we’ll move thisover here and then how much does thewoodworking station750 okay uh here let me sell thisbecause I don’t need that all right thisshould help her out level up andhandiness oh cool all right so she wasjust promoted nice decorations okay soyou need to eat school could you cook ohthe toilets broken tooI have to have you repair that oh uhwhat Oh what no no no no no no no no nono what the hell how did you get in herewhat howhow in the world as you can hear thishappens in my 100 maybe challenged somehow old they got into the house like howI have it locked this should be lockedin a locked door for everybody butMarissa and then allow access to orunlock for specific no I’m looking forspecific set auto and you I don’t knowhow you got in there but Cooke oopsactually I want you to repair that firstso you have a access to the toilets ohmy god what the hell what the hell howdid you get in here the helland allow access to allow access to alot for specific so Earl I don’t knowwhat I don’t know what the hell justhappened okay uh let’s see what were youwhat we were working on research anddebates so I need you to read this onecuz yeah you’re about to get promotedbut we just haven’t done the research inthe Bates kill yet okay so you also needto spread conservation awareness do thatafter rats and Denise here could youcook cook some foodall right girls home to cool all righthere just what we have to do for workfile court documents okay so go aheadand talk with documents wait come onassume thathave you spread conservation awarenessno you haven’tshe should be able to multitask she’sjust reading the book so when he doing alittle goofball this staring on theblank TV I guess she can’t multitaskthat it’s kinda suckynot cool she loved up nice okay couldyou grab a serving pleaseand then clean it out that’s gross nosorry Niccolo I need to go do make somenew friends so I probably have a gosomewhere and those new friends might beuh new people she could cheat on theirwas her husbandoh I only do the pain the comedy skilldude did you you still haven’t leveledup due to come on I’ll let you eat firsthave you for conservation that we’re inthis place can you do it this timeyou should get you should be able to allright so I gotta have her meet some newfriends so what I’m going to do and I’mgonna travel to the gym because I have ayoga club that meets up at gyms so I’llhave her meet them I can’t believeworkouts is pregnantI guess oh I guess you can cuz she cuzshe’s early on in the pregnancy stage uhhere[Music]let’s meet some new people so you have aclub heresee friendly friendly introductionsometimes the clubs don’t spawn in okaystop that and go meet that other personup therehere ya go meet this person cuz we neednew we make some new friends pluraloh are you there we can not talk as youdo in yoga oh why is everybody coming uphere now Oh always doing yoga oh I’mgonna do yoga why do you think give methe notification for thatthat’s anyway give me the notificationthat you’ll go over starting this thatsucks okay welllet’s meet this guypotential new person we can cheat on herhusband okay come on oh come on bear wegot new friends oh he did not like thatI was making new friends a lot of newenemies a spackling dream good what shesaid that needed resthow do you go home after this gum allright so we made some new friends wepainted the houseI got Otto to start the herbalism skilland we got Marisa tufas at least one ofthe secret areas so at least we got thatso go ahead and take a shower and I’llhave you sleep and how you doing oh yeahgrab some food dude use the restroomoh she’s using the restroom here use therestroomand then he has to do anything elsewould workOh reach level through logic okay hereHonda moves and then she’s eatingalright she’s good I still need to havea religious level to like leadthat’s alright so she’s in bed you’redoing that you’re doing alright he lipit this away here’s a bath thoughoh man come on you’re so closeawesome they’re all right I need you tograde homework you can stop that now youkeep working on the logic skillyeah Youth are nowhere close to levelingup on the logic school I need you to bethree are you you’re done with that soyou can actually get started what canyou sleep you don’t need sleep goshyou’re pretty good so I need you to readthis one and I’m gonna have you stopthat for a second and then I’ll get someleftovers I hope we can play sell thatI need you to use the restroom and thengo back to bedand you yeah actually relatively closeto lovely not you’re almost done withthat but I need you to eat after that soget leftovers oh you can see stop let’sgo ahead and stop and then get somesleep do you have to work tomorroware you working six hours okay wait whydid Marissa oh okay this is theschoolwork okay that makes it okay youcan stop here and a little bit actuallyno I don’t want you to stop you’re socloseoh wow you were ridiculously close herekeep goingoh yeah there you gostop that and then here just some sleepactually just sleep I need you to getsome sleep oh I don’t want you to sleepI need you to use a Russian first andthen sleepall right so yeah I’m gonna leave thispart here they’re all sleeping we’ll getthem to go to work tomorrow and theyshould be having their babies relativelysoon yeah she’s about to hit her a thirdtrimester and yeah her third trimesteris coming up as soon as well so yeah I’mwilling this part here I hope you guysenjoyed um I must send them to work andyeah and the next part will pick up fromthere and I’ll spin the wheel again andsee what else we can get them to do butyeah Marisa and Otto they still haveplenty of stuff that they have to dothroughout the episode so we’ll get themto get it done eventually but yeah fornow I’ll see you in the next part andyeahhope you enjoyed[Music][Laughter][Music]

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