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How to make waffles (36287373782727 likes for the next part)

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Video Transcription

hello guys today waffles from a go Eggowaffles okay you take the wafflesthis is a how-to video by the way takethe waffles flop them in here then youpress this actually first you you knowyou need to pick pick them out of timeyou’re gonna cook those dishes like my 1and 1/2 minute and 30 seconds for youretards out there I shouldn’t have saidthat yeah you pulled this downand now we wait for a minute in 30secondslook at those bitches cook Ishouldn’t have said that shouldhave said that hmm laughs full-time tenlikes per chimichangas that’s actuallyretarded no no chimichangas if I get 5likes I’ll do flapjacksyeah well that Jackson okay I think it’salmost done I think they look done to medo you say yes right nowah the out of me okay soyeah when your muffler done you get abowl not a bowl nice feet plate you takethem out but you take the pot when youget up no syrup I’m gonna getsome syrupbitches with waffle syrup so you getyour syrup piece of you get yoursyrup yeah under the cap son of a bitchthen you pour this on mmm mmm deliciousand when you’re done with the strip youput the cap on and then you you grab thesurra bottle you open close yougrab this rebuttal open the fridgecontents in the fridge[Music]laying down is the best way because itgets all the corn to the one side andthen you flip it over colors all rightand then you got your waffles okay andI’ll eat them awful I’m gonna waffle

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