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Mia Makes Banana Waffles – Sit. Stay. Mom.

Mia shows us how to make delicious, banana waffles.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I mean what are you doing today you’reworking you can’t eat that why what itlooks like you’re gonna make somethingwhat are you gonna make now there’s apeanut butter I don’t see peanut butteron here I see a waffle maker are yougonna make okay go ahead master Dennismaking really soft and mushy[Music]now you’re going to add all of the dryingredients to the bowl okay so we havehere nutmeg salt baking powder sugar andwhite all-purpose flour can you add thatto your blue bowl baby’s nose just dumpit dump it into the glue bowl[Music]good job okay so now we’re gonna add themelted butter and the milk and thevanilla can you do that[Music]is it good okay so now what are yougonna do now you have to add the egg youcanyou can crack the egg Mia[Music]okay now you’re gonna add the banana andyou have the bananas too[Music]what did the taste like bananas inwaiting for[Music]you waiting for a stern dream oh let’ssee it’s not green yet what does thegreen mean means go red one means stopgood jobokay so we’re waiting for the wafflemaker to have the green light and thenwe can pour our mixture in there okayour little light is green now we’regoing to pour it into the waffle maker[Music]you[Music]all right can you turn it around otherway wow yeah look at your waffles dothey look good Wow let me take him outokay[Music]

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