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Video Transcription

Matthews cooking fluffy pancakes so thefirst thing you got to do this I’m milkwith vinegar and a medium bowl mediumbowlyou need a 3/4 medium Oh 3/4 so thatwould be the 3 4 2 2 3 3 4so half milk cap in her hmmsomething like that just say 3/4 rightthereyou can also set it down on the surfaceas well and that makes it easier justturn the cup to the side so that way youcan seewell I’ve been hurt in that it’s sourrightChico’s bunch of cheeseburgeroh I can already smell it teaspoon ofthis 2 tablespoon tablespoons of whitevinegarNoctowl stirsnow I accept that mm-hmm it’s not amedium do we even have a meeting mediumbowl is this ah there’s our medium bowlright there sorry discarding one floursugar baking powder baking soda and saltin a large mixing bowl which we needthat purple can be used as a mixing bowlprobably don’t want to tell me the dirtydishes[Music]just need to do this is very solidbutter and then you just gone to thebold are actually going melted one moreso I need two tablespoons butter littleNodid you get the full thing in like thewhole scoop field you need the wholestreet filled come on never expected itto be this stuck to it yes and then youlet it milk for a little but try twominutes yeah check in like yes[Music]hot water melted a lot but not so you’regonna need combined flour a cup cupall-purpose flour which is measuring upso three of these or you can use themeasuring cup anymore useful and this iscovered in sugar such a tiny little bitmoreand I should be good yeah also you’ll bethe one that’s judging then you aregoing to need two tablespoons of sugar[Music][Music]this is not goingyou’d also bring them next step oneteaspoon of baking powder one teaspoonhere’s some by conveyoryeah and here are their in their half ateaspoon of baking soda tables that’s ateaspoon of baking soda and then you’regonna need 1/2 a teaspoon of salt anddry it up it’s okaythat is coming out on the new to whiskegg and butter into severed since wehave only one gigantic mixing bowl theother bowl is not meant for mixing focuscamera focus cameras no it did not liketo focus there for a secondthis is only for one hope you like yourpancakes fluffy now you need to see alarge skillet no straight before thatyou pour the wet ingredients into thedry ingredients and whisk away nan whisk[Music]much is this more anyways um by thelooks with that one something for nowanywayJesus all that one hand KK but I may bewrong sometimes it could be I’m justingredients like this I mean like thatcan go back up here damn ityou saw nothingit’s just[Music]all right there lazin Tony and now youjust brace um Pam on it then a littlebit you’d be pouring a quarter cup ofpancake mix into the panno you scoop it yes it’s liveyou can also grab a spoon there is thatone haven’t liked when serving earlier Ididn’t you just say one reallythat’s one pancake right there um youcan just it’s for first pancake my firsttime ever making a proper pancake 20minutes but that’s on each side it won’tcook just on one side nothing sorrybecause I don’t think eating don’t likethat would be goodprobably not unless it’s the type ofdough that’s completely ediblethroughout the entire stages which inorder to do that you’d have to add someadditives but that is a thing it’s notvery useful but they can eat your doughyep yep this is heavy Naruto Shippuden[Laughter]it smells good mm-hmm five out of fiveI’m just kiddingactually just smells like couldn’t oh Ican’t wait to flip I am flip boy onspecial on the print do thatnow you just got it on to me see well sonow you put syrup on it and then take apicture a little bit longer I agreeoh just touching it burn the stuff onhow does that work normally it doesn’tdo that doesn’t know see the other sidebecause that does do it againPam it okay can you hold my job spraypatI’m like a sprinkler remember you canuse the spoon to get it out there’s aspoon this boy they stuck to the bottomand one splitmanjust washing the dishes as he doesn’tbecause that’s my jobthing is I’m just letting it cook nowit’s on pancake number two staringcontest Matthews Colinasit was thatonce that bubble pops I wouldI’m still going strong fellow the worldrecord first staring contest is an hourand 35 minutes long I don’t even knowhow the dad did it by keeping his eyesopen but yes it went poop attempted whatlook let’s attempt number 5 and realquick there you go hey you’re gonna havea lopsided pancake yes okay I’ve hadthose too they sound pretty goodconsidering the way people describe themthere’s basically chuckles with thatyeah I love Bannock I remember when wegot an entire basket of Bannack before Iate the entire basket before anyone elsehad any angry I covered in salt peppervery loved folk pepper yeah I loved evensomething I would justI would never do that because I am notas weird as my friend who drink solidI’ve gotten better at noticing it justnot much takeswhen I was younger I tended to believemy dreams were real and there’s justbeen key yeah

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