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In this installment of quarantine activities we learn how to make chicken & waffles. Best in southern California !! We also jammed some fire Oromo music for this episode!!

** excuse the audio as the fan in the kitchen is loud**

S/O to Ali’s Chicken for having me!!

My IG: @boromo23

Genemo’s IG: @genemo.eats

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what’s up everybody welcome to anotherweek of quarantine activities andgetting we’re headed to Ali’s chickenstill operating really grateful and mybuddy get mo is actually gonna beshowing me tips and tricks and I’m gonnasee if I can actually make the chicken[Music][Music]alright guys so remember just show mehow to how to cut peppers and onions allthat kind of stuff I can’t promisegetting me anywhere is pull the finger[Music]it’s been better to do on the other sideyeah[Laughter][Music]so alright guys so right now washinghe’s gonna show me how to make the friedchicken with the potatoes and okay[Music][Music]whatso this is her mantrapathat’s how he makes so we’re gonna letthat sit in there for a little bit andthen we’re gonna come back to so nextwhat are we gonna doour mix of spices and herbs for 24and then after that it comes out and weban it again[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]that’s that homemade sauce homemadeseasoning you know nothing about thiskind ofhere we havecomplimentsto be perfect because nobody’s perfectright pikaalways be nice to the person making yourfood even in the chicken and we love thecoconut syrup mouth vehicle going toserve for theeverybody gets to eat huheverybody they’re gonna put the potatoes[Music]Ohwhen erecting our yeah[Music]nowand secondly[Music]hello[Music]

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