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Making a Sourdough Starter & Waffles

How to start a sourdough starter from scratch then using the starter to make delicious sourdough waffles.


The night before, mix:
1 C. starter
2½ C. water or buttermilk
1 C. flour
2 Tbs. sugar

Let this mixture sit, covered with a towel, in a warm place overnight.

The next morning, add:
4 eggs
1/2 tsp. salt
1½ C. flour (adjust for consistency)
4 Tbs. oil
Frozen blueberries (opt.)

Just before cooking, pour enough of the mix (1 C.) to fill the waffle iron in a large measuring cup and stir in 1/4 tsp. baking soda (omit for a stronger sour taste). Here is where you can add frozen blueberries if you want. Pour mix onto the waffle iron, close and bake 3-5 minutes or until iron stops steaming.

NOTE: Freeze leftovers and re-heat in a toaster.
Also, don’t eat more than 1 4-section waffle… you will hurt yourself!!

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Video Transcription

hi everybody my name is Rick welcome tomy Idaho cabin when I think of the OldWestand mountain cabins I think aboutsourdough sourdough bread the smell isthe taste is just wonderful the starterI use traces its origins back to themid-1800s in Alaska a friend gave it tome years ago and I have maintained itever since today I will start to revivea powdered form of that starter how thestarter got to the powdered state willbe the subject of another video firstlet me explain that a sourdough starteris a living breathing organism withproper care it will grow thrive and makedelicious bread pancakes waffles andbiscuits treat it like a precious childand you will be rewarded to start thestarter you will need lukewarm waterabout 85 to 90 degrees some powderedstarter and some all-purpose flour firstlet me talk about the water if you livein a city with highly chlorinated wateror worse water that contains chloraminesuse bottled spring water to start yourstarter after it develops and maturesyou can try using the tap water if yourtap water doesn’t kill the starter atthat point then you should be safe usingit this is my sourdough starter ingranular form to start the starter I’mgoing to put 1 tablespoon of lukewarmwater about 85 to 90 degrees into aglass and then I’m going to add a half ateaspoon of the starter to that glassand I’m going to let that soften forabout five to ten minutes be back inabout ten minutesnow that the starter has softened I’mgoing to add about one tablespoon offlour all-purpose flour to the mix andthen a little more water to get to theconsistency of pancake batter that looksabout rightokay now I have my portable light in theoven to raise the temperature in thereto about 85 degrees so this is now goinginto the oven at about 85 degrees andit’ll sit for four to twelve hours andhopefully it will start up and start tobubble back then last night I fed thestarter and this morning we haveactivity so now we’re going to add alittle bit more flour about another twotablespoons and some warm water we wantto pancake batter consistency that’sgood now I’m going to cover this lightlywith plastic wrap and put it back in theoven at about 85 degrees today I’m goingto take pity on you the sourdoughstarter that I started on Sunday has nowrisen three or four days today is Fridayso I’m going to feed it and show youwhat it looks like today and then I’llcome back next week because feeding astarter is like watching grass grow it’sjust real slow and boring so anywayhere’s what it looks like today as youcan see I’ve transferred this into aplastic measuring cup and you see hownice and foamy that’s getting that showsthat it’s starting to get active it’snot quite there yet but it’s gettingthereokay so now I’ll stir it downsee if you can see that there we gookay I’m gonna stir that down now we’lladd some flour right now we can probablyadd about at this stage of the game wecan add about two tablespoons of flourat every feeding to good round roundtable spoons and stir that in see if Icould show youand it’s a little dry so I’m going toadd a little bit of waternow I know if I try to tip this up andshow it to you it’s gonna spill so butwe’ll try that’s about where we want itokay so back into the oven it goes so atthis point in time we’re feeding ittwice a day and in about another week itshould be really active and ready to beused in with some recipes and then we’llstart baking hi everybodywell it’s now about ten days since thesourdough was started and I think it’sactive enough that I can try and I’mgoing to make some waffles this morningso here’s what I have I have a bowl ofthe waffle starter four eggs lightlyscrambled lightly beaten a cup and ahalf of flour with one half teaspoon ofsalt four tablespoons of oil and alittle baking soda so I’ll show you howwe put that together but first I want toshow you what this the starter for thewaffles looks likewhat I did last night was to mix one cupof the starter with two and a half cupsof buttermilk one cup of flour and twotablespoons of sugar now I mix that upand covered it and let it sit overnightin a warm spot the rest of the starterthat I had I refreshed and that’s goingto be my ongoing starter so today we’regoing to add to the starter we’re goingto add four eggsfour tablespoons of oiland then we’re going to add about oneand a half cups of flour and the salt sothis was a little over one and a halfcups of flour so we’re just going toadjust the consistency with this sowe’ll see how this goesokay it looks like the cup and a half offlour would makes it just about theright consistency so we gotta have itall mixed up hereI’m gonna put some of the batter into amixing or a measuring cup and so it’llbe a little easier to pour now that thewaffle iron is hot I’m going to spray itwith a little nonstick spray and thenwe’ll pour the batter inI’m gonna add a few of Smokiesblueberries make them a little fancyokay we’ll let the waffle iron do itsthing the waffle iron has just aboutstopped steaming so it’s time to take itout and see what we have there we go nowthat looks good enough to eatwell I’m here to tell you this isfrigging delicioushas a nice sourdough flavor and thesweetness of the blueberries is terrificgotta try thiswell I want to thank you very much forjoining me on this episode of my Idahocabin the breakfast was absolutelydeliciousanyway if you’d like to subscribe to mychannel please look down below and hiton the subscribe button and you won’tmiss an episode also you can go to themy web page at wwe.com and you can getthe recipes you can download the recipesfrom there and get all sorts ofinformation so until next time this isrick at my idaho cabin

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