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Make Waffles

Toddler recipe for making waffles!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

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15 Replies to “Make Waffles

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  3. I’m likin your style, Vonnie. My 6 kids eat the cookies before my bride can get them off the rack and on the counter! Those look good & no oven time!

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  5. Those cookies look wonderful. Easy to make and as you said “easy to Eat”. It looks like Martin grabbed some on the way past before they could make it to the plate.

  6. I have made these with peanut butter, but coconut sounds good. If you made them I know they will be. Thanks Vonnie.

  7. I have one l cook like that. Except peanutbutter instead an vanilla. Lunchroom ladies made when l was a kid. Except they put no cocoa in it. When l make my wife eats with both hands. An we like old fashioned oats. That candys good.

  8. We call them snowballs! Delicious! TFS this recipe! ❤️. We roll them in coconut also. Add peanut butter and they r awesome!

  9. My 3am sat night fix !! Well ok 3am Sunday morning !! I’m really gonna put on some extra pounds before spring !! See ya next weekend Vonnie !!

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