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Let’s make… tamale waffles!!! #cookingwithcoachm

1 1/2 c. masa harina
1/2 c. cornmeal
1/3 c. flour

1 t. baking powder
1 T. lemon juice
2 1/4 c. water

Mix all ingredients and scoop into hot waffle iron. Spread as it will not spread on it’s own. Bake for about 5 minutes.

1 can black beans
1 chopped onion
1 bell pepper, chopped
4-6 cloves garlic, minced
1 T. taco seasoning
queso fresco
a squeeze of lime
diced jalapeno

sour cream
hot sauce

*corn, sweet potatoes, poblano chilis… the sky is the limit to what you can top your waffles with!

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Video Transcription

it’s so hot it’s something all day I’mjust gotta make dinner it’s Saturdaynight you’re gonna watch this tomorrowmorning and I’m tired but you know we’regonna make tamale waffles tamale wafflesthese are from one of my swimmers CarlyCarly’s family made these I thinkearlier this week and she was talkingabout in practice and we were like yes Ineed that recipe so let’s do that recipeso to make these waffles we’ve got tomake our waffle batter we’ve gotta startit over here and we’ve got it chopped upand cooked a lot of business here waffleiron it’s like heating up so let’s let’schop up the stuff that’s gonna go on topof it first are we readymake a little hash first with some bellpepper and onion some black beans and Ithink we’re gonna keep the tomatoesfresh they’re not going to do that butI’m gonna put a little bit of Mexicanfiesta seasoning this is just it’s justchili flake onion paprika cumin garliccilantro oregano okay yeah it’s like allthe things but in one and then I’m gonnaI’m probably gonna dash this on top Ohfrom pizza flora love your and summersyou’re so awesome your pizza’s so greatokay so let’s chop this upokay so wha my stuff is sauteing backthere I’m going to toss this together sowe’ve got flour cornmeal and this ismasa so it’s it’s kind of like cornmealbut it’s like different this is likeinsane masa it’s very it’s differentthan Cornell and some baking powder sosister do one in a cop to I solveanother quarter to goso it’s interesting about this nopemost batters right would have egg in itthere’s no egg in this so if your eggsensitive you could totally do this okaywe need a little bit more water we aresupposed to get some soap oh gosh I justyesthere’s a thing you just sprayed on meand some fresh lemon juice so pick thelemon from the backyard this is a bigone it’s writingthat much I’m sorry that measure and I’mjust gonna mix this up look at this ifyou’ve ever made tamales this lookstotally like a tamale dough right betterno one there was one Christmas that mystaff oh this one coaches that’s fromcell-fate we had a tamale making classyou guys you remember that oh my gosh itwas like our best holiday party everokay I’m gonna go check my vegetablesand then we’re gonna get started on andgetting these all in the would you dored bell peppers sure yellowabsolutely I want to because and then myorange tomatoesthe burden is great but I don’t want tocook everything in so so super now we’regonna get alpha kana ready our tomatoessliced and some Joe fresco oh when Ibought this I didn’t know what I wasgonna do with that but I’m excited fortodayso to get this the masa dough in here Ifound that if they kind of put it inthere and Pat it out you’re not actuallygonna be touching the hot pan becauseyou’re once it starts getting thinneryou’re gonna take your hand away rightkids definitely have your parents helpyou with this or just let your parentsdo this part that’s probably the saferbet and I’m just patting it out becauseit doesn’t spread that much and it’s apretty thick dough that’s gonna be theshape perfect like thatokay I’m thinking then I don’t even knowwhere my kids are Chris I don’t knowvideo games right here’s another one Ionly want the best for youI’m pretty sure right now this is thebest this is this is something that Ibelieve I will start making at leastonce a week for my whole lifeCarly you did me right girl these arefantastic tamale waffles I know you cando it divide up the work somebody makethe dough the masa dough somebody do allthe cutting and the sauteing go with itthis is a winner just gonna eat it allnow I might not even tell everybody thatI’m finishedthank you

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  4. Deliciously made chicken pie. The filling will taste very delicious the way you make it with chicken. That carnation milk will really make the crust taste delicious The stove method is an awesome! Great presentation

  5. Hi Dada thank you for this recipe I want to try it but what did you put in the pot before you put the steam tray did you say salt? I noticed something white but I can”t figure out what it is, please advise

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