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Learn How to Make Blueberry or Cinnamon Waffles (Pancakes Too!)

I’d love to see your waffles or pancakes from this recipe. Send me an email at ieateasyeats@gmail.com with a picture of your waffles or pancakes and your name (or anonymous) and I will include it at the end of next week’s video!

2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Cups Flour
1/3 Cup Sugar
4 Tsp Salt
2 & 1/3 Cup 2% Milk
1/4 Cup Butter
1 Egg

*Optional Ingredients*
1 Container of Blueberries
1 Tbsp Grounded Cinnamon

Music by Yung Kartz: Too Much Ice

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome back to easy eatstoday I’m going to show you how to makea waffle and a pancake and we’re alsogoing to add in some bacon in there sowhat I’m gonna do is focus on makingblueberry waffles as well as my cinnamonwaffles so first I’m going to give you arundown of all of the ingredients[Music]now if you’re using this recipe to makepancakes I recommend using a Teflon panor any form of nonstick pan now for thewaffles I’m using an awesome titaniuminfused or a ceramic Belgian wafflemaker good I got it off of Amazon for 20bucks but I can see now that they don’thave it in stock at the moment and onlyindependent sellers are selling it forlike 45 bucks but you can get thiswaffle iron also at your local Target orWalmart don’t have to use this one anygood waffle iron will do the job butthis specific one I love I’ve hadnothing but great results with it so nowthat we have that out of the way we’regoing to start working on our batter thefirst thing you’re going to want to dois take all of your dry ingredients andwhisk them together in a pot now yourdry ingredients include your flour yoursugar your baking powder and your salt[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]now we’re going to form a well with ourdry ingredients and we’re going to putour wet ingredients inside of the wellthe reason for this is once you startmixing your wet and your dry ingredientstogether it’ll make it a lot easier andit’ll also make the batter less lumpyonce you mix it together so this recipecalls for 1/4 cup of butter when youlook at the butter stick it’ll havemeasurements on the side of it and it’lltell you exactly how much of that stickof butter is a quarter of a cup ofbutter so you want to look at that andjust cut along the line the other thingI wanted to mention is that when you douse your butter you want to make sureit’s at room temperature because if it’sfrozen or if it’s really hard it’s gonnabe really tough to mix that butter intothe batter so make sure that you setyour butter out ahead of time beforeattempting to do this recipe here I’mseparating my batter into another potbecause I’m going to show you how tomake blueberry waffles versus thecinnamon waffles so you don’t have tonecessarily do this unless you’re justhaving that kind of day and you wantcinnamon and blueberry waffles thenplease go right aheadso as you can see you’re just gonna addcinnamon to the cinnamon batch for thewaffles or pancakes you’re making nowfor the blueberries you’re gonna take asmany blueberries as you like therereally isn’t a set measurement or anumber just however much you likeblueberries have at it but what you wantto do is make sure that you mash up theblueberries before you add them to thebatter if you add them whole you’regonna have a heck of a time getting itto form into a pancake once you pour thebatter or into a waffle so first we’regonna start by pouring our blueberrybatter into the waffle the key to makingreally good waffles is making sure thatyou pour the batter in slowly and justmake sure that you spread it evenly overthe waffle iron you don’t want to overdoit because then once you close it it’lljust pour out all over the place makinga mess don’t feel like you have to rushdoing this it is a nonstick appliance soas you spread it out slowly over time itwill eventually seal as it’s cooking youdon’t want to take too long because thenyou’ll end up having a burnt waffle onone side the other thing you also wantto be aware of is the temperaturesetting on your waffle iron of coursedepending on the waffle iron that’sgonna vary for this one I have is set atprobably about 75% heat just a littleover half of the center it really isn’taline you just want to make sure you haveit warm enough where it will actuallycook the waffle now of course the amountof time it will take to cook your wafflewill vary based on the appliance in theheat setting for my waffle iron usuallyabout 4 to 5 minutes per waffle nowwe’re going to cook up some bacon to goalong with our delicious waffles I’mcooking my bacon in a cast-iron pan youdon’t necessarily have to use one thisis just my preference but you can useany pan you have lying around[Applause][Music]you[Music]now for those of you who don’t likewaffles or you don’t have a waffle ironI’m gonna use the same batter to makepancakes you’re gonna use a low heatprobably about a 2 to 3 setting let thepan heat up a little bit and then justslowly pour the batter into the centerof the pan now if you find that thebatter isn’t thin enough to pour intothe pan for pancakes just add a littlebit of milk to it now to be able to tellwhen your pancake is finished cooking onthe other side you’re gonna look forthese little bubbles that have formedthat you see here once you see thesebubbles it’s time to flip your pancakeover once you flip your pancake over itdoesn’t take long for it to cook usuallymaybe 3040 seconds you could flip itover to check to see how the other sideis looking and then just take it rightoff the pan while our bacon finishescooking I like to add condiments to mywaffles for the blueberry waffles I liketo add a little bit of whipped creamsome butter some additional blueberriesif you really like them and for thecinnamon waffles if you feel a fancy youcan add a couple of cinnamon sticks forgarnish[Music]I hope you enjoyed this episode of easyeats if you have any special requestsfor upcoming videos email me at I eateasy eats at gmail.com also if you areinterested in having an easy eats dishyou cooked from the previous episode orthis current one featured in the nextvideo shoot me a message until next timebye[Music]

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