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How To Make Waffles In This Pandemic

1. Pancake mix
2. Sugar
4.oil ( a drop )

Normally I would use a egg , some cinnamon, and mix it with milk instead of water !

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Video Transcription

all right guys so I’m gonna show youguys how to make some waffles out ofpancake mix um this pandemic got usgoing crazy I don’t have anything I knowyou guys like to get fancy with themeasurements but listen you’re not doingthat todaylisten she’s gonna freehand it cuz Idon’t have everything that I need so I’mjust gonna just pour the waffle mix upin the arms pour a little bit of sugarin there just to give it some kind oflike sweet flavor put water in there umat my oil and I mix it you know trustthe process guys trusty anytime you’remixing anything you just want to makesure it’s so smooth no lumps no clumpsno nothing I’m gonna spray it with thisnonstick spray first then when you putyour waffles in the in the waffle makeryou want to make sure that the wafflemix is covering and I learned you likethe whole thing that’s I use one you getlike the best effect out of the waffleyou don’t have to have it for a certainamount of time I’ll just give it likefive to eight minutes like not longdepends on how hot you like it and thereyou go is so quick so easy and simpledon’t forget to wipe down the wafflemaker while it’s still hot and don’tforget to Like comment and subscribe tomy channel thank you so much guys

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