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How to make waffles 🧇

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Video Transcription

what imagine I cannot before we getstarted let’s respond to the merit everyhue sums up today my channel is aboutmeeting mopping let’s add our two cupsof matcha with her and if it’s one endoil and what I’ll often batter and weneed the boys and the wood and that isto pour two cups of waterwe’re ready put one and so which opposedto mr. boffin that’s right inside theboatwhat is inwe’re gonna put the oil in the bowl putit everywhere we’re going to mix it[Music][Music][Music]so now and we’re going to put this yet[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]the ingredients are blueberriesstrawberriesMatala marshmallows and chef or you cando whatever you wantand there you have to cut back to thismonthwe’re finished and here’s our designswhich one is your favorite comes downbelow and you will see you next timebye[Music]

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