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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome to my next videotoday i will be making waffles and it’sgonna be like american waffles so that’sgonna be amazingso i’ve tooken all the ingredients sowhat we actually needed was 100 grambutter 4 eggs 4 and a halfeating spoon sugar 1/2with me 1/2 TSP I can show it thiscardamom and then we needed 5 adeciliter of flour 1/2 teaspoon bakingpowder 5 d 5 add in milk or yogurt sothat was what we have done and we havedone what we mix it so now we have touse like this and then oh yeah we haveto sprinkle this firstnow have to takehere so you have to like take it allaround so now take it and then wait andthen we also can use strawberry jamthat’s so goodhow much are we gonna waitand when you have to take always it’svery important window white can you guyssee that what red lightyeah when I becomes green then we cantake it take it then we need like[Music]this takes a long time to make if you’regonna make like hundred of them back inlike ten you can also have like so whenyou’re waiting for your waffles to beready and he just can mix it likethis takes like five minutes orsomething I don’t knowokay what is it mean I think it’s gonnabe[Music]waiting weekendwaitersmaybe I can leave one caribouand you can also look chokolate wafflesyou don’t have to make vanilla wafflesyou can make chocolate waffles – if youguys take on over wear masks it’s whenyou guys go out because we don’t havemass cos this is ready okay but it’sactually readyWow that’s crunchy okay now time for thenext row you just have to waste a littlewhile you don’t have to wait like that’sit for this video

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