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How to Make The Perfect Waffles (Sweet and Eggy Recipe)

This is a super quick and easy weekend breakfast. I love making these waffles ahead of time and sticking them in the fridge for a week. Then, in the morning or when I want a sweet snack, I just pop them in the toaster! These waffles are perfectly sweet and eggy. Find the recipe at our website: chowwithjao.com

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi welcome back to chow chow today we’remaking Wallace what I love about thisrecipe is that it’s super edgy and sweetit’s also pretty quick to whip up on aweekend morning with our dry ingredientswe’re going to start with a cup ofall-purpose flour 3/4 cup of sugar 1/2 ateaspoon of baking soda 1/2 a teaspoonof baking powder and a quarter teaspoonof salt then in this same Bowl we’regoing to add a cup of milk whatever youhave on hand buttermilk or non-dairymilk 2 eggs and a quarter cup of meltedbutter that’s it something that I’velearned about working with melted butteris that it’s a good idea to warm up themilk a little bit as well otherwise whenthe melted butter hits that cold milk itsolidifies into little clumps so now wehave a smooth non clumpy batter I’mmaking my Nana’s Belgian waffle makerbut whatever waffle machine you have athome would work now the reason I lovethis waffle machine so much is becauseit lets you cook your waffles at yourfavorite setting like I like mine reallycrispy but Vincent likes his really softthis recipe is from Vincent’s momactually she used to make it all thetime when he was growing up now if youdon’t have this waffle machine thattells you when it’s ready just cook ituntil golden brown or whenever itreaches whatever consistency orcrispness that you like itwhile those vodkas are cooking we’regoing to make some fresh whipped creamnow this is just some heavy whippingcream a little bit of vanilla extractand some white sugar and I’m just goingto beat this up until it gets reallyfluffy and light now a tip is to keepthis in the fridge until you’re ready touse it and if you can you can use astick these in the freezer so thenthey’re really nice and clover that arewhipping up here whichah they look amazing now these are alittle bit sweet on their own so Iusually don’t add syrup but I’m going totop it with some of our fresh whippedcream and some sliced strawberries ohisn’t that gorgeous thanks again forjoining me I hope you guys try thisrecipe out and let me know what youthink thanks for watching ciao ciao

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