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How To make PlayDoh berry waffles! (Do not try at home without a parent)

Includes Real Microwaving Please Have Parental Guidance or Permission or be over 17 to do this.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back this channel todayis gonna be a played overplay-doh video so let’s go as you cansee you got some mix clothes you guys soit’s probably gonna be a bit easier tomake some food with it on next shade aresome dark colors including red black andwhite as you can see and many manyothers that we probably haven’t deservedso yeah again we also have all of theseplay-doh set things and you can makesome okay the very very soft now andwarm so that’s gonna be very good helpokay guys so the first thing we’re gonnado is that one what you squish that andnow we have a little cranberry I thinkthat’s a clean there could be wrong butnow we got a little berry okay do wehave or Walter okay guys there’s mywaffle berry recipe bye

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