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Hello beauties, this video we are experimenting between #friedmeatpie and #bakedmeatpie meat pie. This is particularly to my fans who are not opportuned to have an oven. #meatpie is a popular snack in #nigeria, #cameroon, and #africa in general. Let me know if you like this recipe.
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Video Transcription

hi guys i am here with one of the famoussnacks in nigeria cameroonand probably all of africa so i’m notgoing to take much of your time we aregoing straight to the kitchento start this recipe so you just have tostart by heating up your oilthis is the filling in process so i justfried myonion for a minute and then i went aheadand added my fresh beef that is grindalready i bought this from the turkeyshopyou can get it from any othersupermarket of your choiceand then i fried that for some minuteswent ahead and added all the ingredientsthat i like sowith what i have here you can go aheadand add any otherseasoning or ingredient of your choiceso i added salt i added maggie[Music][Music]so i’m just adding a bunch ofingredients likeginger garlic nut milk currypastille basil celery all dryas you guys can see and i’ll just fry mybeef for about five minutesand then i add my gratedcarrot you can add any other vegetableof your choicecook your beef for maximum 10 minutes[Music][Music]so after prepping your filling in justset that aside so that the oil from thebeef cankind of drain and now to have your doughit depends on the quantity of meat piethat you want so i’m using a kilogram offlourfor my meat pie today so i just used akilogram offlour half a sachet of baking powdersome lemon zest or you know back ofum lemon if i should make it simple forthose who do not knowand then i measured my sugar in my palmso i just usedone and a pinch of saltand then you also need 500 grams ofbutter or margarinei used my drink so i have a video onmeat pie already on my channel you cancheck that out i’ll leave it in thedescription boxi’m doing this particular video becausei have subscribers and it’s noteveryone who is fortunate to have youknow anoven so many of them were likecan i fry a meat pie and i did not knowso i’m doing thistogether with you guys this is the firsttime i’m actually fryinguh meat pie so let’s see what we getso after putting all of that togetherjust mixall the ingredients and make sure to addyour watergradually you guys can see from what i’mdoingbecause you do not want your dough to beextremely softso i just mixed all of that and to behonest the bowl was not helping so i hadto transfer thaton my chopping board and i mixed so wellyou can see how soft it looks alreadyso at this point you can keep this tosit for about 30 minutes if you havetime if you do not have time you can gostraight byyou know making your meat pie[Music]so if you want a nice round and uniquemeat pie you can use any pot lid youhave at home you guys can see that’sjust what i’m using hereso just make sure your dough is not verythinlike very flat so that your meat pieshould be kind ofthick and heavy in the mouththen go ahead and press your meat piewith a fork like what i’m doingso that the filling in should be secured[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so this is just to ensure that the meatpie is cookedright in the middle because it isactually thickand now just go ahead beat uh one eggand you know apply all over the meat pieto give it that shine[Music]so make sure to close the meat pie samelike the ones you’re bakingbut do not give the holes on top becausewe are actually frying with oil so thatoilshouldn’t kind of penetrate inside themeat pie so at this point make sureyour oil is extremely hot and then whenyou put in yourmeat pie reduce the oil to lowest ormediumso make sure to fry until the meat pieis golden brownso guys this is the baked meat pie soso yummy look at the color very brownand crispynow let’s check out our fried meat piehere is the fried meat pie i must say itisalso so delicious look at the colorbrown as well and very crispy now let’scheck out the inside of the meat pie ifeverything isyummy like from the outside look at thatlook at that guys so so deliciouseverything is well cooked crispynow let’s check out the fried meat pieif everything looks oh heal me from theoutside and theinside yes soguys look at that this speed pie did notconsume oil at all you can see foryourselfbut if you ask my opinion i likethe baked meat pie just because we allwant to be healthy even though we eatthings like thisreduce the you know consumption of oili’ll go with the baked meat pie so herei have my cup of cappuccinoto enjoy a piece of meatball if youenjoyed this recipegive me a thumbs up subscribe share anddo not forget to come back for morerecipesbye


  1. Excellent recipe! The pastry was perfect and easy to
    make. I ran out of shortening so used 1/2 cup butter for the top
    crust and it was excellent. I will definitely make this again.

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