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How to Make Keto Friendly Waffles?

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Video Transcription

this is myself and I amgoing to show you today how my wife andI lost a total combined weight of 180pounds I lost 100 pounds my wife lost 80by following this way of eating so I’mgoing to show you today how to makethese delicious waffles extremely low incar carbohydrates and no sugarswhatsoever and all keto friendlyingredients so basically this is what Ido to call attention during the lockdownthank you for watching and I hope youenjoy this video these are theingredients that you will need to makethese keto waffleswe need one stick of butter one forcream cheese coconut flour 1 cup almondflour 1 cup 1 cup of heavy cream 1 cupof mozzarella and I’ve already cracked12 eggs into my blender the next thingwe do is before mixing all of theingredients we need to put the butter onthe cream cheese in the microwave forabout 2 minutes just to soften them alittle bit before placing them in theblenderthe next step is I will add one cup ofheavy cream[Music][Music]once a green cheese and the butter hasmeltedwe add themwe’ll add one cup of this mozzarellashredded cheese[Laughter]we’ll add one cup of almond flour[Music]once we have all these ingredientsand of leatherto add some olive oil olive oil[Laughter]now that we have our waffle bottom wewait for the wife of cheese to heat uponce it heats upwe’ll make for waffles at a timehopefully this Mount batter will allowus to make approximately 16 waffles mywife I use this SamWow some whipped cream homemade with mesome blueberries and we have we also usemonk sugar sweetsomeone whose waffles and they all havesome deliciousso right now we’re gonna wait for themachine to heat and then I’ll show youhow I pour them and what the outcome is[Music]okay the waffle maker is not super hota little bitstop spreading a littlebut I’m all getting any holesin a lot[Music]put a little bit more than first oneokay let it cook takes about fiveminutesit is now time to remove first batchsince the green light came on let’s seewhat they look like sometimes we broughtmean they want to leave them for anotherminute round them a little bit on thetopokay never brown enough for me peoplethese are amazing looking waffles niceand golden and the consistency isbasically the consistency of bread so Iput them in the rack let them cool off alittle bit[Music]my wife and I eat a lot of it this isbasically our bread we eat a lot ofopen-faced sandwiches tend to use two ofthem because it’s too heavy so we useone with ham cheese and tomatoeswhatever you want to put in them isdelicious and if you ever feel like asugary treat blueberries or strawberriesand a little homemade whipped cream withsome monk sugar it is absolutely out ofthis world okay I’m ready to do my nextbatch and this basically completes thisvideo thank you for watching and I hopeyou enjoy it and I hope you try thisrecipe thank youand this my friend is the outcome twentydelicious keto friendly fat burningwaffles[Music]

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