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How To Make Chicken And Waffles

In this episode we’ll be teaching you how to make chicken in waffles, while talking about fun topics

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Video Transcription

honey welcome to our kitchen I’mChristianI’m Joseph and today we’re makingchicken and waffle slide we hear you soour first step is to make our buttermilkwaffle batter so we didn’t havebuttermilk so I actually made my ownbuttermilk eggs and butter chicken I gotall my flavor okay okay okayyeah yup yeah yup and I got and I got mylittle secret mix right here with theflour man so what do you think about allthat’s gone on in the world right nowwith my coronavirus and you knowdifferent topics Eskil like now what doyou get what are your opinions on whichideas I just clone the getting crazy butbut each part of Persian out here tryingto turn so this ain’t my sorry Persianso you think this is gonna reach ahurricane definitely get it under wrapsreal quick but if all the hospitalsstart getting taken up with people can’tget no help and then people familiesgonna be getting desperate they’re gonnaneed some so if I start breaking theirhousesah give me your toilet paper give meyour hand sanitizer we need it now giveit up I have a gun I’ll shoot so youtake the the purge it’s like kind of theend if we don’t get it correct oh Idon’t know if it’s gonna be the end butit’s gonna take a lot to like come backhomeokay so right now I’m just putting somesugar I put about two tablespoons ofsugar in here what’s about two cups offlour so far so what about all thecelebrities that are like mysterious manso what y’all be faking who do you whodo you think that I hang on a minute butsome some some of them celebrities theybe faking it know who he isso you think that you Stan McCarty bethat some of them are indeed gettinghazed well sure okay because they wantto make it like to wear thosecelebrities you can see let’s get crazyso you think they’re doing it just todraw attention to the actualtoday and he’d be presentation they’rejust normal people getting sick newjourney why they’ve been deep in celebyou started me sick oh no are you allsaying laughing open your sit with me :that does make it does make sense soheís Khurana like affected you oh yougot laid off if you sneeze powder andsome solution up favorites hitting thewaffle spot[Music]what has some with some flavors that youreally have a memory of the year what’swrong some different things I would livestuck with you either like they can beeither really good or really bad fatherDean restaurant was this guy sting Iwear was at Myrtle Beach yeah it was ohyeah Georgia Savannah not holiday washis van it was enjoy put that we weresomewhere in Georgia so we’re in Georgiasouthern Georgia somewhere where weshouldn’t have beenlong I can avoid was not even the peoplewill you go somewhere nasty where theworkers oh yeah yeah what do you reckonI really don’t like sometimes when shoutouts all the vegans though I mean yeahhow you were vegan I think you making myversion yeah and then you ask some heywhat burgers are good around here andthen therethere’s clueless they’re like oh wellI’ve got to Bob I don’t eat meatwell give me somebody who do and it’sreally it’s extremely hard to get helpwhen I sit here but I do think vegansare like the new generation out herebecause I think it’s kind of smart wedid try to go vegan for a little bit ohthat was so hard it was hardsee the Jews can have food that tastesgood and you were gonna be all rightyeah it don’t taste good it tastes likenothingso you wouldn’t go dig into the deflavor no wait what because a vegan hasa food would you go would you be veganOh bother youhey if it’s tasty like me yeah I said ohit seems just like metastes like plants in nuts and almonds[Music]I’m gonna put two cups of buttermilk inhere I think the whole corner virusthing I think that was gonna take usseriously because yeah like it’s missbasic hygiene yeah but it’s a scary timeright now like Oh nobody knows nobodyknow how do you feel I know you’regraduating now but when you’re in schoolhow did it make you feelI hate this school so what are you readyto graduate all right with 2019 B foryour class of 2019 so just take it tothe process of school like elementary tohigh school but how’s it how did youeven get biology so you wanna know hardI really wanna know how I know youreally want to know how that but likethat’s how I got to schoolthat’s not the trick but you know yeahand this happened when I was in schooloh my god I’m like no I actually had totry somewhereand they posed to be graduating so nowthat’s your how old now 18 going on withsome things that have challenged you atall time good you know I knowbills are real it was all real abilitypay right now man that car insurancebill that cell phone bill in ain’t nojoke car I’m sure it’s all the way nofriends that is true about your friendnew change laugh yeah I mean for myattractive little school a middle schoolis an interesting place very school isdisgusting it is like for me it’s likeeverybody to discover who didn’t want tobe like their status coverage for thesedays right there it’s like that oh wellmaybe I do this oh yeah maybe I want tobe like this when I grow up with likeeverybody’s just discovering how do youwant to act or so through the years whenpeople study at different a kind it conis like told you for a loop because onceyou know you’re like well y’all are thenused to act like that I think that’s onething but I think honestly middle schoolis an anxiety attack everybodyI can’t nobody the same mechanism butit’s cool is read that she stayed withthis phone yeah yeah whoever toldwhoever said that you gonna be with thesame group of people in Lyon do notlisten to that is rigged super weirdsuper duper in my opinion our school isschool is good it’s like in Japan seeyou hang out withthat’s the management people don’t tellyou and like any orientation yes yeahyeah it really is all what you’ll makeit good what a bichon in the palm andi’m home movies do not be like no peoplein the locker good the football jockspushing the nerdy kid it’s not like somy first waffle just got done and youtrying to eat the chicken but it’s toohottomorrow you all looking like that sothe first off with this guy downpretty good just well-seasoned it’s allwhite the the batter’s pretty good nice[Music]okay all right – all team up so thequestion was when it does start bakingum I really I really never had no startI actually started off with cookiesI love making cookies homemade cookiesmy white tiger typically um I justreally love you know making cookies Ilike I think when everybody smiles whenyou cook at the end of when you’re donecooking that’s really like the icing onthe cakewhy would you just send down thateverybody’s smiling because that’s whatyou made I think it’s no better feelingI mean I think both of us as kid cookswe really do it when the family sit downand everybody’s eating your dinner andeverybody’s really enjoying it everybodydoes bring a smile to your face it’slike well everybody really did enjoy myfood and I think that’s what we do itfor well we don’t do it for money willgo for life we definitely enjoyed or wereally enjoy showing our talent and ourcraft something that we worked on itdoesn’t end up feeling like your babywhen you’ve done with it like you know Imade you I did that togetherBhaiji come on my dog mr. library myslave excuse for hands down Ronde yessir since high school so they allsupported you it won’teasy they seem so much but few of themen wanna push you to the ant yeah youknow how you got that one too todaythat’s hard AG I think for me myabsolute favorite teacher a specialteacher probably be miss Williamsbecause whatever whatever she wanted todo she could do and she wasn’t gonna letnobody tell her that she saw you do itthat’s it that’s just her attitude witheverything in life okay guys so afterall the net this is our final productchecking the waffles by me Christian andthank you thank you for watchingalright I’ll see you next time

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