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GOING VEGAN WAFFLES| 😋 | you’ve seen these here’s how you make them!

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The lens I need is $399 11-22mm I am looking forward to having it and filming wide-range videos for you all.

Who ever said excellent YouTubing was easy “lied” LOL


3 Cups Flour
2 Tablespoon Flaxseed
1-2 Tablespoons of Sugar
dab of salt
3 Cups of non-dairy milk
1/3 cup of orange juice
1/3 cup vegetable oil (or olive oil)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Cooking Oil Spray for Waffle Griddle

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone and welcome back to crushthe carrot with me Natalia I am holdingthe camera right now to do the introbecause I need a wider lens so that Ican capture everything that I’m doingincluding myself and so I don’t havethat right now but today we were makingbegin waffles with flaxseed they’resuper easy you can make them in largebatches they store well I typically putmine in a mason jar so the intro lookfunny that is why because I got to putthe camera down so that you can seeeverything that I am doing hopefully youcan hear it so I am using the kitchen ablender in which you don’t have to useyou can use all school you can use yourhand um it’s not that difficult I meanfor these vegan waffles I make them alot you probably seen me post them a loton Facebook I love them because they’resimple and they’re delicious and easy tomake and then they again they store wellso you can make enough for a couple daysif you need to and so the ingredientsinclude I’m gonna take the bowl offthree cups of flour any flour that youwould like this is all-purpose flourtodaysometimes I’ll switch it up and a littlesalt a you sea salthellovanilla abstractas much as you alikea third cup of orange juicethree cups of this is almond milk butyou can use rice milk or any other typeof non-dairy milk I need two tablespoonsof baking powderthen it’s one to two tablespoons ofsugar or not you can learn about as wellextract my help with the sweetness andplus you can top the waffle withanything just put like one and a halftablespoons and then 1/3 cup ofvegetable oil you can also use olive oilor any type of oil you would like notany because then it wouldn’t be veganbut this is vegetable oil and we blendwent on probably lowthen I have the waffle maker sittingright here already warmed up I’m goingto spray the top and the bottom withsome olive oil spray and I get ready tomake them and then I’m going to add theFlexi Wow this blending it’s in thiscontainer because it has to stayrefrigerated so I’m just going to add itthis is a great source of protein it hassome other vendorsbut I enjoyed any more food[Music][Music]we’re going to make the waffle that’slike another cookie sheet with parchmentpaper so I can put them in the oven justlike people mourn[Music][Music]and I had this little waffle maker fromWalmart nothing serious it isprobably 10 to 12 dollars[Music]so the batter is done and because I havethis measuring cup with this sprout I’mgoing to pour the batter right in hereall the mill closed till it pours easierwhen you spray the griddleand you can add things to the batteriesanother reason I’m going to make it mywaffles fresh because I made them once Ihad a banana to it you can add a littlechunks of anything any kind of fruit anytype of nuts and run across the top flipita youth nation Mason must restore theseveredo this great plan also for our largehousehold because you can just make aton of batter store in mason jars andhaving to walk little girl sitting onthe calendar with different toppings andeveryone can make their own waffle theneven move it in the morningflip it over it’s not done but it looksbeautifulthey love greenand I know top says ready however I likemine golden-brown a little crispy aroundthe edges cook is who you’re likingand that’s much betterI’m probably going to make them out forleaves and store the rest in therefrigerator[Music]

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