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Easy and fast lunch Ideas | Collab | Cinnamon Roll Waffles #LunchIdeas #MomLife #EasyAndFastLunch

Hello friend I’m excited to bring take you a bunch of easy lunch. With an amazing group of mamas just like you and me.

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Video Transcription

hello my friends I welcome back to Ilove lunches I am so excited about thisvideo because it’s a collaboration witha group of Mama’s that you’re absolutelygonna love you’re gonna definitely behearing the kids in the background buthey but oh my goodness thiscollaboration is hosted by Tiffany fromus bears I think you’re really reallygonna enjoy her channel get a cup ofcoffee relax and please go through thepain list that I’m gonna be linking downbelow and you’re gonna get tons of easymunch ideas better kid old you’re goingto love while you’re there make sure yousubscribe to all of the ladies channelsthey would really really appreciate thatand I’m Jennifer from I love lunches I’mso excited to share these easy lunchideas with you and if you’re new to mychannel please purchase subscribe buttonmake sure you click on the red will benotified when I upload more videos nolet’s get lunch in already my friend Leelet’s start off with these easy buttonlunch ideas I’m gonna start with somebacon I’m pretty sure you’re gonna hearsomething in the background this is justmy house right now it is just so low solow but I’m gonna start out with somebacon for this idea of course bacon isnot really idea but this is somethingthat’s gonna go with the idea that Ihave that I know you’re going to loveand your kids I don’t want this all thetime because I made it yesterday and thekids already asking for it again today Ilike to cut my baking in the oven 425degrees for 10 minutes 5 minutes on eachside I’m gonna boil you some eggs theway that I like to boil your eggs ispretty my boiling water to a boil youdidn’t add my eggs okay so this is achronic dear I think you’re absolutelygonna love this you’re gonna get somecinnamon robe and you can make your ownbut of course that’s an easy if you’regonna get your cinnamon rolls you’regonna open them is that’s gonna take youan hour to do is gonna take you longerthan it’s gonna take you to actuallymake this because this is always a hardpart for me is opening these things up Ican’t and then you’re gonna get yourwaffle maker and I’m gonna spray alittle bit of nonstick spray or a littlebit Oh yo I went with our kind of oilyou add your cinnamon rose insidefor one or two minutes it cooks youreally really fast and this is what itlooks like oh my gosh when I say heythis is so unbelievable everybody was soexcited about this luggage and this isactually we were having lunch at 12o’clock and this was actually kind oflike breakfast and lunch but it worksout perfect and my kids said that theywant to take this as good because theythink it’s so awesome so this is whatthe bacon looks like it comes outperfect every single time when they dogo to school this is one of the thingsthat they really want to take I seesomeone I was making their cinnamon roseand they’re awful maker I can’t rememberher name but she is awesome and I saidoh my goshthat’s so amazing so I always like togive my kids some kind of fruit when I’mgiving them anything like lunch ordinner or anything like that becauseespecially lunch I saw that they alwaysneed some kind of fruit and I’m gonna gowith the boil egg it’s this little browntop on there from the bacon tongs andI’m just gonna make it nice and fancyfor them and just add these Macqueenlittle food picks that I got and someorange juice Noah in particular did notwant anything on his cinnamon Rose but ahalo definitely did so all I did was putthat in some water and there you go giveher an egg and some blueberries she doesnot like halo oranges even though hername is halo so I just gave her someblueberries though this is her lunchit’s a really fast and easy is this yousaid to cook the bacon if you choose tocook bacon but it’s so fast and easy andmy big kid of course my husband reallywanted some of this delicious doesn’teasy lighten already my friend you’reabsolutely going to love this thisfuller kids to eat beans without you beknowing oh my gosh I totally sing thisrecipe on here to who my husband showedit to me and I say I must make thatyou’re gonna need white beans you’regonna need and bullying seasoning I likeshe’s better than booing seen sittingbutter and olive oil and of course yournoodles I bought I rinse out my beansjust what I used to do and that Irecommend you don’tdo it please just need to liquid and ifyou do rinse them out like I did youwouldn’t need olive oil because you’regonna want that to get smoothy smoothand you’re gonna go with some chickenbooing seasoning and this one is so goodbetter than balloon seasoning I highlyrecommend it so your militias they’regonna go it’s all of all y’all andyou’re gonna add some melted butter I’madding all of these like extra things isbecause I rinse my beans out and ofcourse you need to you need that liquidin it and they’re gonna get your noodlesyou’re gonna cut those out your butterand you’re gonna add this wholewonderfulness as much as you like intothe pasta mix it up and serve it to yourkiddos it was so awesome to see mydaughter eating this because she had noidea so I didn’t show me plate in thatbut it’s really awesome but camera ranout of juice but oh but you really wantto try because it’s magically deliciousfor this next idea no is helping me withsome Ritz crackers and we’re gonna getsome peaks of sauces it’s really fastreally easy and you’re absolutely goingto love it because my husband anywayseverything I make I really do like thisso this is such a easy and fast andlunch that I made for the kids and whenwas a piece of sauce they love pizzamy halo does not like cheese and forsome of them adding a pizza sauce justin case the kids thought that it waskind of weird so I was like ok well letme go ahead and add it but yeah just getyour crackers to get some cheese getsome not Peroni if you want to use someturkey pepperoni it’s good they didn’thave Turkey in the turkey pepperoni soI’m just going with regular pepperonithat I picked up I believe like fromTarget or something and you just put itto your crackers my little guys helpingme with that and I’m just using like theMexican cheese blend whatever cheese youwant to use make sure you pre-heat yourHuffington like 350 degrees or you caneither put it in the broiler just keep agood eye on it to make sure that itdoesn’t burn really fast put mypepperonis I’m adding a little bit morecheese really easy and simple snack forthe kiddosand lunch this was such a hit that kidswho really really did like this andespecially my big cat my husband hereally enjoyed it a lotoh yeah you just put that cheese on topI had to be really careful with thecheese hallo just not like cheese so Ihad to make a separate batch just forher without cheese so I’m just addingthe little mini pizzas and the play formy son because he’s cheese he eatspretty much anything but my daughterhallo she is extremely picky I have toreally think about when I’m going to begiving her so the being in pasta recipereally worked out for her because shedidn’t know she was actually eatingvegan so oh my gosh I was so amazing tosee her eat bag okay now you’re gonnagrab some bananas and you’re just gonnaslice up your bananas it’s just reallyreally fast really really easy my littleguymy tiny little girl they love bananasbut for Noah’s I’m gonna do a littlesomething really special he loves peanutbutter so we’re just gonna get somepeanut butter and a little baggie aziplock bag whatever you want to use andadd some of that into your baggie andyou want to add it in the corner of yourbag and if you hear something that’shalosneaking in okay so then you’re gonnajust cut out the very tip and thenyou’re just gonna put your peanut butteron there now this is just a little extrastep that I did because I always like tobe fancy I always like to be creativebut the kids lunches and I’m just gonnaadd a little piece of the halo orangesor right on top cuz he loves theseoranges but he does is he likes his sidethat juice off of them and he lovespeanut butter and he loves bananas so Ifigure this would be really cool to makethis for him so this is it really fastreally easy I really do hope that youenjoyed this collaboration this was somuch fun this was just amazing I’m sograteful that I’m able to be a part ofit so if you’re not subscribed to mychannel please make sure that you take asecond and subscribeand please go down below and check outthe playlist

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