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Churro Waffles

Today Faith and Isaac make Churro Waffles.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]yo it divided the concern you economy[Music]waffle mix so you’ve heard of mepancakes cinnamon sugar butter one eggone and a half cups of milkham mixer one cup measuring cup and ofcourse a waffle maker first step is gettwo cups[Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]wash your hands make sure to have yourparents with you[Music][Music]we’re gonna change your name to boomwith faith and Isaac and a little friendopen up our we’re gonna get poem yesright now we’re going to get our wafflemix and pour it in[Music][Applause]looks like it needs a little more use onthe sides okay close it up add just alittle bit longer just a little bit itone minutewell it’s cookie we’re gonna put thecinnamon onmelted butter on the waffle flip thisonto the cinnamonyou gotta move it around so cinnamon andyawning now our tutor waffles are donegood goodexactly thank you crunchylike this video subscribe to our Channeland sing to the next video byeyeah fine[Music]you[Applause]

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