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bts texts – vkook and the pie issue

Made by We Wen

Taehyung just wanted to bake a pie. But Jungkook made it hard for him to bake one. Let’s find out in this video how Taehyung handled the situation.

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Video Transcription

viii kook and the pie issue made by wewin inspired by chimp chimp trashBTS texts number 14 fiction I’m in thekitchen and guess what our house will beon fire in no timeyou’ll cook us breakfast yup I’m gonnamake our breakfast then you meet youngis right our house will be on fireanytime soonam I gonna start packing my things nowyes I can finally use the fireextinguisher want me to help you takeI’d love to but Jimmy volunteered firstto help me did I know I was the one whovolunteered not chim on the other note Ican handle this breakfast thing alonewhy does it seem like you don’t wantcookie to help you I did not say it itseems like that because the last time hehelped me in the kitchen turned out tobe a mess I want to forget about it sowhat are you gonna make pieyou mean pancake I said pie but that’spancake I’m not gonna repeat myself lookat the energy dumb fork that’s pancakemaybe you shouldn’t cook you don’t knowthe difference between the two well Ican’t find a pie energy on my keyboardwell I love your pie when’s the lasttime I ate your piewhen did you cook pie Tay the last timeI helped him in the kitchen oh and itbecame a messmy head is spinning around worldlythings this is my first time trying tobake a pie don’t start cookie then whydid cookie say that because he wastalking to another pie what kind of piethen apply with my cream a nasty pie apie with kook’s cream I knew it oh shutup can you all please stop that’s notwhat you thinkyou tell the truth first that this isn’tyour first time making a pie whateveryeah this is my second time okay so youreally don’t need a help from one of uspretty sure can i watch you then nopejust enjoying your room while I’m bakinghe just wants to make sure you won’tburn the house stop making it like it’smy first time to cook making a pie assame as boiling an egg they havedifferent processyou dumb fork have you already watch avideo on how to make a pie I already didI know now everything from theingredients to the cookware but at leastlet juni join you in the kitchen whycan’t you trust me that’s why we haveYouTube because we don’t want to gocrazy packing our things when our houseburns there right Tay why don’t you letme help you I’m very much excited totaste your pie again dumb fork why don’tyou let me zip your mouth cookie I don’tneed your help you’re a disaster in thekitchen I really don’t have an idea whatpie cookies talking aboutthat’s okay Jimmy you don’t need to knoweverything the less you know the lessyour sins stop confusing me more hyungdon’t feed him so much details he mightstay awake all night thinking about itwhy don’t we show it to you Jimguys this is about the actual pie stopsaying so many things you really willshow that pie to me cookie if they wantsto gosh someone sign me out isn’t it funyummy bye gotta go sleep wake me up whenthe lunch is ready so you won’t eatbreakfast lost my appetite sleep wellthen you me stop sending stupid thingshere okay I’m losing my focus well noone’s forcing you to open the GC everytime we send a message I’m gonna go tothe kitchen I can’t let you cook inthere alonetrust please just let him be with you inthe kitchen so he can have his peace ofmind we can have our peace of mind bythe way what kind of pie are you gonnabake I don’t wanna tell later it’s asurprise just tell us already I hatesurprisesfine banana cream pie Oh banana creampie sounds evil I suddenly remember mybanana and my cream on your pie I thinkI don’t want to eat that pie on theother hand I guess I don’t want any kindof pie for my breakfast I knew it Ishouldn’t have told it and cookie stopsending messages that make the Young’sthink that the first pie we madeis not an actual pie that first pie youmade you call that an actual pie Wowthe audacity you’re responsible for itremembermake it fast eh you will even show meyour pie with cookies creamoMG juni let him educate please let himknow alreadydon’t ruin his innocence he might blowhis mind what does my innocence have todo with taste pie don’t listen to themJim they have a different pie in theirminds but I want to know get your bigfat butt here in the kitchen help memake our breakfast so we can eat and sowe can show to you taste pie with mycream on it that’s not going to happenagain cookie cookies right be there in aminute eh stop it already guys you’recorrupting his mindwhat cookies saying is not what youthink what is it then Jim’s here we aregonna start cooking now zip your lips afew moments later and you’re not evendenying it whoa yummy you don’t have tosurprise us like that I thought you weresleeping I’m hungry can’t sleep say youwant a spy toowhat do you want for your Tay is piecookies or yours don’t you ever eat thatpie young B I’m warnin ya of course nothave you heard yourself and what wereyou sayin you me about taste not denyingit well he’s not denying the fact thatcookie is putting cream on his pie inhis pie watch your grammar dear oh mygosh guys you won’t believe it believewhat we already showed him the pie I wastalking about oh my gosh poor Jimmy andI didn’t know you joined them in thekitchen cookie did you eat that pie noway it looks like a trash that’s goodJim stay yourself away from that nastypie you mean you let our poor chimp ssinwhat you doing that thing yes at firstit was fun until cookie put his cream onthe pie you to even legend do that dowhat that the one you just did you meanrolling the pastry dough into a bowl andwrapping it in a ziploc bag andrefrigerating it for 30 minutes what thefork are you talking aboutwhat the fork are youtalking about you mean you made anactual pie what the fuck you mean anactual pie what do you think we bake inthe kitchen I told you guys what you’rethinking is not what it really iscan you please enlighten us we made apie I was about to put a whipped creamon it when cookie came and he put ashaving cream on it like what the fuckare you thinking cookie it’s not a foodshaving cream is delicious I’m eating itfor snack sometimes see you are notgonna make me eat a pie with shavingcream on it and he even put his bananamilk on it that’s why I don’t want totalk about the first time we made a piehe literally ruined my creation so thatexplains the banana and the cream it’sall your fault OSI Ark it’s you you mewho said nasty pie first the nasty pie Iwas talking about is the pie they didthe first time they baked don’t saveyour face young bee admit itwe’re all thinking that kind of pie soyou were talking about the actual by thefirst time you baked one that is what Iwas trying to tell you all okay I guessI’ll call for a pizza then that’s it youare not even sorry for thinking badabout me the fact that they suddenlythought about that pie is beyond mebecause you made them think like thatyou sent them signals well it is funplaying with hayoung’s minds sometimeswhat the fuck are you talking aboutI want my pizza now and stop eating thepie we made cookie that’s gross nastyhayoung’s nasty maknae the end hi thisis wearin and see you on the next video

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