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Buttermilk Blueberry Waffles from Scratch vs. Eggos ~ Ep 18

How to make delicious blueberry waffles from scratch in less than 20 minutes.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]welcome to the channel thanks forjoining me and we’re gonna makeblueberry waffles today these arewaffles that I’ve been making for a longtime for my family and they’re easy tomake maybe take from start to finish 20minutes and they’re really delicious andmuch better than what you’ll find at thegrocery store so let’s get startedI’ve got everything measured out hereand we’ll start with 3/4 cup flour -that’s the tone for the waffle ironindicating that it’s warmed up 2tablespoons of powdered sugar 1 teaspoonof baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon ofbaking soda and 1/4 wrong 1/4 teaspoonof salt so that’s all your dryingredients so you want to mix thosetogether now that we’ve got the dryingredients mixed together we’ve got wetingredients in terms of 2 cups ofbuttermilk and I’ve got 1/4 cup ofcooking oil and 1/4 cup of butter meltedand then we’ve got 2 eggs and with theeggs we’re going to separate the yolksfrom the egg whites and then I’m goingto beat the egg whites into soft peaksand then that will be folded in with thewaffles which will make the waffles muchairier lighter nowseparating the egg yolks and the eggwhites and then beating the egg whitesyou can skip that process if you want toyou would just add the two eggs to yourwet ingredients because you’ve got toeither beat it by hand or use a mixer toget the egg whites to a soft peak and ifthat’s a game-changer for you and that’syou don’t want to spend the time doingthat you can just simply eliminate thatprocess and just add two eggs to thewedding green now let’s go ahead and dothe eggs and I will I’ll add the eggs tothe buttermilk and I’m gonna put theyolks in the buttermilk and I’m going toput the egg whites in this mixing bowland if you’ve never done this beforejust kind of go back and forth betweenthe two halves of the shellso now I’m gonna use a whisk to whiskthe egg whites and you can obviously usea beater and I have before but I justkind of prefer to use a whisk I’m usedto using a whisk and as I said if thisis something you’re like there’s no wayI’m gonna do this you can skip it youdon’t have to separate the yolks fromthe egg whites and you don’t have towhip the egg whites into peaks you canjust add the eggs to the wet mixture wetingredients for the waffles but I’mgonna mix these up and I can tell youthat I’ve been making these wafflessince my kids were really small and Ithink my son was never ready forbreakfast early in the morning he likedto sleep in but my daughter was an earlyriser and she was ready for breakfastthe moment that her feet hit the groundand I think she would hear me whiskingthese up and hear the tone for thewaffle iron and she was ready to go havesome waffles early in the morning so I’mgonna go ahead and whisk these up okaywe’re we’re getting close we’re almostthere okay so we’re at soft peaks so theegg whites are ready to go and now I’vegot 2 cups of buttermilk and I’ve got 2egg yolks and I have 1/4 cup of cookingoil 1/4 cup of butter and I’m going toadd those all to the buttermilkand I’m gonna just mix that a little bitI don’t want to overmix it and we hadalready mixed our dry ingredientstogether and I’m gonna add about ateaspoon of vanilla extract maybe alittle less okay so we have all our wetingredients together we’ve got ourbuttermilk we’ve got our cooking oilwe’ve got our butter vanilla and oureggs so gonna mix that with the dryingredients and you don’t want to overmix this you want it to be lumpy youwant to make sure that you get all thedry ingredients incorporated so youdon’t have anything that’s still dry butyou want it to still that’s that’s goingto go off every few minutes but you wantit to you want it to still be lumpy justget it incorporatedso that’s the consistency we wanted kindof lumpy alright alright so now let’sfold it in our egg whites and you don’twant to overmix it you just want to foldthese in you can see the consistency ofthe egg whites and I’m just gonna turnit over a few timesand you can still have you know kind ofa foamy you can still see the foamy eggwhites that’s fine all right so now Ihave a waffle iron here that is Tefloncoated but even though it’s Tefloncoated I’m going to put some olive oilcooking spray and the reason why I’mgoing to do that is that when you putblueberries in this mix the blueberriesobviously have a lot of juice in themand you will have a problem with themsticking to your waffle iron I thinkthat’s a reason why a lot of people whenthey make you know blueberry wafflesthey make waffles and they putblueberries on the top of it instead ofincorporating the blueberries inside thewaffles I like them a lot better withthose blueberries inside the waffle mixthat’s the trick I’ve learned to avoidhaving the blueberries stick to thewaffle iron so now I’m going to addblueberries I’ve got a cup ofblueberries here now if you don’t likeblueberries you just you make thisexactly the same way you just don’t putthe blueberries in when I first startedmaking this when my kids were little andthey’re both in college now my daughterdidn’t like the blueberries so I wouldmake the waffle batter up and I wouldcook a few off without the blueberriesand then I would add them so anyway easyenough if you don’t like blueberriesjust to leave it out but so I’m going toadd this is a cup of blueberries a lotof blueberries and just turn it over allright so we’ve got everything mixed upwe’ve got our waffle iron nice and hotand I’m going to add the badand because this batter is really goingto expand I don’t put a ton in each oneor it’ll come oozing out of the sides ofthe waffle ironanymore here I think[Music][Music]okay we’re ready to cook alrightblueberry waffles from scratch alrightlet’s compare our scratch waffles- these Eggo waffles and theiringredients flour water vegetable oilsugar dect rose eggs baking soda sodiumaluminium phosphate mono calciumphosphate wheat flour modified cornstarch salt maltodextrin natural flavorswhatever that meansblueberries finely blueberry juiceconcentrate for color black carrot juiceconcentrate for color weigh-in soylecithin if I pronounced that right whatdo they say on the cover naturallyflavored with other natural flavorscolors and flavors from natural sourceswhatever that means soI think the winner is blueberry wafflesfrom scratch you can do this yourself Imean you can make these waffles and youknow a lot is written about food andculture and the impact that it has and Itell you that you know I’ve made thesewaffles like I said for a long time andI think if I made Eggo waffles Iprobably wouldn’t have left a memorywith my children oh yeah my dad used tomake Eggo waffles in the morning it wasamazing but I guarantee you that my kidswill remember that dad would make youknow blueberry waffles from scratch yeahI think it’s probably left a lastingmemory so I’ve really enjoyed makingthem over the years it’s easy and it’sjust satisfying to prepare somethingthat is much better than some frozenoverly produced product so I enjoyedmaking this for you thank you forjoining me to make some blueberrywaffles I hope you enjoyed it if you didplease give me a thumbs up and ladiesmake the waffles and give me a commentI’d like to see it please subscribe itdoesn’t cost anything just subscribe andI look forward to seeing you next timeokay thank you very much and bye bye

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  1. I can confirm, when I heard that whisk companied by the waffle iron, I knew it was going to be a good morning for me

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