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#americanbreakfast#delicious #beautifulday HOW TO MAKE AMERICAN BREAKFAST||WAFFLES WITH WHIP CREAM

American breakfast.making breakfast waffles with whipcream and fruits.very yummy.ang sarap nang breakfast na ito maraming prutas.

maraming salamat po.hope you enjoy my video.

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Video Transcription

hi guys how are youkamusta multi-man today I’m going toshow you the American breakfast youngAmerican ona Poong Americana breakfastgeyser pop Akita cosa in new I’m goingto use the strawberry blueberry baconand whipped cream so and waffle ironwaffle so stay tuned it’s just a fewminutes guys I’m going to show you theAmerican breakfast a la minute Olin guysvideo Cunha Ito at a mug shot out craneAlohaso menorca Yongin Sidhu locust amok shotoutta Co tapas yeah Bluto AqualungAmerican breakfastselamat I you keep on watching guys thisis Merlin Channel love y’all keep onwatching thank you so muchthis is American breakfastI like my bacon burns a little bit butmy husband keep watching guys I’m goingto shut up the very end of this videoshout out to all subscribers viewers toall my wife with friend she’ll talk toyou again this is Merlin Channel thankyou so much keep on watching guys I’mgoing to show you the very end how Ibuilt my American breakfast here it isguys my garlic ooh I’m going to buildwaffle American breakfast and stay tunedbecause I’m going to shout out the nameof my viewers we never know if you arehere if you are included to my shout outand yeah stay tuned going to buildAmerican breakfastthere you go guys this our Americanbreakfaststrawberry wedge strawberry blueberrysyrup whipped cream fried egg and baconso guys I have a shout out here thankyou so much for watching wery Bonita hiwitty Bonita and guac on Amiga and Igotta untie youjoy cross it shout out so shout out awitty Bonita and joy were said and thefollowing shout out also – Sierra LouGerman Filipina Cheryl Oh GermanFilipina thank you so much is fromGerman Germany maldita me thank you somuch Robin Shanna Mejia in thank you somuch Lynn Lynn kits in Lynn Lynn skitsin shout out Judi tae Pyung Korea in theKorea Brenda become news Franco and Mamajust mean blood Mel’s videoMaria JB Brenda Paco mules love is hereshout out love is here love you and JeanOh bar shout-out to all viewers here andnext time you will be on my shop shoutouts ala hat again this is MarleneChannel shout out to you all and commentbelow if you want me to shout out yournameokay selamat are you the contain selamatgod bless Emma in attireuntil the next video guys thank you somuch bye bye guysyou mean deep Anika subscribe subscribenow c’mon subscribe now Caillou guy’snot honking selamat subscribe now ohwhen do toss a tumble bah ha selamatkayo this is Marlene Channel god bless

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