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★How to make Coco waffles★EP1 SE1★Aleena Galaxy★

My first Cooking show!

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Video Transcription

clearly a galaxy in today we’re gonna becooking in my and my kitchen and my momis gonna be here with me but she’s notgonna be shown a new camerashe said she didn’t want to so yeah andtoday we’re the me ship telling you howto make chocolate chip waffles so let’sget into itneed some eggs and remember if you’re achild you gotta do this with parentsplanet thank you should do this withparents well you could just make your[Music][Music][Music][Laughter]it’s not a boo-booso then you got it pour whatever this ismommy what is this just one drop ofvanillaone drop of vanilla oh my jumpin vanillaoil lemon vanilla extractoh it smells so good already we’re gonnabe moving up here with it this is whatwe’re gonna be cooking on this marbletable gotta move I need a stroll becauseit’s way too tall for mebut you got to put some olive oil now weshake okay we’re coming spoon of sugarin the olive oil it’s gonna be superhealthy where’s the chef look at me meit’s a big shift when I make MickeyMouse chocolate chips Minnie mychocolate chip Minnie Mouse okay minimumchuckling – all right what are we gonnaadd flour okay this one this is doublebreaking so this is what this is when itgets really hard to stir it with theirhome this is when it gets really hard tostir a coaster for you that’s about itand pinch of salt and it’s all fromthere this way is it super fun yeah soyes approach is a pinch it pinch it yeaha pinch of salt we’re we’re using pinkstop if necessary really the only saltwe have[Music]pause it and it will take about some twominutesnow we’re gonna stir oh I can’t sirhopefully you can see me but then I andnow we’re gonna add some more olive oila little bit olive oil okay it’s toohard I’m only using one hand it needs it[Music]the Minnie Mouse not Mickey Mouse Ican’t use it here I’m sorry guys now weare pouring in the batter it should looklike that the batter and then you’rejust gonna pour andso we have like something playing in theback I haven’t no idea what it is butsomething but it was in this wafflethere’s just a pancake but we don’t havethe little poles Ling’s buts that’s fineyeah so I’ll show you the recipe wait II found that with such on my phone thatI’m using right now to record it maybenot because we’re actually showing youright now can I trycan I do that yeah okay make sure itdoesn’t go outside all right keep doingit baby good jobnow I can take the chocolate chips ohdon’t run with that Minnie Mouse yes thedecorated Minnie Mouse no scissors isthere is what I did mommy I will showthe eyes it will show the eyes ones weredone but can see the eyes it will itwill mommy I’m gonna see the put it justanywhere that you know I’m gonna seethat face Baba we know that’s the insidewas the ears know anything so it will goa little bit faster and should I pressit yes well Kris oh no all right wait a17-minute now we have to wait it’s not17 minutes wait look I’m we’re gonnacheck the instructions real quickly andthen we’re gonna come back to you sogive me show me you how to make a smallpancake so all you have to do is takethe extra and makelittle tiny small pancake takes itleftovers I’m gonna make like 2 or 1 asmuch it is you can’t make small littlepancakes so yeah now I’m gonna show youthis you know I’m gonna see theinstructions in order then where youtell you how long you have to wait didit tell us how long we have to wait Ithink if you’re not using one of theseyou’re just using those this those youhave to wait 10 minutes but if you’reusing one of these you leave do it fiveminutes mommy can I show it can you showit to them okay wait maybe it’s too hotit didn’t tell us how we’re gonna waitso we just came up with it all right Ididcan I eat one okay you guys can eat oneeat it eat it eat no no I can’t my butI’m gonna do a cake oh my gosh look atthat uh is it is it done yeah mommy Itold you the eyes would show up see andwe put on we put on we put on thechocolate – no – I told you the eyes onshow us mommy I told you the eyes withshow on okay we’ll see it another sideother side okaywell done this week I wanna chip sobadly[Music]my office well it depend that 2-0 sowith the heel earrings and though it’s atiny hoop earring connected to a largehoop earring this nice hot and thesearts Abbas clothes so they’re baggybecause I got two big size and in theback this time okay let’s go with to golet’s goso you open it up and take a knife or afork and then you can like get it out ohthat looks so delicious mmmTammy puts you up in the in the middleof the bow can we put this you up and inthe middle Isabel right there okay whatare you guys this is nice yeah those arethe eyes what are you doing I’m puttingBibles at that oneit’s so hot attorney melting let’s rubit on the eyes like thatmom and making the eyes Mme de eyesmommy look at make eyes let me look Iknow you won the syrup do when I do thisput it on the noise here syrup righthere okay she would bring very creativewe didn’t have everything but I make ithappen this yearhmm go see your apps web to read wellwise oh how about in the bows to a keywho making all the decoration with thefood what is that I’m gonna go left myhands are clicking my food okay nowwe’re backI’m not washing my from my hands why isit not spinning it’s not spreadingwe hope this better yourself sometimesshe looks really mean she’s I can’t waitto eat this I will show you after okayI’ll take a pee I am gonna taste test itand a second so yeah so here it is andI’m gonna taste test it me don’t have topush for about five minutes and nowwe’re gonna try this I’m scared I don’twant to ruin okay so my camera mightfall and let me can I get the knife thisis hard to do a so for I got it makesure you have parent supervision Oh likeit farted now you can dip it in thewaffle mix and then get it in the syrupthat you put in the bowsbut get a little bit of chocolate soguys it is very good when you get thechocolate shirt and my mom added somehoney on it try the honey with thechocolate with this you up the syrupwith the honey with the chocolate isreally good I’m gonna take another biteI didn’t want the nice or just a pieceI’m gonna I’m gonna eat itme taking this part I’m gonna say bye toyou guys so this is an episode 1 ofcooking showwe barely cook so it’s gonna be quite awhile when we totally do the secondvideo so yeahokay so that was lost by intro I said myguy so bye guys I don’t feel a good daybut remember to be a calyx and rememberto say remember to subscribe to thegalaxy to the galaxy dragon with Pat bye

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