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The Try Guys! The Try Guys Bake Pie Without A Recipe

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Video Transcription

I’m a master baker you apples rise allof you[Music]oh my god oh let’s ignore that[Music]the try guys are back in the kitchen totry their hand at baking without arecipe once more this week holiday pieswill they find it to be easy as pietoday we are not in our own kitchens weare in the good mythical morning kitchenwhere we’re not supposed to post onsocial media I already didthat’s an oops each of the guys willhave two hours to bake a pie of theirchoice and then present it to the panelof judges hi my name is Mari takahashi Iplay video games for a living I share abirthday with the Cookie Monster I lovesweets it’s my sweet spot and that’s whyI’m qualified to judge these boys andtheir pies hi my name is Jessica SchupakI’m a marketing consultant forrestaurants I basically kind of judgewith restaurants if something should goin the menu or not I’m Brianna Abrams Iam the chief highsmith at Winston pieshere in Los Angeles we’re really excitedto have you here and talk about holidaypies because I love making pies I don’tlove talking about pies it isunbelievably hard to make a pieespecially if you’re just doing it onetime on a Saturday you spend hoursmaking the dough and letting it resthours making the filling then you’rewatching it bake it comes out and maybeit doesn’t look so pretty but then ittastes amazing or it looks beautiful andit is not delicious perfecting pie is achallenge piesmy baking experience is limited toeating raw cookie dough and the lasttime we made one of these videoslast time on without a recipe my breadlooked amazing and tasted very plain sothis time I’m not gonna forget theflavor I like to pride myself of thefact that I’m good at making food forothers I engineered this video series tobe a competition show that I could winand then I didn’t win last time I endedup winning I’m just gonna relax see whatcomes to my brain and hopefully we havea similar outcome do I know how to makea pie you know am i confident you betyour sweet as pie ass I amyou know try and be meticulous andmethodical this time I’m so proud of youget some dope bro we’re gonna get somedough bro get some dope bro bro doughget that dough get that dough all rightbakers three two one try to bei okay OhGodgo please say I make an apple pieit’s a classic classic pie I love pie myfamily has a pie making contest everysingle year but I use a recipe by it’sgreat it recalls also a lot of memoriesabout things like the holidays and badsex jokes the pie I’m making today isnone other than the blueberry pieare you drinking whiskey they put it outthere knowing I will grab it well fineyou one last timehappy holidays today I am baking notjust a pie but the best pie pecan do youguys say pecan or pecan tapioca flour Ican make a gluten free pie oh do thatwhy not good ideaHelen pie so much that I had piesinstead of a wedding cake we just wentfor pies today I’m making my favoritepie which is a pumpkin pie I think Iknow what I’m doing I want to win so badthese things are pecans but the pie is apecan pie I’m having a pecan pie likeget your fancy ass out of here to starteach try guy will have 30 minutes toprepare the dough for their pie crust Idon’t know the proportions on anything Ijust kind of think I know what’ssupposed to go in it dough includesflour a little bit of sugar a little bitof salt butter and some water bakingsoda baking powder I’ve stood twotablespoons of salt seems like a goodamount the last thing I want is forsomething to be underseasoned vegetableshortening you said I can use thisinstead of butter yeah I mean you couldjust need fat 4 5 8 scoops of this feellike this is a mistakecoconut you know boom sugar and an egglet’s get in theredone I forgot that we’re not good atthis we are not good at baking I don’tlike a very sweet dough so I just use averybit of sugar it’s not too much sugarabout to the 50 and then I’m gonna addcold butter I’ve watched a lot of bakingshows and all I know is that there’s somuch butter I got some flour in thereI’m gonna mix some flour a little bit ofsugar a little bit of saltand then get the butter in get somewater in I think I think that’s it Idon’t think there’s egg you’re makingfat sweet bread be very careful abouthow fast and how much water you put inthis is getting lukewarm water well itsounds like you’re doing it fake it tillyou make it right whatever you’re doingit you know baking’s kind of like sexit’s like you know how it’s supposed tolook but you don’t know where to startthe first time so you just startsticking your hands in sorry I makethings so gross holy am i doing itdid I like way over complicate this lasttime we made a video this is likebasically perfect I do is notsolidifying so I’m just gonna dump therest of the butter in here maybe it wastablespoons okay four teaspoons itsliquid right it’s liquid it needed moremoisture like everything else in lifejust put bourbon in it mm-hmm la flavormaybe too much flavor oh wow this tastesamazingI try mine[Music]odd that’s pretty goodBaker’s one minute that’s one minuteleft this is not how the holidays aresupposed to be this is without a recipebreath not it’s not without any time Ithink I did better than Keith Keith Ewancome try mineno stupid robot didn’t work now I’m justmaking dough by hand like a yeah fivefour three two oneBaker’s hands up as the dough rests inthe freezer each of the guys will have30 minutes to make their fillings whatwe’re doing right now is we’re puttingin the secret ingredient Eugenie whichis lovedrunken notes okay earlier today each ofthe guys had an opportunity to taste thepie similar to the one they want to makeI want to destroy it it’s so beautifulit smells like Christmas Oh Susan how’dyou get so lazyoh yeah that’s a dense pie smells verypumpkiny cinnamony nutmeggy all right sowhat I can taste to me the obvious leastroute mr. Maine blueberries I don’t knowI’ll fit in a bite definitely a lot ofcinnamon it looks like the apples aresliced they’re like I’m about to do amagic trick with goose I think that thishas pecans butter maybe some kind ofmilkno one’s gonna eat the pie and be likeno no chocolate that’s not supposed tobe in here I think it confirms things Ithought were in a pie it I think I caninsert a little Eugene in this pie Iknow I heard it as a I said it I’m anon-conventional Baker I like to usethings that inspire me pecan pie is atricky pie to make it is fun to eat andwork with but it is very sticky lightcorn syrup oh my god Zacyeah it’s sweet it also has a couple ofpitfalls because it involves eggs if youmix those sugars in with your egg yolkstoo soon and you let it sit there you’regonna burn your yolks what do you doonce you’ve over-salted a thing you’rejustyou’re there’s no salt remover morehigh fructose corn syrup you got it itwill actually affect the way yolks cookapple pie you often will have it withcinnamon some people like nutmeg you cando a little bit of cardamon to get thatholiday feel you want to know mystrategy I have no strategy but I justput some sugar on because I know therehas to be sugar I don’t really believein measuring cups I’m just kind of doingit by hand you know like grandma used todo so I’m just gonna grab stuff as I seeit and just add it for fun like limejuicethis is cornstarch ginger I think is theonly Asian item here so that’s why I’mthrowing it in I don’t think this issupposed to go in here but whatever so Itasted my filling earlier and it tastedpretty much just like gross pumpkin whatdo you think it tastes like baby food soI added some brown sugar and slowlyadding the evaporated milk it should bea lot wetter I think it’s close enoughthat people gonna be like yeah that’s apumpkin pie taste we are ready to closeup our pie all of you every now and thenI get a bite that’s just so salty butI’m gonna say that that’s like thethrill of eating yeah I know that’s whyI chef always comes out at a nicerestaurant me like now every so oftenyou’re going to get a bite that isterribleI don’t want too much Moo I want likejust a little bit of goop this is whereyou can have a lot of fun you can do alattice that overlay is kind of like adoily and you can cut into your doughall those little patterns so today I’mgonna do a little star if you do thathave the dough be very cold I need toput a center piece a pumpkin pie as acrust on the bottom that actually getsbaked before the filling goes into it soI’m going to cook my dough by itself forlikefifteen minutes then you need to put aweight on it some people use actual pieweights to help hold its shape so itdoesn’t shrink down and shift and moveas the butter melts in the oven so I’mgoing to throw this in the oven and thenmake sure that my filling is good tenminutes bakersthe one thing I can do is make themsomething look pretty so I’m making alittle rose decoration at the top ofleaves I put way too much bourbon inthis pie I’m gonna win this guy’s ohlook at your crust that’s cool Wow yourslooks really good oh my god oh yeahwhat’s happening huh oh it’s very smokyyeah well my pies garbage oh I thoughtthose were marshmallows how did thateven happen I don’t know what to dowhat happened see the thing that youprobably could have done is to put apiece of parchment in the dough hmmseems like you just throw rocks at a pieand it would be just fine just for achangehow did this even happen this evenhappened what even is that I don’t knowwhat to do how did this even happen howdid that even happen how did it happenhow to do this what happened to shakingwhose[Music]five minutes leftmaybe I’ll just make a pot pot drama trymy luck with that and I went from a verylofty place of thinking things are greatto a very sad place of things notworking out so great I think I’m done Idon’t want to keep wasting stuff so Ijust need to accept that this is what Imade this is what I madeCheers good job Ned good job UDA the newplan is we’re just gonna put this in andhope for the bestlook what else can I do I didn’t make aton of extra dough so I’m just trying topatch work make what I can one minuteleftone minute guys I’m just gonna make ashort pie it’s gonna be live short inthe pan and you know it’s not gonna beamazingbut maybe the filling is good hands upbakers yeah this doesn’t say to put itin wax paper so today we’re gonna bejudging these pies on presentation tasteand creativity and the last questionthat we’re gonna ask is is it pie thisis like a holiday pie episode what doyou think we’re gonna see I could tellyou what I don’t want to see and I knowpeople like it pecan like people likenutI don’t want nuts in my pie I thinkthere’s gonna be alcohol pies I hope soyeah it’s awesomealcohol pies great we might see apossibly weepy said pumpkin pie but ithappens and it may be is it baked quiteright it can be pretty gross I thinkwe’re gonna see at least one SweeneyTodd[Music]net Brianna pie oh it looks awesomeonly not at all this is my holiday applepie pie it’s got a pie symbol in frontit’s got infinite flavor the dad’s gotdad jokes I think it looks really goodit looks really goodyou needed a vent hole to let all thatsteam out yeah great addition would youcall this golden brown little maybe moregolden over here they know herall right you know honestly I would havereally been checking this every fiveminutes but what can you do I think weshould take it it’s very buttery crustwe’ve got like a crystal of salt it’spretty salty yeah we just got back toyou is that salt on top instead of sugarI know that’s that’s sugar yeah that’sall I’m feeling that it’s like it hitsyou a little later they do taste it butyou see it doesn’t stop me I’m stillgoing so I think that is a hugecompliment I also tried putting a littlebit of lemon and apple cider vinegarinside to kind of balance out some ofthe sugar the filling worked out reallywell yeah I think it would do my in-lawsproud what about the creativity though Ithink the pie sign is strong points forcreativity they are really like that isthis pie[Music]this is why I mean it’s hot this isdefinitely very pie Thank You judgeswell done good job I’m excited to seewhat this is like on the insidewe’ve got our next pie by Eugene WowI call this the berry drunk Asian buybecause I was very drunk and Asian whenI make itit smells less alcoholic so maybe someof it kicked off what is the thing inthe middleI made roses out of dough looks like arose but I didn’t realize that theywould just kind of mush together likePlato’s and your lattice work is lovelythat’s tricky right I think if I went toa bakery I would want to eat it how areyou gonna see the bottom wow that is ahefty pie it’s juicy okay that is a sixto seven pound high I’m not includingthe pan Wow Saturday nightoh this crust is good very good crustit’s really tart I put the lime inbecause I put maybe half a bottle ofbourbon in doing that like the back ofthe throat kind of like off tasteoh man I’m a fairness I added shapeginger you said it’s Asian that’s so isa ginger lime bourbon blueberry pie theythink if the flavors had come togetherthe flavor profile could totally work Ithink they just needed to cook togetherI’m a drink profiles delicious reallyyeahoh is a holic match that is a cocktailso my pie baking competition ever turnedinto a great cocktail oh my gosh I meanI think it’s really creative it’s noteasy to do lattice and it takes anartistic visionyou put bourbon on the menu and it’sdessertif lime in it those are all you needfinal question is this pieit looks like pie doesn’t taste like pieso I don’t know how to make thatdecisionit’s 2018 guys what is mine I agree truethat’s truedare I say that smells like a pie doesit it’s like a fire we’ll find out yeahhello judges I hope you’re having awonderful time so far presenting Zaki’sworld-famous unforgettable pecan pie ohoh look at the edge little crimp actiondid you maybe take out one of thoselittle wheels I did I was later timeit’s for Joeyso ravioli wheel I kind of like thecrimping it’s kind of interesting here’sthe thing if I could tell the childrenone thing always believe in me because Ialways come out on top this is like aprojectoh stop it’s a project yeah what’shappening here we go doesn’t look aninteresting smell is coming outhuh oh look at that he’s clean slice ahit smells like brownie that’s right yeahmight be a little chocolate in theream i apparent Wow good Wow because themouth of the always is just keeps comingat me just all direction yeah I’mprocessing territory you guys had thosebean boot bean boozled no jelly beansdon’t know so they that the food is oldum jelly bean that I’m thinking of isthe one that’s dog food oh so you can’tfeed a dog that there’s chocolate in itI would totally die in the back of themmouth it’s I’m sweating no I reallywanted to like it so you don’t like ityou love it I love that you did it so itis a b.p smoky[Music]right that’s ithmm I do say that’s my favorite thingI’ve ever had there’s not much in hereit’s a lot of sugarI need more sugar in this if you mixthose sugars in with your egg yolks youlet it sit there you’re gonna burn youryo earn your yo-yo this was full when Istarted right oh yeah there’s avegetable lard that’s yeah that’s thegreat view Oh exactly guys chargethat’s that funky flavor my struggle inlife is that pies unfortunately give mediarrhea today I presented somethingthat turned the tables what if I toldyou this is the second third time I’veever baked you want to lower your powerokay you’re tripping okay Eugene told meto stay optimisticEugene’s really rooting for me today Ican’t appreciate him enough for that Iwas certainly very down I feel like Ihad a real cooking show moment you knowI had to scramble to gather my scrapsand still make something and I did itI’m doing it over here Merry ChristmasHappy Hanukkah pie you got a next pieBecky this is my pumpkin past togetherpie as far as presentation goes I feellike the crust is a homemade rustic wecall that wrestling very rustic you havea nice smooth top I like you I thinkit’s gonna come out as one piece is itis it is it look at that well timethat’s pumpkin pies yeah built up and upexcitement I’m very nervous very excitedthat you like that or at least call thetrust in my Ron this is also salty it ismoving towards the cracker side of crustcereal taste in it it reminds me alittle bit of shortbread which is mostlybutterI’m scots-irish so it’s you had to thinkon the flycuz you had a huge baking mishap andthat takes creativity yeahpumpkin pie is really hard to bake thereare a lot of things that could have gonewrong with this and you did notvolunteer News pitfallsshe’s really nice yeah it’s like sobasis I wouldn’t call it credence yeahyou know this is um very vanilla as faras creativity guys vanilla when I giveit a zero on creativity thank you ohyou’re welcomeis it pie woo so now it’s time to judgeit best to worst um let’s start withNed’s there’s a lot of crust not a lotof filling um and a lot of salt kind ofcreative with the pie pie yeah it’sstill not for the creative especiallynext Eugene even looks like it’s poppingon its most Orion is right here Bryce wekind of agreed it wasn’t that’s true butit’s like the best mistake yeah it endedup being greathow about Keith’s very very famous easyyeah a pumpkin pie honestly there was nosurprises we’re just kind of what youwant when you eat it as you get yes aswe learned hey you Bree yes that’s tywas an adventure I don’t eat whatever Ilike do it like use me the heebiejeebies looking at you know it wasarrived yeahso we agree yeah I think so yeah so guysuhwe’ve come to a decision we’re gratefulfor the journey that you have given usbut it’s timein fourth place we’ve got the dangerousdelight that is thisrespectfully disagree judges thank youand third-place battle pike it was goodwhen we was don’t lie when we try untilwe can taste of a thought soon I’msurprised I’m so surprised essence Wowthis this is this is awful so sad whatam I supposed to tell my father-in-lawgentlemen you did a great job I am proudof both of youthese were not easy pies to bake butunfortunately we do have to have awinnerkeep it’s your pumpkin pie wow you onebreath I feel like the greatest manwho’s ever lived do you know what I wishfor this holidaywhat more episodes of this show so joinus next time on[Music][Music]Oh[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]you

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  1. Hi Rebecca….I love you and your videos because you are soooooo zen….you nake me calm ( I’m usually hyper a d always in a rush about everything ). Cherry is my absolute favourite in all things cherry. If I use the canned cherries would I drain them first? And the frozen would I defrost and drain? There seems to be quite a bit of juice in your bowl. God Bless, stay safe and stay healthy.

  2. Cherry pie is my favorite and my Dad’s favorite! Will definitely be making this when I can get the cherries at the store. Looks delicious!

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