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Pudding & Pie Recipes

A soft pie, such as lemon meringue, is a pudding poured into baked pie crust, and cooled in the refrigerator to set before serving your family. Option: top the pie with meringue (recipes included) and brown in the oven before refrigerating. Puddings are the basis for soft pies, tarts, parfaits, and ice creams (recipes included.)

This parody cookbook represents a ficticious 1920s pudding mix brand, with real recipes using those pudding mixes. Helena Handbasket is a fierce proponant of homecooking, so she walks you through the process of making homemade puddings and desserts, pointing out natural mistakes that occur with these recipes. “Pot Luck Pies: Pudding Parodies, Enjoyed by Everyone” by Helena Handbasket and Rena Goff. Purchase at Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/listing/848752991/pot-luck-pie-pudding-parodies-enjoyed-by

Sometimes I’m Even A Soda Jerk
music and lyrics by Rena Goff (c) 2020

Blue Danube by Strauss from YouTube Audio Library · http://bit.ly/32TUZyy

Original of the video here

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