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Happy Thursday, and to everyone in America, happy Thanksgiving! This holiday special, we bake a Torbjorn inspired Apple Pie from the second most important thing in Torbjorn’s life. The first of which is his turret.

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Video Transcription

what his height starts with five heyguys it’s Brodie wack and you reallydon’t think I’m gonna do the video likethis don’t youwell you’re right I’m actually this tallthere we go that’s my asshole hi welcomeeverybody to the number one cooking shownot only the old watch community but thegaming community and even though I dohave my blame hanzo shirt which you canget in the top right hand corner byclicking that little eye we’re not gonnabe making a Hans own recipe but I saydon’t know if I’ll ever make a hunterrecipe because that will definitely giveme food poisoning not today what we’regonna be doing is a recipe today isThanksgiving or for the rest of theworld it’s it’s a Thursday went duringThanksgiving what a lot of us Americanslike to eat is pie specifically pumpkinpie but there’s not a pumpkin pie recipeso we’re gonna be making an apple piebut not just any apple pie it’s gonna beIngrid’s apple pie I think Ingrid is hiswife and I don’t pay attention to TorbenLord the only Lord that matters to me ishis love for his turret for thisThanksgiving we bake an apple pie nowwe’re literally gonna be making this piefrom scratch that means the filling thatmeans the crust that means the tip partof the crust jeez I need some buttersugar and all-purpose flour we got thegold battles back babyactually for Turban since I use my TurlaI actually get gold battles because Isuck and it turn does the work for mewe’re gonna need since this is an applepie recipe we’re gonna need four tartapples also we’re gonna need a bunch ofspices one of which is ground cardamomwhat kind of mom is that sound of milkmmm let me tell you something I’m tiredof making these videos and having spent$5.00 on spice it also calls for flourand almonds now if you watch my veryfirst episode you saw that I didn’t makethe Winston peanut butter pudding recipeit’s cuz I’m allergic to nuts so if youthink I’m gay because I like nuts whatjoke’s on youI like nuts it also calls for more SAPand I didn’t know what that is so Iasked someone and apparently it’s like apeanut based spice so skipped out onthat too I’m just not wanting to die allright let’s get to itI’ve never made a pie before all rightjustevery good recipe on this show it startswith our medium mixing bowl and no I didnot just clean this from last episode Ipromise we’re gonna be adding at a cupand a half of flour you know I shouldprobably do this gradually but f it wedon’t follow the rules even when Ifollow the rules I still mess it up thathas for one or two tablespoons of sugarand you’re gonna give me an option from1 to 2 of course I’m gonna pick thehigher number of sugar because I’m justthat much of a child then next we’regonna do something that we advancedchefs can do makes the dries togetherdon’t know if you’re supposed to dealwith your hands but we’re the number onecooking chef in the online game commutewe can do what we want now we had astick of butter with the wrapper thisbutter is so chilled to the point whereit’s not melting in but it asked for itto be chilled and this butter trust mehe’s pretty chill he’s just sittingtherebobbing bro this feels weird it says tomix until we have a coarse mixture whatthe heck is a car’s now I don’t know howmuch I’m supposed to rub but I figuredyou can never rub too much I wish thatapplied for other parts in life but youknow we’re I think that’s the best I’mgonna get I mean that looks likesomething this isn’t supposed to be afull dough because that’s what the oneway do I pour this gradually f it wedon’t pour gradually it’s actuallycoming together we might have madesomething that isn’t complete garbageI’ve only my SR I can do the same thingman ok so I’m scared of overworking itbut I’m also scared of under working itlike that’s why I hate this cookbook itnever tells you exactly what to do meI’m a sub so early to beat okay justrelieves my anxiety that way I know I’mdoing the right thing and I don’t haveto well fear making mistake okay I thinkthat’s the best I’m gonna get it thatshould we have to we have to let thisshow for an hour I had just wrap on thenwe’re gonna take this big boy wrap it inplastic as if he’s like Jesus in a in ablanket this isn’t Christmas there’s athanks guys now I would throw them inthe fridge like a baby but we’re justgonna sit a nice and gently and give hima goodnight kiss even though it’s 3:00in the afternoongood night should we get a blanket thisis cringe enough I’m gonna stop andthere we go now we wait for an hour whatare we doing this tether what dograndmas do is this when they watch likejeopardy and whatnotcan see why they watch a lot of TVbecause their way ah there is actuallySunday I can do I can move I canactually slice and peel the apples andbecause I’m invested in this cookingshow I invested it’s the floor utensil Ishould probably look up but you did notask that no the person who learned howto peel something did not look up aYouTube videoOh Oh Oh see see I don’t need no YouTubevideo this might take a while so Q thespongebob time card a little longer thana few minutes later and there is fourand because we peeled them now we canjust easily core these suckers oh thatwas a really wet someone’s watching thiswith their parents and their moms arelike oh now we have to thinly slicethese bad boys but you know what time itis it says we need them no more than 1/4and if you’re not from America you don’tknow what an inch is but basically thisis double than what we need I’m justgonna hope for the best all right I haveall of these apples to cut and 1/4 of aninch and put into this medium mixingbowl oh my god it actually is 1/4 of aninch I am a God cutter probably from myemo days mug died oh my god finally wecut them all up now I don’t know if thisis thin or thick enough but on thischannel we like thick thick apples thickmilkshakes thick women so this is gonnahave to do Chad well we can’t just haveapples eyes are filling we also need abunch of spices which are idiot to myprofits so and there’s an honest videobut we need a teaspoon of cinnamon havea teaspoon of allspice does this containall the spices if so why is it $5.00fatty spoon of the Memphis spices wealso need some brown sugar because welove all sugars here white black brownno matter it some flour and some homeminsyeah hold the almonds now we just haveto mix all this until it’s evenly coatedoh this is such looking nowokay see ya got some spices in theresome spices that I’ve never heard of andprobably will never use again there wehave it we have our apple pie fillinghonestlythis is turning out really well I’mgonna either F up the crust or burn thehouse down one of those two is gonnahappen that was not supposed to happenso there’s actually like the topping nowI still have to prepare and once againit’s calling for a food processor so andone of y’all got an extra one set itover to me even though I don’t have apedo box and you don’t know where I livestill just send it over to me cuz Ireally need it and because I’m all outof mixing bowls my life so we got ourbutter in case you didn’t see him justswimming around in there and once againwe need even more god dang it why do Ineed so much flour and honestly one ofthe most underrated spices of all timebrown sugar and then three ounces ofmarzipan yeah I did include that but heyI save five dollars by now getting itbut we don’t need it all right we justneed to pulse this together I don’t knowwhere I can post this by hand oh Jesusjust like we did for the crust we’regonna wrap together the topping see wedon’t need no food processor we don’teven pulse this we can’t pull this orsell one debt to society ladle she’s upshe’s ready I’ve gotta stop it so butjust like that apple peeler and core Ialso invest in a rolling pinlast week we did the the Campbell’sChunky soup and I figured well maybe Ishouldoh no she’s not supposed to do that ahplease stay together please this wasworking out so well no no she’scrumbling maybe we gotta get some waterjust kind of do this and then and thenwe’re gonna bring it all back togetherand then we’re gonna reroll it out againa little tip that I did learn at my homeat class is that if you want an evenspread you just got to get two rulersand row it out but that usually onlyworks with like a bigger rosenow I gotta somehow get this into thisyeah yeah moment of truth oh boy I canprobably go a little bit thinner but youknow what eff it we don’t want thisthing to break oh you know what you knowwhat yeah this is this is good this isgood but alas it was not good and thenit says to keep the extra dough and makeit into lettuceare you putting let it’s not a pie nowit’s time to get the fittingwe’re just gonna kind of do this yeah Iguess do this some more okay yeah thatthat’s looking like something I’ll beweird would you chiefs I don’t know whyI called for for apples cuz I justneeded two of these okay okay so we gottwo Apple in there we’ll save this forwhen we like on crime late at night whenunit snack and then we’re supposed tosprinkle this on oh boy this is where Imess it up you know I think I think yeahwe’re also gonna be taking the last bitof dough and rolling this boy out we’lljust roll can you stop sticking to myRobin yeah that uh that’s that’s lookinlike lettuce and then we’re just gonnalay it on like that there that’s that’slooking pretty runny oh shoot I wassupposed to do a weave did you knowthere’s still time this is gonna be yourweave um shit there’s our we this is ourapple pie weave it’s looking beautifulain’t it there we go there’s our applepie weave I have so sad let’s just Iforgot some pretty bright boys and girlsnow it’s finally time to put our pie inthe oven and bake it for a measly 5 afew minutes later so this is why youweren’t the instructions this justfinished baking and I’m happy but Iforgot to put cream on the crust solet’s just kind of do this I probably amruining it it’s it’s fine everything isfine they’re like literally everythingis fine here shit my weave um let’s justsay it’s smashed breath I’m a littledisappointed that doesn’t look exactlylike the picture but doesn’t matteryou all know where it’s gonna go in yourmouth pause here we go we’re gonna cutinto this and just hope for the best sooh boy oh please just come outOh oh it’s crumbling oh oh my god thereshe isshe’s you can’t have apple pie withoutvanilla ice cream there we have it boysand girl there is our Ingrid’s torbenapple pie with ice cream on the side ohmy god now the only thing left to do isto eat it I almost don’t want I don’twant to get disappointed bad gonna takea nice spoonful with the fork and herewe go oh boy that’s really thick pineit’s really good but really thick butthe best boy this just chef you whackthis is the number one cooking show fornot only food but advocating for thickwomen and think Kings out there I don’tmean forget about you think that I’mspitting put some ice cream mmm mmm ohthat made it go down a lot easier oh mygod we’re ice cream on there apple piemmm they look pretty it looked like meso no but just like me I just better inyour mouth ha ha guys this apple piewasn’t success I’m actually so proud ofmyself because it’s this and I think thechurros that were like the best tastingfood but because it is Thanksgiving I dowant to say thank you to all of you guysbut truly show you how thankful I’m orat least tell you guys because everysingle day I try to show you how thinkwhere I am by making a video and justtrying to be there for 5 and 10 minutesand ever since I made my channel that’swhat my goal was to just entertain youwith us with a commentary or thesestupid chef they’re not stupidthey’re fantastic okay or it’s with thefunny moment whatever it could be I justtry to be there for you but I love youguys thank you guys for watchingHappy Thanksgiving or happy Thursday ifyou don’t celebrate Thanksgiving mainlyat the rest of the world and I see youtomorrow and the next day and for ourever long you allow me to do it I loveyou guysand bye

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