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No bake strawberry pie

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel ontime I might and I’m Dakota and todaywe’re making no big strawberry productthe subscribe button because once we hita hundred subscribers I’m gonna do theice water challenge where I get a bucketof ice water dumped into my head thefirst thing we’re going to do is we’regonna put up our strawberries and we’regoing to put them in the base of our piecrustours is pre-made but you can make yourtie every bite so first we’re just gonna[Music]cut off the stems of the strawberry andyou can cut them that others actuallylike where do you cut ours vertically ohI’ve put about ten maybe fifteenstrawberries but we just need enough tocover the base so you can stack themhowever you’d like but I’m just going toalign them along the base of the pipesthis is what it should look like it endjust along the base and now ties to theshow us what the next step is we aregoing to make the filling for our pot sofirst you need one cup of sugar next andlastly five tablespoons of cornstarchnow we are going to mix all of that sonow we have it all mixed up and kindalooks like milk now that this is allmixed upRiley’s into the next step we arecreating a glaze with the mixture timemade all that dinner is just this twocups of strawberries and fivetablespoons of strawberry jell-o workersgonna go boiled out on the stove[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]make sure it’s all mixed up very welland so we don’t get a cornstarch tape sothis is the kind of texture the kind ofwanted that[Music]so now I’m just gonna add about two morecups of strawberries to our glazeso now we’re going to add our strawberryglaze with our fresh strawberriesstrawberries into art premade crust thisis the part where the pie is actuallyassembled this is what it should looklike after you added all your glaze inand your fresh strawberries so now youcan either put it in and refrigeratorfor four hours or put it in the freezerfor two so since we couldn’t bake thepie in the oven since we bake thesewe’re just gonna crumble them up and letit sit on the top of our pie since itcouldn’t have gone in the oven it wasn’tgonna stick very well so we decided justto crumble it and it gives it a nicetexture and it looks very nice so thisis our official taste tester Miss Harborand today she’s gonna be trying ourstrawberry pie so tell us what you thinkI like it I love it zip itcome on I ever I hate it so much forwatching make sure to subscribe to seeme do the ice water challenge and hitthe like button and the notificationsnow[Music]

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