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Hello beauties, to achieve this nice and delicious meat pies, you will need:

First for the feeling:
Any kind of meat of your choice. I used
Ground turkey
Chicken bouillon
Ginger powder
Garlic powder
Tumeric powder
Cayenne flakes
Fresh onion chopped
Fresh garlic chopped
Green bell pepper
Red bell pepper

For the pie dough, these are the measurements that I used:
4 1/2 cup of flour
3 sticks of butter = 1 1/2 cup of butter
2 small eggs
1/4 tsp of baking powder
1/4 cup of water
1 tsp of nutmeg

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone welcome back to mychannel is your girl Kelly thank you forclicking one more time on my video thankyou for watching today I want to sharewith you how I achieved these beautifuldelicious made by without ovenhow to bake it we doubt oven so here Imy ingredient the one I use first of allfor this stuffingI have salt chicken bouillon havechanged a border to marry gallery bordersome time flicks and here are all all myveggies red and green bell peppersgarlic and onion carrot here so let’smove on to the meat I have my groundedturkey in my pots I’ll be adding all theseasoning seeds and make sure I mix themwell together to get all the seasoningflavor infused into my image thedelicious part of your meat pie is thestuffing how you made your stuffing willdetermine how you enjoyed your meal witha meat pie guys trust me so here I amadding my chopped garlic and onion mixthem as well together and then I willtossed in a little bit of work to helpmyto get well good so as you can see afterthree minutes my chicken eat my turkeyis changing color so then I will goahead and add all the veggies carrotsred and green bell peppers we mix themwell together and then I will add mymixture of octopus flour and water toadd this thing to get the creaminess ofyour stuffingthey all stuck together and be creamyinside your part so that’s why you wantso after covering up for six moreminutes my stuffing is ready as you guyscan see it’s here my stuffing is readyvery very delicious guys so now afterthis I’ll go ahead and prep my pie doughso here they are the ingredients for thedoughI have for a 1/2 cup of flour 2 and any1/2 cup of butter you can use margarineas well if you don’t have water and Ihave my baking powder and some sauce inthere little white balls through eggsfrom fresh water and some not make soyou don’t need warm water so for this Iwill use another larger bowl and toss inmy all-purpose flour and all the otherstuff salt and baking powder I’ll leaveall the measurements as a measurement inmy description box so please also checkmy discussion boss if you want toreplicate this recipe for yourself sonow I am shredding my not makei shredded about one teaspoon of a lotto me and I added my two eggs mix themwell togetherand after you I show you all your flourand everything me with wine mix togetheryou can go ahead and gather your borderfrozen border smash them into your flouruntil you get that flowery or flakyflour that’s why you want for your meatpie so your meat part will be well lightand flakyso you see after smashing all the borderthis is what you get as flow now to thisI will add a little bit of water okay ifyou have something you want to add to ityou can admit the water you can use milkinstead of water that’s all I mean soand you mix them well from here you canform the dough you make pie dough isfrontier so after clean my suffers iflour it and I need my pie dough aboutthree to four minutes you don’t needmore than thatokay and I’ll go ahead and flatten thisand cut this into small pieces now itwill be easier for me to flatten almostmy pie dough okaywhen you cut them into small pieces iseasier to flatten them and use it foryour pie instead of flatten it as awhole so here I am flatten one piecesthis is what I’m going to do until allmy to this finish so I make sure Iflatten my dog pretty well and afterthat I’ll go ahead and use my pie cutterto make the pie ship as you can see hereis my little pie cutter I’ll put themeat inside in the middle and guys thispie cutter what I observe is that itdoesn’t close family when you make thepie so if you want you can make one asyou can see the design is beautiful butas well so sometimes I pass my fork onthe edges as well even though I use myeye color so this is itso here I’ve written one egg I havebeaten one egg that I pass on the edgesof my pie dough as you are singing yetand I will drop the filling in themiddle and close it up so then that willbe family clothes but if it doesn’t youcan use your phone or your finger toclose your pie a tightly family okay sohere is my pie ship that is what youwant so this is what I have actually sofar that’s my first batch my first batchis this I am passing my beating egg I ambrushing the pie with the beaten egg letme show you do that on for kids so hereis my skillet I am adding some salt andI will go oh go ahead and cover it upfor five minuteshi kids that is what I do so instead ofskillet you can use any pot in yourkitchen but make sure your rack the wrapyou are going to use for the baking canfit in okay so this is my rack that I’musing our co-op lives on aluminum foilafter five minutes I will put it in theskillet and then add one by one my piesand after that I’ll go ahead and coverit up and let it bake for 255 minuteshere that party was so use one thicktowel and cover also it can trap theheat inside because baking pie withoutoven take a little bit longer thanbeginning in the oven trust meso you know you need something you needto use something to trap the air and theheat so that is the that was the resultafter 45 minutes yeah I added 10 moreminutes and my final result is abeautiful big beautiful big people avery big and I love it this stuffing thefilling was juicy guy it was so easy Ienjoyed this pile with my family I willlove it I will recommend it to you totry it if you like drop me a comment ifyou like what you are seeing here andyou are not subscribed yet do so put thered button subscribe or forget toactivate the clock activated the clockso you can have more recipes like this Iwill see you guys next time ciao[Music]you

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