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Video Transcription

youhello guys I hope you can see see meokay recording okay I hope you can seeme guys today I am bringing you a lemonleaf flavor no bake cheesecake okay sohere are the ingredients that you needfor this no big cheesecake so we will beusing a teaspoon of vanilla okay1/3 cup of real lemon lemon juice butyou can actually use fresh lemon but Idon’t have none right any right now soI’m going to use the 1/3 cup of reallemon lemon juice we need a whole blockof Philadelphia Cream Cheese and this isthe 8 ounce okay and we also need a canof sweetened condensed milkokay and a graham cracker crust Ipurchased the premade one because Ididn’t want had to go through making thegraham cracker cars goodness so we aregoing to begin okay and make sure youhave a large mixing bowl to mix it upwith and I don’t know what I did with myblender so I will be hand mixing thisthe ingredients okay so what we’re goingto do now you I let this cream cheesestay out for a few hours guys because itneeds to be room temperature okay andagain this is the Philly cream cheesetwo 8-ounce container and we’re usingthe whole block okayand hold rocknow some people make this with eggs Ididn’t want to have to deal with turningon the oven so I’m going to admit the ayou’re going to miss out on anything bynot using the eggs and if we do not turnthe oven on for everything let’s not doit okay so that’s the whole eight ounceblock of cheese okay guys I’m going tojust soften this a little to make themix mix but you can tell that I let thissit up okay and we’re using a 14-ouncecan of eco brand you can use any brandyou like but this is the ego brand Ijust happen to like this brand but ifthey did not have this I would havebought the generic brand it doesn’tmatter but you know there’s certainthings some things taste better thanothers okayso we’re going to use this whole can andmake sure guys you rinse everything offbefore you use it because you don’t knowwhat these products have gone throughokay and try to get all of your milk outof the cansince I said before when I was makingthe kool-aid pie this stuff is not cheapI kind of mix itand I’m going to use the one teaspoon ofthat’s a half a teaspoon okay oneteaspoon which this says is fivemillimeters okay but now let the x-raynot just like the mix as I go along guysthat’s just my initial I have okaynow we’re going to pour in our 1/3 cupof lemon juice that just gives it atwenty twenty twenty twenty three pointplay lemon juice and I said guys this isa no baked cheese with hot new meatwhite cheesecake and we’re just gonnamix this up and mix it mix it mix it toyou see no more lumping up lumps in thecream cheesewe want this lemon juice to be mixed Ihave a function to go to tomorrow sothis will be to the function I will alsomake the uh another C it is cool babypop and take that as well that will bemy contribution I never go anywhereempty-handed guys I don’t like the factthat I’m seeing these lumps on my headif they put this in my nutribullet andblend it up so everything would be niceand smooth now remember guys if you usewhole lemons it would be you willprobably need two of them because youneed 1/3 cup of lemon juice for thisrecipehold it yes to court I’m sorry guysgetting messages but it’s a nice soundit’s a nice sound so guys I’m going tolet this sit in the refrigeratorovernight because I want it to be niceand firm when my guests go to cut thiscake I mean this pie okay so I thinkthat’s good because I have to be on tothe nextlook at that perfect crust this potholetake the glue out not that theingredients will touch it but it’s justmy sickness Doolittle get it all get itall and you want to smooth it so it itbe nice and even I’m sorry if you hearthat noise guys it’s okay to hear thedogs but the people talking anotherstory altogetherokay now this pie crust is a littlebigger than the other one because Inoticed it did say a couple more pieceand so because the other pie crust itactually filled up almost to the rimbeing women brain bream rimwhatever okaynow that one is done guys look at thatsee that very nice okay now for our nextproject well let me put it clean up yourmess guysand here we go for the next partall right now we’re doing anotherkool-aid hi guys so close theingredients we need for that is theEagles brand sweetened condensed milk[Music]I guess you guys can tell then I’m homebecause I have all the equipment that Ineed but my daughter just moved back tothat house he’s stopping up slowly butsurely and although quickly so you knowthat we use the whole container of CoolWhip just dump that in just this so yousee how easily that popped out of thecontainer guys that’s what happens whenyou let stuff’s it out like you supposeto let it sit up fall out so it will beeasy to work withsee what I mean sometimes about thesegeneric brands and then I put this fivepack of kool-aid from six and not saywhat like what am I getting ready to sayall this and it’s not so you can’t tellthat it’s tropical punch it just looksplain I don’t like that and I don’t haveany food coloring to give it in yourcolor I don’t like that maybe I need tokeep stirring keep stirring stirringstirring stirring stuff work it upworking that work it work it work it upsee kool-aid kool-aid bran is the bestto buy and I don’t want to put twopackets in here because I don’t want itto be too bitter so I guess it is whatit is guys this is what we get this iswhat we get you see that as long as it’sgood I don’t care and I know it’s good Istill would like for yes in collegeit’s okay it still tastes like tropicalpunch like that uh cherry vanilla waterice so it’s time to put it in the crustand put it in the fridgetomorrow glue out of there nobody wantsto see glue when you take the top offthe eat okay let’s just whip it would beright whip it would be then that wouldbe then deal with it in thereI kind of like the fact that you seelike little cherry look like littlecherry uh dots in here thoughsmooth smooth smooth smooth smooth thisone actually comes up a little higherthan the other the Cheesecake all rightI’m gonna lick this because very goodguys you know what I kind of like thisbetter because when you after this setand you cut it and start eating ityou’re gonna have like remember how youused to eat the Pixy Stix and you put itin your mouth and they give you thatlittle fizz that’s what this pie isgonna do for you because I guess becauseit’s generic brain he probably didn’tall get smooth but anyway it tastes goodthough guys so I hope you enjoyed thevideo okay I’ll catch you in the nextvideo see you guys tomorrowall right bye bye because I’m going toput thisin refrigerator and let this setovernight as well I’m sure it will bedelicious once they cut it and reallyenjoy it and this will probably beanother another thing that they asked meto make one you know people invite youto things but it’s all good it’s mypleasure I don’t have a problem you domyself okay catch you in the next videobye-bye

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