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*NEW RECIPE* FLOUR TORTILLA BREAKFAST EGG PIE #Promostk #easyrecipe #quickandeasy #eggs #newrecipes

*NEW RECIPE* FLOUR TORTILLA BREAKFAST EGG PIE #Promostk #easyrecipe #quickandeasy #eggs
#newrecipe #cheesygoodness #howto #best #breakfast #kidfriendly #tiktok #mukbangers #youtubers #eating #goodeats #soulfood #microwaveable #southerncooking #foodnetwork

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s your girl Shella comewatch promo STK sheilas creations wayand see how I made these mmm mmm goodafter workout breakfastall right you guys I’m gonna be making adifferent type of eggs this morningusing flour tortillas it’s gonna bepretty much the same concept of asyou’ve seen me make in those kulit ballsdealing difference is the bottom layerof this will be flour tortillas so staytuned P ro mo STK Chile’s creations waygood morning good morning good morningyou guys thank you all for joining methis is our after workout breakfast I’mactually preparing this for both me andFrank this morning he’s on his walk andI’m go ahead and prepare this we haveten eggs in this bowl I’m gonna go aheadand mix these eggs up now let’s dopretty much half and half because I wantokay so I can see I’m mixing my liquidsfirst so I’m gonna put my own and lookin here and the milk whether it’s ourmilk or regular milk it’s gonna make theeggs more fluffier and smoother so youdefinitely want to put milk in there I’mgonna also add it to that 1/2 excuse mea teaspoon or take Missy what is it atablespoon yes butter and I’m gonna makesure that when I do put it in the bowlto cook that I’m gonna have two piecesof this butterin each Bowl and that will be all rightnow we’ll go ahead and put our seasoningwe got some onion powder you have somesoul food seasoning because we’re notgonna put any salt in here we’re gonnahave our chopped chivesI don’t know chop chop they add a littlezing to the eggs so I’ve got a teaspoonof the chopped chives and then you haveyour black pepper now we’re gonna cut upthis green and you gotta be an egg loveryou guys and I’m actually probably cutup some more of that onion in here mywhole thingthis awesome flavor awesome flavor evenif you’re not an onion lover you lovethese and your eggs so let’s get thatinto the mix now we’ve already wealready have our littlekid-friendly you guys we already haveour little bowls and we got our looksour tortillas so what I’m gonna do I’mgonna take the flowers for Tila and ifthey are lightly oil I do have a littleoil in there so I’m gonna put this inhere and I’m telling you guys I loveusing these these bowls whether it’s thethe just the 8 ounce bowls or whether doyou you’re using a bigger house likethese it works the same and I’m gonnashow you how the inside once I lay thisdown in the bottom and this is my firsttime doing it this way in the microwavein these bowls I’m nobody to him in theoven and I lay his black but this iswhat it looks like you guys that’s whatit looks like at the bottom at thebottom and then we’re going to take someof this little cheese and we’re gonnaput some cheese at the bottom I takeabout maybe a quarter cup of cheese andjust put them in that bottom shell onboth of them ya know I don’t evermeasure anythingover there now we’re going to take theegg mixture and we’re gonna try to makeme let me actually go ahead and makesure that I have to each of those littlebutters and just like they don’t overthere just to make sure we’re not pourthis and I saved my two right here oneand then two so we’re gonna go ahead andpour half this mixture in this bowl makesure those butters get in there okayJosie there all right so this is what itlooks like you guys meet each otherbetter view there we go this is what itlooks like inside and this is what thisone looks like inside okay now I’m notgonna make Frank’s yet because he hasn’tmade it back from his wall he’ll be backhere shortly though so I’m gonna goahead and start with mine first and foreach egg pull this back up for each eggyou guys for each egg you want to cookin the microwave for five a minute foreach eggs and since we have five eggswe’re gonna put these in the microwavefor five minutesso I’ll go ahead and put Frank’s mine inthere firstFrank’s I want so put this in themicrowave for five minutes and rememberif you’re just doing one end then ofcourse you’re only gonna do it for oneminute for every egg one minute so wehave five eggs and I’m putting it inmicrowave I’ll bring it back out and youwill see the finished productenough and also you guys I’m gonna goahead and put some cheese on top of thisI already have one in the microwave thatI don’t have cheese on but I’m gonna goahead and put cheese on top of thisbecause I’m gonna see how they turn outeither way by putting cheese on topwhile they’re in your microwave since Ialready have the cheese at the bottom orby putting it on the top and in andbottom so we have them two differentways bring y’all back on so y’all cansee the change of what I did for thesecond one that’s gonna go in which isFrank’s alright and just a few of theother eggs would be long alright youguys that was it oh look at this okay soI’m gonna go ahead let me show y’allwhat it looks like straight alphamicrowave just hot be show you how itlooks like straight out of the microwaveno cheese on top just at the bottomwhich you guys saw me put on thetortilla shell this is how it looksstraight out the straight out of themicrowave now I’m gonna go ahead and putcheese on topagain another little spoonful with yourhands and just put it on top like solook at that and since that’s hot thecheese gonna get all milky so we’ll sitthat over there you’re gonna go aheadand put Frank in the microwave now youshould be here shortly so we’re gonna goahead remember I’ve already put cheeseon top of his well go ahead and putthese in the microwave for five minutesall right see you guys in just a secondall right you guys heavy just came backin the house and guess what all rightjust a second I’ll show you the outcomeall right you guys here’s my husband’seggs whoo we’re gonna let his cool alittle bit they’re just gonna out themicrowave here’s mine you know mighthave been sitting here for about aminute so I’m go ahead and get this outlook at that turn over while I look atthat mmm and look at this look at thismmm Oh STK jealous creations way andthis is gonna be our after workoutbreakfast all right now let’s go aheadand get here’s out course here’s ourstill hot oh all right look at what wegot here everything came out all rightbaby this is my husband’s right herelook at thatmmm look at that all inside that flourtortilla awesome all right so here youhave it and here’s my water 8:00 a.m.it’s time to start drinking even thoughI’ve already been drinking so these arethe eggs you guys I’ll do a close-uppicture so you actually see them you mayeven see me in my heaven mukbang thesethings how about that all rightsee you in a few and thank you guys forjoining on our weight loss journeyhere they are did you a close-up mmmnow you guys got tried at home but yourkids try it at the workout they areyou[Music]hey guys this your girl shut up PR omosg k and also PR o mo f ck shell ofcreations way y’all I’m celebrating mybirthday this month yesmay 25th is my day but guess what we’redoing a cash app yes we’re doing a cashapp yesyou guys want to enter go ahead andenter you have May 1st through May 31stbefore midnight to enter the drawingwill be hell liveyes the drawing will be held live onJune 1st yes so y’all stay tuned staytuned stay tuned for more info you enterby doing a cash out for $1 yeah so ifyou do not haveplease get your cash out winner musthave a cash winner do not have to bepresent so you don’t have to be presentfor the grand drawing but you do have tobe present for the other join but I’llbe happy and you have to have your namein the bucket because you gotta have inthere because we’re gonna be drawing thenames from out of the cash out cool allrightthere will also be additional prizes ohyeah additional little giveaways andthat’s gonna be for the people that dothis dollar cash up as wellbut that are actually present in Julyand don’t have to answer some questionsquestions are how well do you know yesyou gotta check out my videos it’s gonnabe some trivia questions and thebirthday girl so I’m gonna have somequestions to ask you and if you answerthem correctly guess what you win someof the little drawings will have[Music]

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