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It’ll Be Fine: A Baking Show… Banana Cream Pie (ep.19)

In the kitchen today, the very funny (& sharply dressed!) Nicholas Fernandes joins us in the kitchen to make a Banana Cream Pie… because what better pie for two comedians to make?!

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Sometimes you bake something that doesn’t look like the picture in the cookbook OR maybe a friend tells you at the last minute that they have 88 food allergies and you need to improvise OR maybe you’re just making a treat for the very first time and you don’t have the right salt required… NO SWEAT!! IT’LL BE FINE!!!

Today, foodie/writer/comedian Kelly Zemnickis welcomes her friend Nicholas into the kitchen to whip up a Banana Cream Pie!! AND THEY’RE MAKING THE PIE CRUST!!!!

Hopefully they don’t slip and fall on any banana peels with this one… *fingers crossed*

Host/Editor: Kelly Zemnickis
Guest: Nicholas Fernandes
Produced by: Kelly Zemnickis & Jaime Sanchez
Recipe Courtesy of The Comfort Diner NYC Cookbook
Music: ‘Firefly’ by Quincas Moreira

Original of the video here

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