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How To: No Bake HOLIDAY OREO PIE!! | Christmas/Winter Edition 먹방

Recipe Description

Hey Everyone,

Today I am making the recipe for my No Bake Holiday Oreo Cheesecake! Christmas Edition!!

Please Enjoy!!

Let me know if there’s anything different I should try!


-1 Oreo Package
-1 1/2 packages of cream cheese
-1 Tub of cool whip
-Powdered Sugar
-Melted Butter
-CRUSH Oreos using a food processor or ziplock bag & rolling pin.
-MELT butter

-MIX melted butter and Crushed Oreos together until well blended to form crust mixture
-Pour crust mixture into container of choice
-FIRMLY press crust mixture into container
-ADD cream cheese and powdered sugar into a mixing bowl
-BEAT cream cheese and powdered sugar until smooth
-ADD additional Oreo pieces and mix into batter
-FOLD In cool whip until desired consistency is reached
-POUR batter into container with crust mixture
-TOP with additional Oreo pieces
-CHILL or FREEZE for a minimum of 1 hour
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