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How to Make The Best Hot Chocolate Of All Time (4 ways)

Today I made all of the types of hot chocolate known to man. Or at least it felt like that. Really we made hot chocolate 4 different ways. Those ways being instant hot chocolate, single serving easy hot chocolate, Italian hot chocolate, and a spicy boi Mexican hot chocolate. So as it just begins to get chilly, let’s get this hot chocolate party started.

Good cocoa powder: https://amzn.to/2opHbwx
Vanilla Bean: https://amzn.to/2WkQASx

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Ingredients you’ll need:
Instant Hot chocolate:
2.5 or 20g hot choc mix
1 cup or 236ml whole milk

Homemade Easy Single Serving Hot Chocolate:
2 tablespoons (13g) unsweetened cocoa powder
1.5 tablespoons (18g) brown sugar
1 tablespoon (18g) cream
1 cup (236ml) milk
1/4 teaspoon (2g) vanilla extraxt
Small pinch salt

Italian hot Chocolate:
4 oz (113g) dark chocolate (60 percent cacao)
1 tbsp (6g) cocoa powder
1.5 cups (354ml) whole milk
2 tablespoons (30g) granulated sugar
1 tablespoon (9g) corn starch
Small pinch salt

Mexican Hot Chocolate:
1.5 cup (354ml) milk
8oz (226g) dark chocolate (60 percent cacao)
1 dried chili
1 cinnamon stick toasted
1.5 tbsp (18g) brown sugar
1/2 vanilla bean
Small pinch salt

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Video Transcription

you know there are other types of hotchocolate other than just the powder inthe water which by the way if you’redoing powder and water I mean like notjudging come on[Music]today we’re making hot chocolate but notjust any hot chocolate we’re gonna makeall kinds of different hot chocolate andI’m gonna taste it and I’m gonna talk toyou about it and we’re gonna figure outwhich is the best hot chocolate choiceof the year not like look at the end ofday you can do it however you want to doit I can’t help but feel like anybodywho does it differently than I do isjust automatically wrong if you have anysuggestions on what you want to see morevideos recipes whatever comment DM me onInstagram all those beautiful things butwith all that said let’s make this shallweso first up for consistency this testwe’re gonna make a classic instant hotchocolate you know a couple of spoonfulsof hot chocolate mix in this case twoand a half tablespoons or 20 grams ofmix 1 a cup are 236 meters of hot milkoh look I spilled again really nice mixit up and marshmallows that are way toobig I’m try not to be judgmental ok yeahit’s good he’s like childhood wheneveryou went to a coffee shop to get a hotchocolate you don’t really care how goodit is you just want that general tastealright next we’re gonna try a littleharder a simple single serving hotchocolate starts with 1 cup or 236milliliters of whole milk 1 tablespoonor 18 grams of heavy cream 1/4 teaspoonor 2 grams of vanilla extract one and ahalf tablespoons or 18 grams of brownsugar and 2 tablespoons or 13 grams ofunsweetened cocoa powder place that overmedium heat whisking occasionally untilhot and dissolved you know service somemarshmallows or whipped cream and thengrate some chalk over that hot chalkit’s I mean automatically it smells awhole lot better sort of chocolate lendsits helping hand of course butright off the bat probably this comestogether I would say it’s pretty prettygood actually way more chocolatey waydeeper flavor when you can control thesweetness which is humongous that’s hugedoes not everybody likes the super-sweethot chocolate myself included we’re abit into a hundred percent chocolateabout a sweet is it dirt which isn’tsweet next we’re gonna make an Italianstyle hot chocolate also known aschocolate the cal de started theitalians watching this I mean you noharmnow you’ll need one and a half cups are354 millilitres of whole note for thisbut first add four ounces of finelychopped dark chocolate to a smallsaucepan plus a splash of your wholemilk begin heating that over medium heatand add two tablespoons or 30 grams ofgranulated sugar and 1 tablespoon or 6grams of cocoa powder stir occasionallyuntil melted now while you’re waitingfor that to melt though mix together 1tablespoon or 9 grams of cornstarch witha small splash of your whole milk what’syour chocolate is melted at the rest ofyour milk and make sure to add it slowlywhile whisking constantly and continueto heat until all that liquid is niceand hot then whisk in your cornstarchslurry continue heating and whiskinguntil thickened pour into a mug withwhipped cream and dust with cocoa powderwhich I don’t really know howrealistically Italian this is Thank Youmotorcycle you know all the other carsare like is thick 18 C’s and you knowhow I feel about things that are thickso obviously this is my favorite one youcan even tell by the way it sounds whenI sip it listenthat sounds very good thank youlast but not least is a Mexican hotchocolate first you can order take asingle cinnamon stick and place it underyour broiler and char only one side ofit then you’re gonna need one seededdried chili of choice I used to smokeNew Mexican chili just be careful of thechili isn’t too spicy this is almost alittle bit spicy boy hours in a smallsauce pot combined eight ounces or 226grams of dark chocolate about 70% cocoafinely chopped one-and-a-halftablespoons or 18 grams of brown sugarhalf of a vanilla bean pod scraped ofits seeds plus the pods themselfcinnamon stick your chili a small pinchof salt and one and a half cups are 354milliliters of whole milk heat and stiruntil mixture is hot and steamy andchocolate is melted and then just let itsteep for 10 minutes remove the vanillabean pods and cinnamon stick then blendthat mixture in a blender on high speeduntil smooth pour through a fine meshstrainer and enjoy with toppings ofchoice again traditional not exactlydelicious yes humongous depth of flavorrich it’s got a little bit of saltinessto it and the smoky flavor from thechili and it’s spicy and it’s sweet andit’s chocolaty very nice and I reallydon’t want to drink any more of this butI really want to give you my opinion onit the opinion that you didn’t ask theverdict on the winner for meMexican hot chocolate and the Italianhot chocolate are my favorite these arethe winners but do you want to know whatelse is a winner be role[Music]we’re guys and that is it’s so hotchocolate you know you’re gonna havejust have to make it it’s starting toget cold winter’s coming around now is agood time to start you know thinkingabout it there’s a lot of stuff going onbehind the scenes but a lot of stuff Idon’t want to share yet yeah I want tosay more about how merch is coming butI’ve said that about a billion times butit is coming I’ll cut it right there sowith all that said if you enjoy thisvideo or you learn something leave alike subscribe and I will see you nexttime[Music]

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