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How to Cook Cheese and Onion Picnic Picnic Pie – Family Sized Pie

In this video I demonstrate how to cook cheese and onion pie with a standing crust and a super flaky pastry lid. This is a superb picnic pie which is best eaten cold. The standing crust makes it a more robust pie which will stay together well. The filling is real comfort food, with the sweetness of onions, delicious tangy cheese and the soft welcome of mashed potatoes. It is comfort in a pie!

A huge thank you to my dear friend Emma Baird for her super flaky pastry recipe: https://youtu.be/ivHFUzHDOEU

Be sure to visit Emma’s channel, and I would appreciate it very much if you give her video a thumbs-up, subscribe to her channel and leave a few words of encouragement in the comments. Let’s give Emma a reason to keep bringing hers and her families’ skills and talents to an ever-growing YouTube audience.

Thanks in advance!


250g plain flour (all purpose flour)
56g lard or vegetable shortening like Trex or Crisco
120g water, stock or milk, or any combination of these
1 tsp salt
2-3 medium onions, sliced
220g mature cheddar, grated

You will need a deep 23cm/9″ pie dish, preferably a spring-form one

Instructions are in this video!


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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]all rightcheese and onion pie this one’s going tobe a good one we’re starting off with250 grams of flour this we’re going tomake this with a standing crust but thetop is going to be topped with my friendEmma’s special flaky pastry which havemade a batch up of there and we’ll needfor the standing cross we’ll need 250grams of flourI’ve got 56 grams of lard here I’m gonnaneed 120 grams of liquid or stock butwe’ll come to that when I make up thewhen I make up the pastry and you’llneed some salt you’ll need some pepperI’ve got two and a half medium-sizedbrown onions which have cut offI’ve got 220 grams of mature cheddar Iuse mature cheddar because it’s got anice well-developed flavor you don’thave to use mature cheddar you use anysharp cheese you can get your hand on600 grams of mashed potatoes these aremy respires which mash up really lovelyand I’ll be using a 9 inch springformpan which you just say I’ve just sprayedwith some oil on the inside and Emma’spastry right Emma’s pastry you’re gonnahave to go to Emma’s turkey pie videowhich I’ll link up here oh where is itup here Emma’s pie video and see how shemakes this it’s quite easy to make it’sreally really quite easy and what I doonce it’s made up I just keep that inthe fridge until I need it okay I’ve gota small saucepan over high heat and intothat I’m just gonna pour in a mixture ofmilk and waterthat’s half and half and that’s abouthalf a cup of all off a mugful and intothat I’m just going to put all my onionsand then I’ll cover that now and steamthat offfor about bring it to the ball steam itoff for about two to two minutes okayit’s about a minute into the steam Ijust want to get the onions to the statewhere they’re completely relaxed at themoment they’re still a bit rigid so I’mgoing to get them to relax a bit moreanother minute okayyeah that’s nice and relaxed now andthen what I want to do now is I want toget those strained off so I’m going tostrain them into a bowl and catch theliquid underneath them oops oops thefingers okay I strain the liquid fromthe onions but I’m keeping that becausethat’s all flavor we don’t want to throwthat away so the next thing I want to dois make up the liquid for my standingcross pastry so I’m going to use the panthe oil onions will boiled in and I’lljust tear that way down to zeroand then I’m going to add the strainingthrough my onion liquid and then I needto make that up to 120 grams in totaland then what I’ll do is I’ll bring thisto the boil and add in my lord so all Ineed to do now is way out my flour andwait for the wait for the lard andliquid mixture to boil all right let’swait out 250 grams I’m just going to putpinch of salt in it about half ateaspoon maybe a little bit more andthen I’m going to take my hot Lord andliquid mixture and add it in make alittle well in the middle and add it inlet’s get that out of the way and thenstir that into mix you don’t want to getin there with your hands just yetbecause that’s going to be hot you canuse all-purpose flour for this ordinaryplain flour I’m using an extra triplezero fine flour for this and then assoon as you can start to work it that’swhat you have to do and then we can putthat onto our work surfaceand then I’ll get ready to work italright I’m set up for our pastry now sowhat I want to do is get a sprinkle someflour onto the surface and the colderthe surface the better I’ve got thisgranite slab and also I like to get abit of flour on my rolling pin againthat’s a stone rolling pin which isreally useful and then I want to getthis worked a bit so just pull it pushit put it and push it like that and itcan use a bit of work just do that for aminute so I’m gonna happy thatthat’s alright what I’d like to do thenis turn it and turn it in with myfingers as I’m turning like that don’task me why I do it also grab it againand then flour your board and then weneed to roll that out real flat and I’mrolling out fairly thin it’s not like abritish pork pie that’s different halfthe dope or pie recipe for you okaythat’s about as big as i’m going tomanage with this stoned surface so i’mgonna fold that over like that and dropit into myI’m painting and then what I’ll do isI’ll push it in at the corners and thenwork it up the sides and then I work itfurther up the sides just keep goingaround working it off the sides doesn’tneed to go all the way up to the top butI like to get it all the way to the lipbecause this is a big pipe with a bigfilling and no I’m not going to blindbake it I know some of you get in thecomments and ask me why I don’t blindbake because I don’t need to this isreally thin and we’re going to be bakingthis for quite a long time on the lowersetting so there’s no need to blind bakeit okay so it’s now is it time to starton the filling so what I’ll do is I’lljust put that to one side it doesn’tmatter if it dries out a bit in factthat’s advantageous and then we work onthe filling soak into the filling potgoes almost potatoes and that’s so 600grams of mashed potatoes that what I’mgonna do is I’m gonna fork it loosely sothat everything that dropped onto itmixes in roll the well so into that I’mgoing to get some cheese all my cheeseand this potato it’s not hot that’s havebeen allowed to cool off in goes thecheese and then mix that one in justtumble it don’t want to put pressure onit just tumbling so we’ve got all thattater mixed in with the cheese where yousee large bits of large areas of cheeseyou just mix some potato into and thenend up like that okay into that thoseare now cooled off slightly onionsa little warmth in the onions doesn’tmatter because that will help theflavors mix in with the rest of the piefilling and then we just stir that intomix and the reason I cut the onions thatway is so that it gives some structureto the pie filling so it makes thatreally handy to use as a picnic pie weget our lovely pie pie crust and we loadit up substantially big pie this boysand girls this is a picnic pride myfavorite kind of pie is a pick me pie soall that goes in and then we’ll tease itinto the shell and you can leave alittle dome in the middle don’t worryabout that because domes is good soslightly raised in the middle but teaseddown in the corners I’m just going toput that to one side now and then we’llwork on the lid so out of the fridgecomes my Emma’s pastry made with ahundred grams of flour just gonna dipthat in the flour put it down onto afloured board and roll it out super easyto work with this is super easy keepyour board well floured thereit’s nice having a heavy rolling pinlike this it takes all the work out ofit roll that out it’s a lot easier towork with in some pastries I really likethis but you’ll see that on Emma’s videomake sure you go check out Emma’s videoand it’s that way he can really go goDelia she can cook she can cook like aboss they eat well in the bed householditalia and they’re mostly homegrown foodright that should be a decent pie lidfor that so what I’ll do then I’ll foldthat over just down that side fold itover again and then lift it up bringhither the pie and then lay that overlike that and then force it into thecorners don’t stretch either lift andpush lift and Porsha uh-huh until itforms a pie crust then what I want to dois I just want to trim off those for asecond so I’ll do this it’s easy enoughso I’ll trim those bits off and you’llsee now we finish this little beauty sowith very little trim I’ll probably dois just bake those off my brother elitenow and then I push that in right hereit’s getting closerI push that in there tease it away fromthe wall so tease the the hot crust thehot dough pastry in from the wall andfold it in and around so it starts tofold in and around like that you’rewatching me you’re following me I knowyou are and then what we do is we go inpush that in so I’m going around pushingthe the lid pastry underneath the rollsof hot dope puff pastry and then whatI’m going to do is I’m going to goaround again and fold it over it againlike that we’re nearly there boys andgirls we’re nearly there your patiencewill be rewarded I’ve sent you off to mysite to find some pastry and then comeback here but you’ll soon be rewardedfor your diligence right then I’m goingto push it in with my thumb like that oneach one pushing in and down in and downin and down and just go around like thatuntil they’ve got all the way around andonce we got like that go around againonly this time in the intermedia bitslike that but not pushing too hard thistime so there we are the pike right thenext thing we’ll need is a little venthole and then we’re going to do it thisway I’m just going to put a slit inthere and a slit in there like thatand I think I’m not even going to givethat an egg wash I think that will bejust great as it is because Emma’spastry as a lovely lovely flaky textureand it just puffs up a little bit andand and it’s it’s absolutely wonderfulif you see the pastry you can still seethe Flex of butter in it where they’vejust got coated with the flour so it’sreally really excellent so right bakingthat needs to go into a preheated oven160 degrees and it needs to bake for atleast an hour but if it takes any longerI will let me know in the reveal yesgorgeous well I don’t know about youboys and girls but I’m rather happy withthatnow the painful part is I’m gonna haveto wait and allow that to cool offbefore I cut it you’ll see it in a fewseconds okay it’s cooled down enough forme to release it from the spring formand it’s still set on its base but thereyou go that’s the standing crust andit’s looking rather good looking ratherattractive and rather pleased with thatnow I’ve just got to be patient I wantto cut into it straightaway and eat itbut um I’ve gotta be patient okay now isthe moment of truth I’m gonna put aknife to it oh listen to that as it cutsdownlet me turn it oh yes let’s get evencloser oh yeah check that out howgorgeous is that well time to serve thatup but there you go boys and girlscheese and onion pie with a standingcrust and my friend Emma’s flaky pastrytop top is just woohoo top is justamazing that is going to be a deliciouspie and a perfect picnic pie enjoy[Music][Music][Music]hey friends if you enjoyed this videoplease give it a like if you would liketo follow my channel please subscribeand don’t forget to click the bell iconand select all to receive notificationsfor all my future videos it would begreat to hear from you in the commentsand I’ll try to get back to as many ofyou as possibleyou may wish to check out these titlesor even help me out with the donationusing the links in the description belowthe videothanks for watching

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