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How To Bake The BEST Homemade Apple Pie!

Learn how to bake the easiest and most tastiest apple pie right at the comfort of your own home! This 12 minute video will show you the best and easiest way to cook an apple pie you always wanted! Like and subscribe for more videos similar to this one! See you in the next one!

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Video Transcription

what we’re doing todayAmerica’s favorite apple pie ingredientsgranny smith apples 6 summer green andnicewe need the lemma pure cane sugar I likesugar it could be white sugar no matterit’s flour and coke no and bar andsalted butter no Coke but light firststick unsalted butter apples 6 applescleaned clean cut and sliced in thelittle pieces like this then 6×6[Music]so I like King sugar pure cane sugar Ilike it for my apple pie you can use awhite regular white sugar when I triedthis one and I like so for six eggswe’re doing two cups of sugar 2 cups nowlook what’s going on then second cupsugar a little bit less then whole Cupwhat I do I add some brown sugar to itgive you some kind of differentremove these apples butter is melted putsome apples 5 6 apples wanna skipimprove so job Grammy granny smithapples but not sweet they got a littlebit sour but the pie by itself is prettypretty sweet pie crust put 2 cups ofsugar now I forgot another ingredientsomething else I forgot to mention butground cinnamon look cinemaokay see we cover those apples withcinnamon cinnamon not going to kill youaction cinnamon is good for your immunesystem and gives you good taste thoseapples so with that butter unsaltedbutter in the bottom apple cinnamon know[Music]what we need lemon for we’re not gonnause lemon we’re gonna use just our skin[Music]the skin of lemon gives you incrediblesmell oil in that skin gives you a tasteby the way no guys if you are do thisyou’re gonna kill the lemon so you useit as soon as possible so I’m not gonnause lemon juice or Nothing to definejust that skin the whole lemon and afterthat mix it up again in the mixer thenwe add some flour and look at it the thehardest part is to clean apples and tocut apples and pieces that’s it I’malmost done doing that part it’s so easyit’s so goodokay so see you put lemon skin it’s timeto pre-heat your oven this is beautifulelectric alarm from Samsung what we dowe do bake to turbo bake I’ll put them350 and start 351 350 so we got we’vemixed it up eggs sugar and skin of lemonmix it up really good really goodtake your time take your time now onecup of flour actually we need two cupsbut I’m doing one little by littlebecause it’s gonna make some mess theflourRamosthe same way put second cup flour allright so we got mixed up everything andflour – 2 cups of flourno who dumped it on those apples withthe cinnamon and your mom with thebutter here’s my hand it’s so mucheasier because this stuff is kind oflike it’s like sticky because sugar andflour so we got itin pan see that cinema came out what I’mdoing this those air bubbles I wanna beI don’t wanna in despite a lot of airbubbles and that’s why I’m doing thisshake shake shakeokay frog legs I mean sugar this isregular white sugartrust me this is going to be realcrunchy and actually the top is the bestpart of the pie but Apple sort of goodtooall right that’s goodshake it one more time oh let’s go intothe oven bitch I’m gonna stopwhat’s preheated 350 350 with it’s a togo on to things that’s my mum 350 andlet’s leave it for approximately for 30minutes after 30 minutes we’re gonna wegot a light off so you can see gottawash it a little bit some sealapproximately after 30 minutes Oh 35minutes passed and it’s a littlecorrection I raised it up temple here375 after 35 minutes let’s check so Ihave a little trick for you guys how toknow 100% sure how good hundred percentsure that pie is done toothpicktoothpick[Music]let’s see right in the middlestick that toothpick toothpick is cleanif you fix clean actually a little bitwe need like five more minutes so whenyou take it out and the toothpick isclean clean this one got a little bitdoor in it so it’s just a little bit soit’s another five minutes and then we’redone look how crunchy the top isbeautiful after five minutes let’s seedo the same thing again make a new holewhen you hope it’s clean it’s not soleave it in the oven let it cool offmilk buy them share out that oven howbeautifulcrunch

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  1. Epic Recipe. After you taste this you’ll understand how Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb felt after they destroyed the 2nd Death Star. Or how Han felt when he realized Leia and Luke were brother and sister. Yes, this recipe is THAT good. 1 variation: mixed apples in with sauce before placing in pie. Advice: -Work quick -Use a properly good pastry crust approved by the Rebel Alliance

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