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French Silk Pie with Joanna Gaines | Magnolia Table, Vol. 2

It’s the most requested dessert in the Gaines house and it makes sense why: smooth chocolatey filling + crumbly chocolate crust + homemade whipped cream… it is just so good!

This is another recipe from Jo’s new cookbook – Magnolia Table, Volume 2! Get the recipe in this video, as well as in the cookbook. Available April 7, or you can pre-order by clicking this link: https://magno.li/preordercookbook

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]sotoday i’m going to show you how to makeone of my favorite dessertsmy french silk pieit is so delicious the only thing youneed to think aboutin advance for this is the chill timepreferablychilled up to four hours if not longerbut the french silk pie is one of myfavorite dessertsit’s my kids favorite now from thecookbook we show it with a traditionalcrusti love the option of a cookie crustand that’s what i’m going to do todayi’m going to actually show you theoptional crust which is the chocolatecookie crust so we’re first going tostart with the crust because the crustneeds to bake for about 8 minutes5 ounces of chocolate wafers the box isabout nine so i’m just going to kind ofdo a little guesstimate there until it’sfinally crumbled[Music]i’m going to show you what amy isworking on while we’re bakingella thank you for filming this this ismy sweet ella that’s still new todayshe’s giving her a trimwho doesn’t need a good trim duringquarantine right i told her i wasn’tgonna trim her hair today so she istrimmingthe dolls here okayokay so now we’ve got our cookie crumbsi’m gonna add a stick of melted butter1 4 cup sugar and i’m gonna stir itthis is going to be the pie crust andyou can eat any chunks that didn’t makeit through theprocess of blending perfectionget your pie plateand get the crust all nice and good andlike i said y’all if youwant to make your own homemade justtraditional pie crust we’ve got thatrecipe in the bookif you want to do one that’s juststore-bought makes it very simple quickand easy you can also do thati prefer a nice crumble on the edgesfor it to not look perfect because itjust feelsjust a little more i don’t know handmadehomemade not handmade you can see how iwould be confused with thatso i’m going to bake the crust for eightminutesand while i’m doing that i’m gonna startwith thechocolate blend two eggsand do the sugar and the trick with thisyou can show it in there you have tostir this constantly you don’t want toleavethis[Music]hey emmy you can come finish your hairshe wanted to dye her hair until itturned outso you want to do this on low whiskingconstantlyuntil it hits 160 degreeswe’ll just see where we’re at right nowobviously do not want to overcook theeggnot even close this whisk with doo doodoo doo doowe’re getting close i’d say 10 moresecondstake it off the heat you’re gonna addtwo ounces of unsweetened chocolatethat melt in there and then one teaspoonvanilla do you love the french soap pieas much as your brothersyou do that’s a yes for those of you whocan’t see her knotting her head up anddownyou’re gonna set it asideand let it cool so the crust is finishedit’s ready to go whilethe chocolate mixture is cooling i’mgoing to go ahead and do the otherportion ofthe french silk mix you’re going to usethe paddle attachment1 3 cup softened butteri’m gonna do this on the side so that itcan be quickwhich is two-thirds cup heavy creamone-fourth cup powdered sugarokay that’s ready to go when it can kindof sing on its own or when the stiffpeaks form so now this chocolateblend is cooled pour the chocolate blendinto the butter blend i’m going toblend this on high speed for fiveminutes until it’s light and fluffy[Music]okayin five minutes and now we’re gonna foldinthe powdered sugar and heavy whip blendthat we blended earlierwe’re gonna put this in thecookie crustthis is when i just want to take thespatulaand just lick it becausethat camera is on it’s actually holdingme accountablehere we go we’re gonna spread it evenlyokay we’re gonna let it set now in therefrigerator for four hoursone thing i forgot to mention is makesure thecrust is completely cooled so that thepie filling doesn’t melt once you pourit in therei accidentally did that totally forgotdon’t tell anyone i should know betterum but while i’m letting that chill inthe refrigerator i’m gonna make thehomemade whipped cream real quick whichis so easywhat i love about homemade whipped creamis you can add it to anything this isjust one of those things that’s justeasy to know typically have all theingredients on hand it’s just powderedsugarheavy whip and vanillaokay so i’ve whipped it a little bit nowi’m going to add a fourth a cup of thepowdered sugara teaspoon vanillathe pie is chilled i put the whippedcream on top i’ve garnished the top withthe chocolatei like miniature things which is why ihave a little mini cheese grater thereare other more professional instrumentsout there but i prefer to usethe miniature cheese grater and i’mbasically grating the leftoverunsweetened chocolate that i didn’t usefor the fillingyou can garnish it with as muchchocolate as you wantand there you go princess[Music]you

38 Replies to “French Silk Pie with Joanna Gaines | Magnolia Table, Vol. 2

  1. How do they all stay so thin eating these types of foods? They must have amazing metabolisms.

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  4. Okay, if y’all are going to keep teaching us how to cook at home during the quarantine, we aren’t going to want to end the quarantine…… Just kidding, I want to do more camping. But y’all just keep on making these videos, we love them.

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  6. Loving these videos!! Doesn’t matter what shes making, I just love to feel like I’m there! Thank you for making these ❤

  7. I’m loving these videos. Thank you Joanna and the Gaines Family. Sending greetings from Australia

  8. Looks in refrigerator…… Hmm I have all those things. Yells: “I’m making silk pie tonight!”…. To no one in particular.

  9. You cook just like my mother in law! Both mother’s of large families. She whips up and moves around the kitchen so quickly! You gotta feed all those kids quickly!

  10. Whoever chooses the soothing background music for your charming videos, should get extra pie!. Keep ’em coming please. Stay safe.

  11. It looks scrumptious Your daughter is doing a wonderful job on video taping looks professional Thanks Joanne

  12. This looks absolutely delicious, and not too complicated. The children do a great job of filming these as well! Also, I love your apron (French blue in the kitchen ❤️) Where is it from?

  13. I love how you and your family are so humble and authentic on everything you do! I’m a huge fan! Can’t wait to get cook book #2!!! May the Lord keep all of you safe and healthy!

  14. I want that so much! can’t wait for this cookbook. These segments make me and my daughter smile!

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