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No Bake Chocolate Banoffee Pie by Jess Beautician

Another mouth-watering dessert recipe from our beloved Jess.
Classic in a new dress: everyone’s favourite banoffee pie in a raw vegan, method. Simple to make, easy to love.
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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to anotherrecipe video with mr. organic I’msharing something sweet again this timeand it’s for a no-bake chocolatebanoffee pie here I used the mr. organicorganic cocoa biscuits as part of thebanoffee pie biscuit base these are themost delicious crunchy chocolatybiscuits and best of all they are palmoil free I took half a packet of theseor ten biscuits in total and I placedthose in a food processor first to thatI then added in one cup of oats thenthree quarters of a cup of choppedwalnuts and three quarters of a cup oflarge pitted soft middle dates and thenI just blended that up in my foodprocessor until the nuts are completelybroken down but also started to releasetheir oils helping to combine themixture I next added in two tablespoonsof melted and cold coconut oil thenblended it up again until that was wellmixed through and the result looks alittle something like this I then placedthat in a 24 centimeter wide pie dishalthough this could be made in acheesecake tin or any other baking dishthat you have then using a spatula Ijust spread it out evenly and flattenedit down I next just went around theedges and compacted the mixture down astightly as possible using my fingers sothat it sticks and holds together well Ithen place that in the fridge to set forone hour and just before I removed itfrom the fridgeI made the filling for the chocolatetoffee fillingI used the mr. organic coconut andhazelnut chocolate spread again liketheir biscuits this is also palm oilfree I took a spatula and just scoopedout the contents of one jar into a foodprocessor to that I then added in 3/4 ofa cup ofof soft pitted medjool dates i alsoadded in half a cup of oat milk howeverany plant-based milk will work for thisI then put the lid on the food processorand just blended that up for a goodthree minutes until it was nice andsmooth and the end result looks a littlesomething like this I scooped thefilling out into the base which I’dremoved from the fridge and using aspatulaI just smoothed it out evenly I thenplace that back in the fridge for afurther 1 hour to fully set before Ithen removed it from the fridge again Ipeeled and sliced 2 medium sized ripebananas I slice these at a slight angleto create longer slices and then once Iremoved the pie from the fridge I thenjust laid those on top of the chocolatetoffee filling I tend to lay these outfirst starting around the outside edgethen I move into the center so thatthey’re pretty evenly placed I thencreated the cream layer next for this Itook two cans of full fat coconut milkwhich had been in the fridge for 12hours and using a spoon I just scrapedout the coconut cream from the top layeryou want the cream only for this and notthe water that separates in the bottom Iplace the cream from both cans on alarge mixing bowl and then I just whiskit together until smooth and then spreadthat out over the top of the bananalayer all the way to the edges aroundthe pie and just made sure that it wasnicely even to finish it off I thentopped it with some dark chocolate curlsand also some dark chocolate shavingswhich I think finished it off reallynicely and just adds another chocolatyelementthis no-bake chocolate banoffee pie iscreamy chocolatey and has an incrediblebiscuit base the cocoa biscuits make itsoft and crumbly but it still holdstogether and the texture is more like acake it literally melts in your mouthand these works so well for dessertbases the filling is rich and smooth theflavor from the coconut and hazelnutchocolate spread is heavenly and is sucha nice combination with the cocoabiscuit base the banana adds sweetnessand then the cream layer and thechocolate toppings finish it off reallybeautifully the mr. organic range ofbiscuits also includes multigrainbiscuits with Chia and flax seeds andorange biscuits with cocoa beans both ofwhich would also work really well forthe base instead and as well as thecoconut hazelnut spreadmr. organic also have a dark chocolateand hazelnut spread as well as achocolate hazelnut spread again both ofthese would work really nicely for thischocolate banoffee pie filling too[Music]you

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