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Easy orange pie- Εύκολη Πορτοκαλόπιτα

Orange pie- Πορτοκαλόπιτα
Ingredients- Υλικά
1 packet of phyllo dough – 1 πακέτο φύλλο
1 cup vegetable oil – 1 φλυτζάνι λάδι άσπρο (350gr)
1 cup sugar – 1 φλ. Ζάχαρη(350gr)
Zest from 2 oranges – ξύσμα από 2 πορτοκάλια
2 teaspoons baking powder – 2 κουτ. Γλυκού μπέικιν πάουντερ
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar – 1 βανίλια για άρωμα
6 eggs – 6 αυγά
1 cup of Greek yogurt – 1 φλ. Γιαούρτι (275gr)

For the syrup- Για το σιρόπι
2 cups of sugar – 2 φλ. Ζάχαρη (650gr)
3 cups of water- 3 φλ. Νερό (1Lt)
Zest from 1 orange + ½ orange- ξύσμα από 1 πορτοκάλι + ½ πορτοκάλι

Tips-Μικρά μυστικά
• We bake in prewarmed oven at 350 Fahrenheit/ 175 Celsius for 40 minutes Ψήνουμε την πίτα σε προ θερμασμένο φούρνο στου 350 Φαρενάιτ/ 175 Κελσίου για 40 λεπτά
• After the first 25 minutes you can open the oven and turn the pan around so it can cook evenly- Μετά τα πρώτα 25 λεπτά ανοίγουμε τον φούρνο και γυρίζουμε το ταψί για ομοιόμορφο ψήσιμο.
• Let the pie cook down completely before you put the syrup on top. Syrup needs to be right off the fire, hot. – Αφήστε το γλυκό να κρυώσει τελείως πριν βάλετε το σιρόπι. Το σιρόπι πρέπει να είναι μόλις έχει βγει από τη φωτιά. Καυτό.
• We boil the syrup for about 10 min in medium heat- Βράζουμε το σιρόπι για 10 λεπτά σε μέτρια φωτιά.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello welcome again we’re here and we’regonna make a very very special anddelicious cake actually I shouldn’t callit a cake they call it a pie but Ishouldn’t call it a pie either it’ssomething in between between a kid and apieso it’s an orange cake pie or for tocala vida as we call it in Greek very easyto make very few ingredients very quickprocess and extremely delicious so whatdo you say you’re ready let’s go get ouringredients and the ingredients weregoing to need for today for the orangepie or cake or the phonewe’re gonna need brutal dough it’s thetime that we make the bottom of alwaysknow when it comes to the pocket likethis and it we need to open it and mixto be unthought so please have itoutside in refrigerator eggs bakingpowder yogurt Greek yogurt oil corn oilor vegetable oil whatever type of alight only you have sugar – orange peelsthe dust of the orange and this is forthe syrup that I’m going to be havingand it has 2 cups of sugar and the peelof one orange in it and the water that Ihave right here which is 3 cups is goingto go in there when the time comes inorder for the syrup to be ready so thefirst thing that we need to do and weneed to wait for about 2 hours afterthis is open up the sea lifeso I’m going to open the feelers oh andI have this bowl because I’m going toput it in theredoesn’t matter if it breaks through theenemies we do not want it broken and I’mjust gonna leave it in here one or twoweeks at a time and it could be hangingout so what we need with this is for thefielder to dry this is going to take acouple of hours and during those coupleof hours we’re going to be coming andkind of messing it around turning itupside down because whatever is on airit’s going to dry quicker so our toplayers are going to try quicker dryquicker than our bottom layers so whatwe need to do is every so often every 20minutes every 30 minutes just come andmix them up a little bit if we want todry it quicker which I’m not going to doright now we can put it in the oven alittle bit of warm oven for maybe 10-15minutes unless they said what we wanthere is for this all to dry so I’m goingto need this on the side to dry forabout two hours and we’re going to comeback to continue with our inch pipe twohours have passed I have been turningand tossing my pillow see it has becomedry so what I need to do is take all thefill and kind of crush itit doesn’t matter how big or small we’rejust taking it and cutting it intosmaller piecesI put pump to the side so it driesquicker there we go we just want to makesure that all the theaters cut but wedon’t have any whole pieces see this istoo big so we want to make sure thatthis is cutwhen we make sure that all the piecesare cut we’re gonna start making ourorange pipe if you see that some of thepieces are not that dry you can let itdry a little bit longer I do have somepieces now that I’m not a hundredpercent dry so I might let it stick foranother 15 20 minutes so we just playedwith it a little bit make sure not toobig of pieces are there again we need tohave it crushed like this okay so I’mgonna let it sit for another 15 minutesand then I’m gonna come back so we canfinish up our orange pipe so that’s thelongest part that this cake has youwaiting for the glue to dry once thishas dries the cake actually takes maybefive six minutes to be made and thisdoesn’t really require any any of youreffort you just have to let it drythat’s all okay see you in 15 minutes my15 minutes have passed my fill of doughis perfectly dry so what I’m gonna donow is I’m gonna take my oil as you seeI’m measuring everything with the samecut I like using the same cut ateverything I make it makes it easier myoil and my sugar we’re going it’s gonnamix it upmix it up for a couple of minutes youdon’t need to use a mixer you just needto use your whisk and you mix it likethis it makes my sugar and my oil I’mgonna slowly add the eggs I’m just gonnabreak all the eggs doesn’t require toomuch mixing just breaking the egg okayyou see everything is there adding myyogurt 1 cup of yogurt this is the peelof 2 oranges so I’m gonna add my orangeleave it as well and I’m not going toput a full packet of vanilla depends onwhat type of vanilla if you have I’mgoing to use half of this packet ofvanilla sugar or if you have vanillaextract you can use that as wellmaybe half a teaspoon of that not toomuchI’m gonna mix everything really well andnow the last part is my feet and mybaking powder the baking powder I’mgoing to put in after I put the phylloor kind of do it interchangeably so whatI want to do is put a little bit off myfeel and a little bit of my bakingpowder and mix it like this until it allthe feel is wetif you see little sticking up togetheryou just need to keep mixing it untilit’s all mixed in it’s gonna take up allthe feel we’re gonna keep doing thisuntil it all of the phyllo is absorbedit doesn’t require any heavy mixing verysoft until I see that my pillow is alltakenit just starts to thicken up a littlebit as the Phaedo takes in all myliquids so as I said I need to leaksreally well you need to mix really wellmake sure all the feel gets wet as yousaw I don’t put any oranges in there Ijust put the orange zest 2 oranges nowwhat I’m gonna do I use a rectangularpan if your pan is a little bit biggeryour orange cake is going to be a littlebit thinner if it’s a little bit smallerit’s just gonna be a little bit thickerbut I don’t need to oil it I don’t needto flour it nothing just throw it in thepan and my pie is ready for the ovenlet’s go on the open up oven is readywarmed up at 350 degrees Fahrenheit thatwould make it around 150 degrees celcius150 to 160 so my orange pie needs to goin there doesn’t require a very hightemperature so at 350 degrees we’regonna bake for about 40 minutes I’mgonna open the oven in about 30 minutesjust to turn the pan around to make surethat it doesn’t burn or cook more on oneside than the other and that’s it we’regonna take it out and then let it coolin the meantime we’re gonna go make ourSaraso why am i orange twice in the oven I’mgonna make my stirrup these are the twocups of sugar with one orange zestI took the dust from one orange and Iput it in there and these are three cupsof water again I use the same cup as Iused to measure everything so threethree cups of water two cups of sugarI’m gonna turn on my fire you’re gonnahave it up high at first and then I’mgonna lower it so it kind of boils forabout 10-15 minutes or the sugar and thewater comes nextI’m also going to squeeze a little bitof an orange and just throwing theorange in there throw it with the peelon as we’re gonna use it in the end todecorate our pie so the only thing I’mgonna do if you see the orange kind ofgetting stuck together use your spoon tobreak it up so it goes everywhere seethose big chunks right hereI’m just gonna use my spoon to break itup okay we’re gonna let it boil and thenwe’re going to lower the heat to amedium heat and let it boil for aboutten minutes as soon as it comes to aboiling point medium heat ten minutesforty minutes have passed and the orangepie smells delicious let’s up in theoven there we go it’s ready I’m gonnashow youthis is what it looks like it’s exactlyafter 14 minutes in the oven and what weneed to do now is just let it cool offcompletely that’s gonna take a couple ofhours before we can put the syrup on topof it so our cake pie whatever you wantto call it needs to be completely cooledoff before we throw the before we putthe syrup on top of itorange pie is ready it has cooled off Ileft it about two three hours it needsto be completely cooled off so what I’mgonna do something I cut it I alreadycut it but I want to show you that youcan cut it like this square pieces oryou can cut a triangle or you can cut itany way you wantso I cut it square you can see thepieces separate the reason I cut it it’sbecause when I put the syrup on top thesyrup is going to go inside thoseseparations and it’s gonna make itreally moist so what’s gonna happen nowI have my stirrup over there which I hadboiled i reheat it again as it needs tobe really hot needs to reach a boilingpoint and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonnapour it on topso it seems very to see I’m going to useall the syrup don’t think it’s a lotit’s going to go all the way to thebottom and if you see a little bit ofsyrup on top it’s okayso we need hot syrup and we need veryvery cool hi can I help it a little biteverywhere you’re going to give it about30 40 minutes until it cools off afterall the syrup has and put on and then itwill be able to cut it so you can seewhat it looks likedelicious and easy cake to make nowthe oranges you saw that I have in hereI don’t throw this out I have cut ithere I used another one to put so I canshow you so this orange I’ve taken a cutinto small pieces and it could be adecoration like this for the top of myparty I’m not going to put everythingbecause I want to let it take all thesyrup in but this is the way we’re goingto put a small piece on every piece ofour and why so we can serve it yes let’swait[Music]you[Music]

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