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Easy and delicious Fish Pie

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Here is a recipe on how to make the best fish pie. It is very tasty and it’s very simple to make. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Thanks for watching this video.

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1) Add 25 grams of flour and butter into a pan and stir until combined and melted
2) Add 400 ml of milk gradually
3) Stir well
4) Add a handful of cheese
5) Stir well
6) Add 400 grams mixed fish. I’m using salmon and 2 styles of prawns, 1 is British and 1 is Indian (Tip: Add fish/seafood of your choice, e.g salmon, cod & haddock)
7) Stir well
8) Add mix veg
9) Add salt and pepper
10) Boil 1kg of potato
After boiled…
11) Add a 4tsp butter and a glass of milk
12) Season with salt & pepper
13) Mash it
14) Add all the sauce to an oven proof dish
15) Top with mash potato
16) Sprinkle cheese
17) Place in the oven @ 200 degrees Celsius
18) Bake for 20-25 minutes
19) It’s ready!!!

Time stamp:

00:00 Intro
00:19 Prepare sauce
02:43 Prepare mashed potato
03:20 Prepare fish pie
04:38 Oven
04:53 It’s ready
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