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1 Double pie crust of your choice ( see below)

5 cups whole pitted tart red cherries, canned or frozen, drain the canned ones.
1 cup granulated sugar
3 1/2 Tablespoons cornstarch
Pinch of salt
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 Tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 1/4 inch cubes.
1 Tablespon milk
Vanilla Ice Cream for serving

Preheat oven to 375. In a bowl, add the cherries, sugar, cornstarch, salt, lemon juice and vanilla. Stir till most of the sugar is dissolved, or let set for a minute, then stir.
Fit the bottom crust into a 9 inch pie plate. Add the cherry mixture. Dot with butter.

With the remaining crust, cut into 10 strips. Arrange dough strips, forming a Lattice pattern. Trim overhang and tuck ends under edge of bottom crust and crimp edges. Brush with milk, using a pastry brush. Sprinkle with granulated sugar. Transfer pie to a rimmed baking sheet and bake till pie is bubbling and crust is golden. About 1 hour. Add a edge protector, if desired, half way through the baking time to keep the edges from over browning.

Transfer pie to a cooling rack and let cool till room temp. Slice and serve with ice cream.



2 1/2 c all purpose flour
1 1/4 teaspoons salt
1/4 cup solid shortening
10 Tablespoons very cold unsalted butter, grated
7-10 Tablespoons of ice water

Whisk together the flour and salt. Add the very come grated butter and solid shortening; cut in with a pastry blender or fork. Don’t overwork it; it’s ok to have some butter chunks. Add 4 Tablespoons of water at a time; sprinkle over the flour mixture. Keep adding water till you get a fairly cohesive mixture. It should hold together when you squeeze it in your hand. Divide dough in half and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for 30 minutes. Remove dough from fridge and let set for a few minutes. When it’s read to roll, it will be soft, but cold. Roll out on a lightly floured surface. This makes a double crust. Use as desired. Follow your pie recipe for baking instructions. Freezes for up to 3 months.

❗️Watch our Pie Crust Tutorial in the video playlist. Pie Crust 101.

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Video Transcription

welcome to the farm Stein kitchen myname is Rebecca and today we’re makingpie cherry lattice pie we’ve beentalking about this all day today Iposted the picture and got you guys allexcited about itso we’re gonna make it this is stilljust a tad warm on the bottom I’ve beenwaiting for my pie to cool so we couldcut into it but we’re still gonna cutinto it it’s gonna be fineI can’t tell you this I know for a factwhen this pie cools it doesn’t run it’sstays really nice and firm it’s a greatpie recipe but I can still feel just atiny bit of warmth underneath here butwe’re gonna crack into it anyway solet’s go ahead and get started now I’mfollowing the recipe today and the farmshank election cookbook we’ve beentalking about this too and this is onpage 142 of the cookbook and I also wantto say to you guysnow I’ve already prepared the pie cruston for this pie and we’ve already donethis together a lot of you that’s beenwith us for a long time you remember thepie crust 101 now that’s in our videoplaylist on the Facebook page so forthose of you that have not seen thatvideo you can look it up it’s like a 22minute video we go we show you exactlyhow to make this pie crust and I havehad people tons of people tell me thatthey watch the video have never made piecrusts in their life and they nailed itso it’s a two tutorial it’s kind of longbut I show you exactly exactly how to doit that’s a real nice tender pie crustyou can do it go watch the tutorial andyou’re gonna be cranking out some piecrusts I guarantee you but so I’vealready got my pie crust in here andthen we have the other one for thelattice so this part is done this isalso this recipe is also inthe cookbook as well my tender and flakypie crust so you can find both of theserecipes in that cookbook so let’s justset this here and we will go ahead andjust talk about this so what I’m usingtoday I had tarte red cherries in thecan now I’ve used my frozen cherries forthis recipe as well but if you use thisbrand this size a can this is a 14.5ounce can if you use this you need threecans otherwise you need to fight it’slike 5 cups you need 5 cups of cherriesso you could even buy frozen ones in thestore you could use those as well that’sgonna work for you too so here we haveour five cups of tart red cherriesthat’s what we have in the bowl here andI did drain those so let’s go ahead andadd the rest of our ingredients so hereif you follow the recipe we have a cupof sugar and then we’re going to add ourthree and a half tablespoons ofcornstarch we have just one teaspoon offresh lemon juice we’re gonna put alittle salt a pinch of salt and then Iadd some vanilla to mine and we’re goingto add a half a teaspoon of vanilla sowe’re gonna put that in there now youcould put almond if you’d like to usealmond instead of vanilla that’sperfectly fine because a lot of peoplelike cherry almond so you could also dothat so let’s just go ahead and mix thisall upso this this is all there is to it youjust want to get it mixed up and thenwe’re going to put it in our pie crustokay so that’s what it looks like that’sall you have to do and see it has thisnice juice on it mixed with your cornstarch oh that smells goodlet’s just start to your sugar can wehear any more crunch and your sugarthere alright so let’s get our pie crustover here and then we’re going to goahead and just put this right in okayall right I’ll just even those out andnow we’re going to add just twotablespoons of cubed butter we’re justgonna sprinkle that on top I hopeeveryone is surviving being in yourhomes the cove in nineteen I tell youwhat we have been getting a lot ofmessages because everybody’s homeeverybody’s you know we’re trying tofind things to do and we’ve beenanswering your messages and trying to doa few things to keep it interesting andnot so boring so we thought heck we’lljust make a cherry pie today that willbe fun okay so we just have some dots ofbutter on there all right so let me movethis out of the way to we’re gonna haveto get our other crust so I’m gonnascooch this over and then we’re gonnaget our alright so I already rolled thisout this is my other crust this is justmy little left over there so I’m gonnaget this off of here take it off the panas wellokay now in the cookbook for my piecrust it is a double crust so now we’regonna make our lattice out of this okayso I have made two types of latticecrust there’s one called fattest becauseyou make really wide strips you makejust like two or three and so that’skind of fun sometimes but we’re kind ofgo ahead and just do the traditionallattice now I just freehand this I don’treally have a technique I just kind ofgo for itand that’s what I love about homemadepies I like for him to look homemade Idon’t like for him to be super perfectit’s like for him to look delicious solet’s go ahead and just cut some stripsnow what I’m using here is just a littlefancy little cutter you can just use aknife you don’t have to have one ofthese but we’re just gonna cut somestrips so I’m just going to even that upthere this just puts kind of a littlefancy edge on it and here again there’snot really a lot of rules you guys knowI do not like rules so we’re just gonnacut some strips and this is probablymore than we need but that’s okay youknow we make a little thing with theleftover pie dough called doodads my momand grandma used to do that for us it’sone of those kitchen memories will neverforget you put a little butter on theleftover pie dough and you put sugar andcinnamon roll them up kind of like acrescent roll and then you just pop themin the oven they’re so goodI love to dads okayalright so we’re gonna a start I’m gonnastart with my like the biggest one herein the middle I’m gonna scoots just atad day if we can back just a little bitthere okay so we’re gonna put it righttherethen we’ll take this one I’ll just kindof put it right there and we’ll put onehere let’s just go with a shorty we canuse this one here this is pretty goodand this one’s a tad shorter so put thisone over here okay now we’re going to gowith this one here so then you want tostart here and then you just want tofold up like this and like thispicked up a little piece of butter thenyou just lay one here and you put theseback down then you put this onethen we’ll go ahead and put this oneif we can get one more in there so let’sgo ahead and then you flap this one upsmoosh this one just a tad bit that onethere and that’s all there is to it itjust made a lattice crest it’s so easythere’s nothing to it so let’s go aheadand now see if you see where you kind ofmissed you can just do it like thatthat’s what I do if I see kind of likewhere I missed something then I’ll justcorrect it that’s why I like to leavethe tails just like this one here therewe go just like that okay now let me getthis all the way so we can kind of crimpthe edges and get home with that got somuch stuff in here okay all right sothen you can just kinda I just kind ofpinch these off and then I tuck themunderneath so you just want to tuck yourpieces underneath if they’re a littlelong just tear them off so just keepand ching and tucking you know we gothere that one’s okay one’s just a littlelong so we’ll take him offthis one’s definitely too long take it alittle offokay you can just work with it if youneed to move it around a little bit justmove it aroundI love to make homemade pies I like tomake all kinds probably fruit pies areprobably my favorite because they’rejust so prettybut I love cream pies coconut cream pieis one of my favorites okay so we gotall the way around so let’s go ahead andjust kind of tack them in place and thenthis is the way that I float like this Ijust take my two fingers and then mythumb and just kind of flute all the wayaround there you just picture hold onand then you just pull up with yourthumb just go like that this is the waymy mom and my grandma taught me how todo this now sometimes I crimp edges tooat the fork I can do that too but thisis the way I was taught how to do thefluting and that’s super easy it makes anice little edge just like that okay nowlook at that isn’t that so pretty sopretty okay we’re gonna brush just alittle milk on here I just like to putjust a little bit of milk this is gonnagive you a nice crust on your topit’s just a pastry brush I’m just gonnaput that on here there’s no rules aboutthis either just just get a little onthere okaythat is good not and then now you canjust use regular sugar I just sprinkle alittle sugar on these as welland this is just sanding sugar it’s likefor decorating but you don’t have to usethis you can just use regular granulatedsugar I just like to put it on therebecause it just makes it beacon ice allright there we gonow I bake mine on a sheet pan so Iwould just put this right on here likethis and then pop it in a 375 oven iswhat I put it in for and you want tobake it tell your crust is nice andbrown your pie is bubbling so it’s goingto look like thatlooks good doesn’t that and then thenyou just take it out and you let it cooldown and it’s so good it’s so deliciousso let’s cut some I want to tell youguys about this this is a pie guard theedge guard and when your pie is baking Ialways put this on here like effortafter it’s banana I bake this pie forright about an hour and probably at 35minutes is when I put that guard on overit just like this just put the guard onand then your crust won’t get super darkand it just turns out all the same colorso that works really really well solet’s just crack into some of this I’mkind of getting hungry too so we’ll justhave some pie Dave I know Dave wants tohave some pie yeah okay all right like Isay I know this is still just a tad warmwe’re gonna bake two cherry pie for awhile I can’t remember the last time webaked a cherry pie can you Dave I justdon’t make a spin a while it is it is mydad’s favorite I’m sure he loves cherrypie okay oh I love this crust it’s soflaky hey we didn’t do too badNicki there that was pretty good itwasn’t as hot as I thought it was ohthat is so prettywhoa this is gonna taste good it’s alittle ice cream you want ice cream Daveokay I’m gonna get you a little icecream here holy smokes this is gonna beso good why not we need some good stuffin our life right now don’t we we dookay there we goyou guys will have to try it this is ourcherry lattice pie

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