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BAKING WITH BECKY! Let’s bake some pie!

Watch us make a pie, but chaotically. :)))

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everybody welcome back I’ve recordedthis intro way too many times so I’mjust like gonna get over with because Idon’t like doing intros but I got tokind of preface you I got to give youlike a heads up on what’s going on sookay I’m making pie and I’m not justmaking pie me a little special guest whoyou already know because she’ll be inthe thumbnail we’re making pie me andBecky we’re making pie together we’reall stuck in quarantine and I turnedinto a really big Baker during thiswhole quarantine thing I have madedonuts I’ve made cookies I’ve madebrownies I’ve made a cake and I’ve madepies and I’ve only made apple pie andtoday we’re making blackberry raspberrypie is this really a tutorial on how tomake a pie no is it like a hey watch mekind of be crazy with her one of herbest friends totally that’s like all itis yeah I have turned into like PaulaPaula freaking Dean you know and I’msaying I really turned into her I’m likethe chef Gordon Ramsay of the house andGreta I just follow recipes but they doturned out pretty good so props towhoever makes all these recipes didn’tlike actually goes to culinary schooland all that stuff because baking isdifficult okay but it’s kind of soothingyou know them saying and I found thatpie is one of my most favorite things tomake so we’re making that today but justfollow us along we’re gonna go get herstuff come back to the house and we’regonna make you flippin pie and it’sgonna be deliciousso hopefully mmm I’m just gonna say hereawkwardly though I’m gonna do it insomewheredon’t put that in there introducingBecky she said you know we camp icemaking forgive hiI’ve sold her well she’s been a part ofthe whole making apple pies because I’vemade two apple pies and they turned outpretty good mm-hmm Grenaa I thoughtwould be ideally played the secondrecipe because I you know I’m trying tobe liked by Alan Baker um yeah we’remaking berry pie blackberry pie andraspberry well blackberries andraspberries are going into the pieblackberries are her favorite fruit sowe’ll do the crust first because it hasto chill and then we’ll do the fillingand we’ll just do that separately andthen once it’s all to get that thenwe’re gonna bake it and this one has thelittle strips on top that you know howlike the cute like classic American youdo like this yes I had my sous chefthat’s meif the ingredients out she does the dishI measure and she measures and washesfor me they asked for blueberries in itbut I didn’t want blueberries and Idon’t feel like blueberries are good Ifeel like hot blueberries that’s just Idon’t even like blueberry pancakes yeahI guess I don’t like the way that popsin your mouth yeah yeah we’re gonna bemaking berry pie together we already gotall the ingredients and so it’s justgonna be blackberry and raspberry pieyou can call itwild berry pie for a couple of wild cowsthis is true we’re gonna go downstairsand make the crust let’s do it Becky’swatch me make multiple crusts I haveokay and I’ve eaten all of them andthey’re all very good thank you so muchyep okay me and my best friend are gonnago downstairs now and we’re gonna makepie Clary’s I did that’s so good you didscarywhere’s the recipe Oh tell my phone inyour phone’s upstairs in the kitchenwith Becky we’re making crass there’sonly two chefs at a timelisten yo gimme I know I’m just gonnastick to my normal cross cuz they werelike sometimes add sugar to the requestmm-hmmwe’re gonna start doing is we’re gonnastop making the dough and it’s reallyjust butter flour and little salt littlewater that’s it folks you ever find thatwhen you play with butter your handssmell really gross after we oh yeah yeahis this how you did the lot huh yeahthis is I did last one okay we’re gonnacome back in the dough is formed becauseit’s good to go[Music]and we’re ready I think so I figuresince we’re not using blueberries orstrawberries we’ll just double up onblackberries and raspberries okayso two cups of raspberries and two 3/4cup of blackberries which is somethingbetter like what is – 3/4 cup what wouldthat be okay 75 is a dollar fiftyoh and also if you had by an intern forand for like four quarters and fourquarters it would be two dollars so thatwould make sense if it was three andthree quarters maybe 75 cents math wedon’t we done the water without it wedone the water and if desired cinnamonuntil C and a half a teaspoon ofcinnamon heritage face okay so we needwe actually need to be doing this in asaucepan yeah we need to transfer tosaucepan what do you want to use formixing like that she’s a wooden spoonbut you know one for spanking what’s itcalled 50 shades of grey that was abride its disclaimer she’s never seenthat movie disclaimer never goodsous-chef boiling well what are we doingthat’s that’s it I guess we should showmore thing I’ll do it yeah but do itagain because I was watching the camera[Music]so now that Becky has done bombers andfilling I want to show it again where isit Wow we’re gonna do the dough and sowhat I’m going to do is I’m just gonnatake it out of the saran wrap its minichilling for like an hour yeah yeahsolid I’m just gonna roll it out andfill the bottom of the pie pan so thenwe can get to the filling so let’s dothis[Music]all right a we’ve done the dough doughlet’s put it in the pan and then we’regonna put it with best friends reallygood filling so I cut some strips forthe pie and we’re gonna do thatcrisscross thing that they do likewhat’s it called lattice lattice we’llsee how well this goes okay fingerscrossed ladies okay you look at it youjust look at it you just look at it sonow what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnathey send a cubit or dot it with butterand we were like what the heck does notmean yeah well apparently you just putlittle cubes of butter in the littleholes okay okaybake for ten minutes okay that’s whatwe’re gonna do now is we’re gonna putthis on a cookie sheet when we bake itjust to make sure that when it if itbubbles over which it’s probably gonnacuz I didn’t steal this very wellthat at all it won’t do anything cuz youknow we’re profession doing okay don’teven come for us they underestimate usoh but did she even know how to bake Ithink she does someone wafer up don’tlike her up honestly okay Becky and Iare gonna put it in the oven for 400degrees something something something Isaid 10 minutes like 20 times but we’regonna put it in for 10 minutes we’regonna be back because we have to let itcook for another like it’s at 40 minutesand the movie back and then we’ll eat itand they obviously are crazy because youknow or professors we are theyunderestimate our skills they reallydoing high five last night okay we’ll beback in like 50 minutes or something toeat it and to show you the final productmay we made the pie we did and it’sbeautifulit’s gorgeous I’m really proud of it I’mgoing to taste it oh I would high-fiveyou but it’s really horrible okay so weall got a bite okay right here we gotone so it’s like a wedding or somethingoh okay okay that tastes so good thoughit might not like look super like out ofthem catalog but it tastes it’s like thebest thing ever oh my gosh we did thatwe did itI don’t know I tell you something it wasa journey it was we laughed we cried wecelebrated you struggled but it was whatwe did sweat it was really hard for awhile thank you guys for watching thisthank you best friends I love you I loveyou I’ll see you when I see youso that’s it what is she what did shesay let the beet cake let the most realand ran to an outlet I mean let the meatpie let the meat pie Becky amazing 2020it’s getting wild in here[Music]

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