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Baking Apple Pie with Non Bakers

Watch Cate and I forget all logic while making pie. Full of music, Tik Tok, oh and a pie.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh wait but the my recipe was on there Ilove it here cut the butter crumble whyis this folder so small you so give mesome butter to mix there’s something inmy heartthank you I heard to look at me cuttingskills[Music]I love this was pretty ballsy was coldI’m your Turkish delight if you messthis up do you mess it up I’ll give youwhat oh it’s as much butter going in[Music]do you think sarah has a stalkerthis year yeah buttery may have aflowery and buttery no sir my dad likeClub Penguin like that one play a runlike that cafe or something yes[Music]it’s not working in a so I’ll probablywork right now okay wait a minute I needto see that again it’s squishing it’smaking a swishing sound dobro okay maycome up here no yeah this stuff in theWest trying to import a cup of sugarI’ll argue[Music][Music][Music]okay more flour you said[Applause][Music]that beforereally yeah you bake it again becauseI’m selling it really yes reallywhat our bad[Music][Music]no repealing it is no I’m killing noyou’re making to talks no oh my god[Music]for you lovely viewers that are stillwatching this is my worst core a pollingever these apples aren’t like strengthits nature for you suckers you know whatlet’s keep climate change because eatapples can go die in a hole these applesare deadare they that’s niceyou could not accept that whole timeokay we just stopped in first grade Iwas feeling a beat I’m healing no theirinsides turn purple already black eye ohwait no that’s like I know[Music]yeah[Music]you know[Music]the night is still kind of young[Music]actually actually let’s just feel likeapple pie doesn’t usually take like fourhourswho’s thirsty doughnut maker fan what ifwe don’t have enough food for all theapp

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