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Bake Sweet Potato Pie

Making Pies with my grandkids that goes crazy but the pies were good they took over the camera 🎥 we’ve never recorded before this is our first go at it.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what so my other video about interruptsbit but I’m still in the middle ofpeeling potatoes so you bake the potatoyou peel it and then after you get itpeeled you may make surprise the sameway you would if you get Paul the potatodone this in a few years and I’m doingall off the memory but my aunt used tomake her since we always have so theonly difference we this way and I likepotatoes cool it looks so much the onlydifference with this way is you know howwhen you call the potato it has somewater in itthis one here it don’t have the water init so uh uh you can’t you couldn’t juststand right hereit doesn’t have the waterwell the potato makes four get yourthing I’m staying hereit’s the more the path is a differenttexture[Music]yeah take the sweet potatoes that’s howyou peel the sweet potato yeah don’t yougotta keep your school so y’all cantouch it that’s you have washed yourhands so keep your hands clean you touchnothing else but your foodI want to eat it I want you to get downbecause I’m making a video that I planon sharing you’re being real[Music]and then you make the one and then youmake one and miss you cut video cuz youalready taking over it okay in here okaythat’s enough that’s enoughgood luck in my bowl I have my sweetpotatoes I have a stick of butterthis is nothing I’m sorry I don’tmeasure Oh school coming doing this fora while I just go with my flavor I knowbasically watch yourself this is alittle cinnamonthis is proven ella is great aboutanymore I’ll go back and I’ll you knowI’ll taste no I just a drop not much[Music][Music][Music]just put the boom and I go with my handmixer I mix everything up one of themain things guys is what I forgot sugarbabelotsah thank you how about good too much foryou okay just put some potatoes righthere[Applause][Music]Michael[Music][Music]I don’t yeah yeah[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I’m making a video I’m making a video[Music][Music]that’s perfect that’s perfect[Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music][Music]look nice pack popular nice texturey’all see that no sweet Jesus don’t besillythat’s not funny that’s funny about this[Music][Music]Roxy down in a go I guess right three oranysit down I gotta get to the mop butright now I just great three extra-largeeggswait wait I see but I like the ending onthis video you being silly Roxy yes butthat’s the part coat we get onto itanyhow that’s why I was like[Applause][Music][Music]alright okay Yahoo everything always 3/8so I’m gonna stop this video for aminuteclean it up and come back and show y’allwanna pee feel my pie crust

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