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Anna Tries to Bake Elsa a Yummy Yummy Cherry Pie Stop Motion Movie

Anna Tries to Bake Elsa a Yummy Yummy Cherry Pie 🥧 Stop Motion Movie

It’s Elsa’s birthday!!! 🎉

Anna wants to give Elsa the best birthday present ever. She wants to bake her a Yummy Yummy Cherry Pie. 🥧 It’s Elsa’s favorite and she can’t wait to make it for her. Anna goes through all the steps; she washes her hands, prepares the ingredients, mixes everything together, and does a fancy pie crust. As she moves the Yummy Yummy Cherry Pie 🥧 from the counter to the oven….she…drops…it…😢 Anna is devastated. Elsa comes into the kitchen and finds a sad, upset, crying Anna. Elsa tries to console Anna but she is super upset. Elsa explains to Anna that it’s the thought that counts and her heart ❤️ is filled with happiness from the pie that was meant to be. Anna cheers up. 😊 Elsa wants to make things better for Anna, so she uses her magic to make them two Yummy Yummy Ice Cream Treats. 🍦🍦

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Video Transcription

oh hello there everybody today I’mmaking something super special for mysister Elsa today is her birthday andshe really really really likes CherryPie so that’s what I’m going to make herlet’s get started the first thing I haveto do is wash my hands did it – doo doodoo doo doo doo doo doo doo next up I’mgoing to use these pie crusts oh yeah Ican’t forget the cherries for the cherrypie mmm they look delicious let’s seewhat else do I needOh yep I need a pie plate to make it inI’m also going to need a spoon to stirall of the ingredients well I believe wehave everything we need to make thisyummy yummy cherry pie so let’s put ittogether and we’re done now it’s timefor the best part let’s put it in theoven and start baking it this yummyyummy cherry pie is going to make thecastle smell delicious Oh yummy yummycherry pies all over the floor I don’thave any more ingredients oh ho I can’tbelieve this habit oh hello Anna how ohno are you okay Annahas something happened yes thank youyummycherry pie I was trying to make youitself and now your birthday is ruinedOh Anna it is not ruined if anythingthis made it betterhow’s that possible because you thoughtof me and you really cared enough tomake a homemade yummy yummy cherry pieit truly is the thought that counts butI have nothing for you now it’s okay Ican make us some awesome ice creamtreats would you like that after thatfailure I need some ice cream okay twoice creams coming right upOh Elsa they’re perfect happy birthdayto the best sister in the world[Music]

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