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An Easy Mulberry Pie (with a Herringbone Lattice) | Magic Marinade | ASMR

It’s mulberry season here! My favourite thing to do with mulberries is to turn them into pie. In fact, this was one of the first pies that I ever baked, and this is definitely an easy starter pie to being your pie baking experiments with. Mulberries aren’t wildly expensive and have just the right water content to make a luscious, firm pie, without devolving into a puddle of purple gloop.
If you’re very new, I would recommend using the simpler lattice, or even skipping the lattice altogether and just spreading a flat sheet of pastry dough on top (with a few slits to let the steam out) instead of getting too experimental with the lattice.
If you’re in a cold region, you might not have to do all the refrigeration steps in between. Pies are culturally a part of countries that have always been very cold. Bombay had the warmest January in a while when I decided to bake this pie up. You’ll see some of that do go a little nuts and disintegrate in bits, but it still held together well and flaked beautifully once baked.
This is a vegetarian recipe (except for the egg wash, which you can totally skip), and you can also turn it into a gluten free version by using gluten free flour for the pastry dough. You could repurpose this recipe for a bunch of other fresh berries, but you might have to adjust the flour depending on the water content of the berries you’re using. Strawberries and blueberries would probably need a lot more flour to keep it from glooping out.
This is a super satisfying (and wildly delicious) pie to start with, and the best way to make the most of peak mulberry season.

*For the pastry dough*
Follow this recipe https://youtu.be/_Q5X70tq2lA
With the following measures:
225g unsalted butter frozen and cut into cubes
158g whole wheat flour (atta)
158g Maida (All Purpose Flour)
2 pinches salt
45g powdered sugar
113ml vodka
38ml ice cold water
150ml ice cold water

*For the mulberry filling*
500g mulberries
100g sugar
4 tablespoons flour (atta/maida or a mix of both)
Juice of one lime
1 egg for the egg wash (optional)

00:00 Mulberry Pie
00:15 The Base
02:52 The Mulberry Filling
04:50 The Herringbone Lattice
08:43 Weaving the Lattice
13:25 The Assembly
15:49 Presentation

Music: “Jazz_Mango” by Joey Pecoraro

Original of the video here

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